The first table compares the cookers that have Pressure, Induction, AI and Micom capabilities, the second table shows Micom cookers and the third table shows Conventional cookers. The inner lid is detachable and washable for easy cleaning and maintenance after use. Pros: Excellent cooked rice quality, especially for Japanese and Korean rice, and sticky rice; language controls available in English, Korean, and Chinese; auto steam cleaning function; safety features. And because this removable lid can be washed in the dishwasher too, it allows absolute convenience to the user. Cooking brown rice takes double … An electric rice cooker is essential for perfect, no fail rice for sushi. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Zojirushi America Corporation. You can be assured of long-lasting while enjoying tasty rice without brake down. Compact and trendy, it’s perfectly designed to suit all kitchen spaces. The induction heating technology would ensure high and even heating for perfect rice each time you prepare one. So does the cooking time as per the amount and type of rice used. The cookers can hold up to 5.5 cups of uncooked rice (which makes it up to 10 cups of cooked when served). This is a careful move by the brand, allowing for easy convenience of use to the buyer. However, we understand that you may want to cook other types of grains such as long grain rice and steel cut oatmeal. Secondly, you must use a rice cooker. A few more notes on my methodology and experimentation: The quick conclusion? Unlike instant pots and pressure cookers, cooking times in the Zojirushi NS-TSC10 takes longer. The outer body is pretty durable, made of stainless steel, and is also clear coated making for easy cleaning and maintenance. I have a deep allegiance to rice cookers. Pour the vinegar mixture evenly over the rice and mix using a spatula. The first domestic brand to introduce the ‘keep-warm’ feature in 1974, Zojirushi have established a solid reputation for their innovative and convenient rice cookers – many of which utilize patented, state-of-the-art technology. First, you must use white, short or medium grain rice which will give you a soft, sticky consistency. (My usual method is far less precise.) I like cooking that's why I decided to share my views on various kitchen subjects. If you have questions not answered here or would just like to discuss your particular needs, our knowledgeable customer service representatives would love to talk with you. It has a specialty cooking setting for mixed rice too. "Pleasant Hill Grain is a top notch company. To cook white rice, just add rice, water, and push a button. Pressure cooking is a method of cooking in a sealed vessel that does not permit air or liquids to escape below a preset pressure. Right up there with the. The exterior is made of stainless steel while the inner pan has non-stick coating for that doesn’t let rice stick. Sign up for our (not-too-often) newsletter with specials, product tips & updates, recipes & more! The lid of the cooker can be easily removed from the device and washed, even in the dishwasher. The automatic keep warm feature will ensure that your rice is served just as warm the way you like it even after hours of being cooked and left in the cooker. Zojirushi rice cookers were designed to cook short and medium grain rice. Zojirushi's Induction Heating (IH) rice cookers, Zojirushi's Conventional electric rice cookers. Outstanding Features Of Zojirushi NS-TSC10, Gas vs Electric Stove [Differences And Which One To Choose], Calphalon Classic vs Contemporary Cookware Comparison, Instant Pot Smart WiFi Electric Pressure Cooker Review, Vitamix Vs Ninja – Ultimate Blender Comparison, Best Manual Coffee Grinder for French Press, 5.5-cup uncooked rice capacity (1.0-liter). In terms of the material, it is designed with stainless steel giving it an attractive aesthetic. This is a notable feature found in most Zojirushi rice cooker models. As for cooking capabilities, the Hamilton Beach rice cooker turned out perfectly fine white rice with bits of yellowed (but still edible) rice, showing where the hot zones are on the insert pot. Cuckoo offers a range of affordable to super luxe models, and this one falls in the more affordable end of the company’s offerings (but still on the pricier end of all rice cookers in the market). Intl: (866) 467-6123, Customer Service It also makes equally well mixed rice, porridge, sweet rice, semi-brown rice, and brown rice. When I was asked to help evaluate the best rice cookers on the market, I jumped at the chance. Zojirushi is equipped with microcomputer technology chips that use fuzzy logic to adjust the temperature and time for rice cooking. After the success of its other electrical appliances like water boilers, dispensers, and vacuum flasks, Zojirushi has now come out with a wide range of rice cookers. Will you please help us out by emailing your question instead? Like all Zojirushi rice cookers, this one too is a great fit for cooking brown brown rice. You process orders quickly without error and also resolve returns to the customer's satisfaction. Set aside. [email protected] Pleasant Hill Grain, Nebraska USA. Another advantage of pressure cooking is that it converts the beta … For this reason, when comparing the best rice cooker contenders, I stuck to short-grain white sushi rice and short-grain brown rice as my control grains. Pros: Compact size; easy-to-navigate keypad. Sat: 8:30AM - 3:00PM, CST, Pleasant Hill Grain The design of the device is also quite unique with a sphere-shaped non-stick inner pan. The alert signal can be interchanged between melody signal and beep modes. By using a quick setting, you can reduce the time to about 45 minutes. sugar; 1 tsp. This technology ensures regardless of the rice type, the results are perfect. please help us out by emailing your question instead. Boy did I love this little guy. We’ve all seen rice cooked harder or softer than needed in our rice cooker models. But with Zojirushi, you can barely go wrong. If you are tired of turning the flame down and stirring, then this rice cooker eliminates all that. There are a few models though which only allow for 3 cups uncooked capacity but even those can be well considered ideal for small families. For perfect results, a dedicated rice cooker is ideal. Other rice varieties, including American long-grain rice, jasmine, basmati (and their brown counterparts), will usually get cooked in a pot on the stovetop, though I will also occasionally cook them in a rice cooker instead, depending on my mood. The pressure technology also makes the rice appear fluffier and the grains cooked to thorough perfection. Knowledgeable support from our friendly customer service staff is just a phone call or email away. To cook white rice, the setting is at 104 C/219 F at 2.1 psi (pounds per square inch); brown rice at 105 C/221 F at 2.8 psi; sushi rice (firmer than regular white rice) at 100 C /212 F at 0 psi. A word to the wise: Because resupply of many product lines remains daunting, and processing times may grow again in coming weeks, there’s never been a year like this to do your Christmas shopping and other year-end buying very early! Comes with a measuring cup, rice paddle and ladle. Unlike instant pots and pressure cookers, cooking times in the Zojirushi NS-TSC10 takes longer. The IH technology of Zojirushi rice cookers is designed to ensure even heating and uniform cooking of rice. Related Reading: White Rice vs Brown Rice: What Is the Difference? As for cooking options, the cooker has been known best for cooking white (both regular/sushi) rice, which can be made softer or harder as per choice.