Web every day. That's really weird, cuz I've had gallons of dry acetone stored in Nalgene HDPE bottles, some of them for over a year, and the acetone hasn't so much as discolored the plastic. 2.Third pull did  3.Third pull of room temp Xylene creates unique condition that precipitates O2gakkaTTack.So "why" or "how" would be the next question for someone who understands chemistry. I have no exprience with it for that though. The synthetic procedure is shown in scheme 1. The Orange II has to be avoided up front, pre extracted this gakk with the pseudo. During the day, Claritin is better. Visit their website for more research that makes people LAUGH and then THINK. Sorry ichi, missed this earlier...actives are fred=60mg and Chlorpheniramine maleate=4mgthe inactives *listed* are minimal:magnesium stearate and microcrystalline celluloseIPA used was 99% (this particular bottle was L*ngs Dr*gs -{bustarhymes with wrongs bugs} blue bottle - SWIM won't use anything less than 99% (he obtained a quantity of various 99% IPA when he realized how badly he wants to be completely anhydrous) SWIM also doesn't depend on the truth in advertising so he takes the bottles and dumps them in silica gel to be sure they are h20 free as possible. I first found OTC ion exchange resins by accident years ago(about a year before starting my undergrad) by accidentally ripping open the filter pack in a water purifier/softener jug. Texas Tech University. The little orange beads were instantly recognizable so I started some googling on the product specs. A Simple and Convenient Synthesis of Pseudoephedrine From N-Methylamphetamine, Click here to view up to the first 100 of this post's. Simple pseudoephedrine extraction. Damn, that's "a spicy meat a' ball" Boy did you hit it on the head!Ibee been tellin bees this for months!Much appreciation from the bottom of Ibee's heart!Keep it UP Bro! What are the active ingredients? Step 1:Ok first, put your pills in a jar. This, as discussed in their publication, is likely due to coordination of lithium in the intermediate complex by the nitrogen atom. ( off to look) but not because SWIM wants to be different...just must find alternative for the present. So he added DH20 now he's left with some orange tint mass. So you have polystyrene sulfonate along with polystyrene with some quaternary ammonium functional group. My kids have allergies, and they know to check ingredients to make sure they won't fall asleep because of diphenhydramine. Neatorama is the neat side of the Web. A Simple and Convenient Synthesis of Pseudoephedrine From . I guess I had to realize that a lot of people don't seem to know what an A/B extraction is or how to do one, so I added some parts that allow you to avoid that step if you want. Synthesis is Relatively Simple. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. yes I think there were five good men here yesterday, (but they were asked to leave). He'd been sticking with the white's till now but since he just saw that the 60's can be de-redded with acetone/denatured he figured to try them. This is OG he presumes? I read that last post 5 times and I STILL don't know if I understand what the hell it is saying. The third pull doesn't provide much anyway according to general concensus (at least, for bees who know the most effective drill and perform it correctly), right? Please share: Oral Phenylephrine: An Ineffective Replacement for Pseudoephedrine? Thanks for the heads up. Am I close? SWIM has a 10x10 teflon coated flat surface cooking pan with handle (probably a stovetop pancake/bacon grill) that would sit nicely on top of such a hot coil plate. Pretty please? with cake in vulgar surplus, we can have it and eat it too. This may be accomplished by precipitating the amphetamine from isopropanol with HCl followed by deprotonation with sodium hydroxide and extraction into chloroform, which after removal of the solvent in vacuo yields N-methylamphetamine, 1. Such side effects may include insomnia, agitation, irritability, dry mouth, sweating, and heart palpitations. Shirts available in sizes S to 10XL: L. Hendeles and R.C. Well, these 60's didn't do that...they just didn't dissolve real easily...zero swelling. Let settle into 2 nice layers then siphon or decant off top layer. A lot cheaper and easier than tearing a bunch of filters apart. "Stereospecific Conversion of N,N-dimethylamphetamine into N-methylpseudoephedrine," Julian Blagg and Stephen G. Davies, Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, vol. I rarely use MEK, so I'm not really worried about that.CN We expect that the simultaneous trends of restricting pseudoephedrine sales while N-methylamphetamine becomes less expensive and of higher purity will make the methods presented here increasingly attractive. SwiM--on pills...what were inactives and what % ISO--91%,99%, as in drugstore not auto type(red-bottle)? Brew. meth_extractionarticle. Simple, water-based extraction of pseudoephedrine, using ion-exchange resin obtained from a water softener. It works, and does away with the need to filter the alky for the most part. endobj by O. Hai, and I. Okay, SWIM got his head wrapped around the issue now...gosh this forest is dense. On the contrary, the selectivity was retained in this reaction, resulting in pure (1S,2S)-pseudoephedrine. Big & Tall and Curvy Tees are our specialties! Cap the jar and shake till they break apart. Moreover, according to government maintained statistics, N-methylmphetamine is becoming an increasingly attractive starting material for pseudoephedrine, as the availability of N-methylmphetamine has remained high while prices have dropped and purity has increased2. We have demonstrated here a simple series of transformations which allow pseudoephedrine to be obtained in a more straightforward manner than is the current norm. SWIM would think that the significance would be that:A)VM&P didn't activate it  1.Xylene did...(what about hot Xylene?) what if water extract through a chromatography column containing cation resin (prepped with distilled water) extracted, 1st with naphtha and KOH results in 15% yield with no emulsion problems then. After the third wash, monitor the pH and do not allow it to fall below pH 9. "Oral Phenylephrine: An Ineffective Replacement for Pseudoephedrine?" You don't need 2 Bee High to follow the goings-on @The-Hive--Just Addikted. Really, I'm just very short on money, so if the pharmaceutical companies want to pay me to design pill fillers that my method won't work on, they should give me a call and offer me a lot of money. The materials are easily available and draw less attention than xylene and tolulene purchases. popopopPOP!Well, our hero couldn't seem to see that 2+2=4 so he proceeded to:1) added more naptha (ran out of VM&P)2) added more ISO 3) transferred liquid to different containers4) probably more stupidity but you get the picture(