}, {id: '66316',partnumber: '631200', name: 'McGuinness Blue Curacao', image: '/content/dam/lcbo/products/631200.jpg/jcr:content/renditions/cq5dam.web.319.319.jpeg', type: 'ItemBean', components: {}, skus: []}, {}, "shoppingListJS"); They also have a variety of packages with smaller bottles that are great as a gift. Any liquor store would have it, look near the margarita mixes and thing like that or just as an employee. YOU MUST BE 19 YEARS OF AGE TO PURCHASE ALCOHOL. DeKuyper® Cordials & Liqueurs, 15%-50% Alc./Vol. . VEUILLEZ NOTER QUE NOUS NE LIVRONS PAS À L'EXTÉRIEUR DE L'ONTARIO. > Tips---> https://trimurl.im/g93/where-can-i-find-blue-curac... no drinking it causes bad liver and it's sad. The. Buy online for delivery, contact-less curbside pickup, or in-store pick up in our store near you. It's a pretty strong liqueur - 30% alcohol. The Curacao Liqueur website has a good overview where to buy online in the USA and Europe. What’s healthiest from that list? Grocery stores might, if it's alowed in your state. As a result of the hot climate and poor soil the trees did not produce nice oranges at all, but only small green fruits, which they called Laraha. VOUS DEVEZ AVOIR AU MOINS 19 ANS POUR ACHETER DE L'ALCOOL. Where I live, grocery stores can only sell 3.2% alcohol and they don't carry the blue cucacao - but I'm not sure that it's actually a liquor as more of a flavoring. Hotaling & Co.  It is perfect for an afternoon at the pool side, but it is also excellent at home with evenings on the back porch. Enjoy responsibly. See our, Suggested site content and search history menu, Select a location to find a store near you. Effective November 1, 2020 all AIR MILES Collectors will get 1 AIR MILE® Reward Mile for every $30 spent in a single transaction (excluding taxes and container deposit fees, gift card purchases, sales to licensees, and charity donations). In 1896, Edgar Senior ordered a copper pot still from Liberty Coppersmithing in Philadelphia to begin commercial operations. Capturing the soul of this fabulous fruit makes a distinctive and unique liqueur. What’s really the worst coke or Frappuccino ? The small fruits were too bitter to consume, and it was only decades later that a member of the Senior family noticed that the dried out peels of the Laraha fruit produced a nice aroma. "catalogId": "10051", Genuine Curacao Liqueur is produced in 5 different colors; the natural clear liqueur, the famous blue, and green, red and orange as well. If had to pick between: Milk, Juice, Tea, Coffee, or Water? By entering you agree to our Terms and Conditions and our UPDATED Privacy Policy and About Our Ads. "catentry_id" : "66316", PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ONLY DELIVER IN ONTARIO / VOUS DEVEZ AVOIR AU MOINS 19 ANS POUR ACHETER DE L'ALCOOL. Explore thousands of wines, spirits and beers, and shop online for delivery or pickup in a store near you. Screen readers, content will appear above this control. //--> A visit to the distillery of the Genuine Curacao Liqueur at Landhuis Chobolobo is not just the typical tourist stop, but one filled with history and tasting! Contact us for information about our oceanfront villa, one of the nicest Curacao vacation rentals. DeKuyper® prohibits the sharing of this work with individuals under the legal purchase age for alcohol. Want to know what flavors are available in your state? [CDATA[// >