Seek out an unrestricted disodium octaborate tetrahydrate insecticide if possible - many other types of insecticides can only be used by licensed professionals. Borer Beetle larvae emerge from eggs laid by the adult beetles on bare wood or old flight holes. Putting your cat on a consistent schedule will also help refocus him away from eating the furniture. How to Get Rid of Borer in Furniture and protect the Furniture for Many Years. Apply borer fluids to kill borer within the wood and protect the treated wood for many years. Answers to Questions About Indoor Insect and Pest Control. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. The small brown beetle adults fly off, mate and the females lay eggs on bare wood, completing the life-cycle. Before putting the furniture in the freezer, encase it snugly in plastic. The frigid temperatures can easily destroy the insects after roughly seven days. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, UC IPM Online: Wood-Boring Beetles in Homes, University of Illinois Extension: Plant Stress and Wood-Boring Insects, University of Missouri Extension: Wood-Boring Beetles, Texas A&M University: Structure-Infesting Wood-Boring Beetles. Bait is the preferred method of treatment in areas where pesticide use is restricted. Shop Now. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. have saved, or view now. Two main kinds of treatments exist to deal with termites. suggestions. The frass is a fine, powderlike dust that is found loosely packed in tunnels and in small piles outside of the hole. Use lemon juice or other strong citrus on your furniture to keep dogs away, according to Pet Net. Make sure to take any paint or surface covering off before starting the process. Find your closest retailer. Wood-boring beetles are insects whose larvae can live from two to five years within your home, eating through the wood until they destroy it completely. Timed feeding stations are commercially available that will dispense meals on a regularly timed basis. Try to prevent wood-borers from becoming a problem before they ever show up. If possible, feed him lots of small meals throughout the day. For a minimum of two hours, keep your wooden furniture at between 140 to 150 degrees F. Eliminate wood that is infested by wood-borers. Seek assistance if your home infestation is too extreme for you to handle alone. Be aware, however, that fumigation of a residence can sometimes be extremely pricey. Wood-boring beetles are insects whose larvae can live from two to five years within your home, eating through the wood until they destroy it completely. Resolving wood damaging insect problems is challenging and involves many factors for success. Careers The most common signs of a carpenter ant infestation include visible foragers looking for food, swarmers from a mature colony looking to form a new one, and a rustling sound sometimes heard from their movements in your home. home improvement and repair website. the top menu to view all the items you The larvae eat their way through the interior of the wood for 2-4 years and then pupate just below the surface before emerging as an adult and eating their way out creating a new flight hole. Houseplant Advice Use an insecticide. The name wood-boring beetle is used to describe about a dozen beetle species that are known for destroying wood in residences, similarly to termites. Adults exit the wood when they are grown, so the best indication of a wood-boring beetle infestation will be small holes in the surface of the infested areas. The most common culprits are termites, wood-boring beetles and carpenter ants. This can prevent the insects from finding a place to lay eggs. James Schmitz; November 22, 2017 Caring Tips; Meet James Schmitz. You can also tap on any wood structures and listen for a hollow sound that will indicate the damage already done inside. It is usually easier to treat and protect furniture than it is to treat your house timbers because the wood is easier to access and there is less to treat. Contact Us Use bait and sprays to kill any remaining carpenter ants in the house. problems contact [email protected] If your yard is home to any dead tree branches, get rid of them by burning them as soon as possible. My Kiwicare. This happened after I used [URL=" How to Make Termite Bait from Household Items, How to Make Ant Bait from Household Items, Hot Topics: Elimination Techniques for Carpenter Ants in Attic. If you notice an infestation of wood-borers in your home, it is important to take the appropriate measures to manage the problem. About Kiwicare If you possess a walk-in freezer that is big enough to insert small pieces of furniture, attempt to kill the wood-borers in this way. What can we help you with? Use a freezer. They also eat untreated wooden furniture. While there are several different types, all of them exhibit the same general symptoms when you have an infestation. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Apply two coats, and make sure to put the second on before the first is dry. The larvae of the beetle eat wood; not just the wood of your house such as weatherboards, floorboards, joists, etc. Spray the product onto wood throughout your home. Click the My Kiwicare in First, destroy any nests outside the home and you will be rid of their whole colonies. View our Privacy Policy here. First, correct identification is required. Determine if your infestation is active with wood eating bugs, then replace or treat wood with a borate-based product to kill the larvae and get rid of wood boring beetles. Fumigation can be particularly effective if the amount of wood-borers is particularly high.