Whether it be in Los Angeles, New York or somewhere in Wyoming, a dive bar is a place where people can come in stressed and come out relieved. The buildings are often grand and in no way shy of their use. Some of the women are seriously thinking about dipping into an alley and washing the streets with their urine. Sure, the bars with the sweet blue icicle facade and the clean cut bartenders with all their teeth may brim with the downtown elite, but inside a bordertown dive bar you’ll find people who are as far removed from Wall Street as quiche is from tuna casserole. We examine what makes an American dive bar a dive bar. Don’t lose hope if you see neither at your local dive; there are a couple simple ways to create a simplified cocktail on your own. Also expect to find reasonably priced beer-and-shot-combos and a jukebox of some kind. In one dim lit corner there is a 53-year-old man sitting on a bar stool with an unwashed black Rottweiler at his feet. Night falls in the city and you need yourself a drink. In their best light, they can be seen as a lowbrow hangout for locals who have no better choice. 2) Naja’s Place: In Redondo Beach, CA.

Dives reek of desperation, puke, and dust. You have the people who go for the cheap beer and the Tequila Tuesdays, and then you have those that go for the run-down charms of a dive bar. The woman next to me is giving me the eye; she probably just wants another free apple martini. You acquire a poetic appreciation for the works of Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski and tingle with joy when the round toothless faces of the barflies howl approvingly at your karaoke face-plants. Besides dirty soda guns that haven’t been cleaned in ages, you should make sure that your bartender uses an ice scoop. The term can describe anything from a comfortable-but-basic neighborhood pub … And the drink that person orders is likely less than $10, as most dive bars offer the cheapest drinks in town. Most of these places also have a decent bottle of Cognac like Remy Martin, and Cointreau on hand.
Arseneau has stored wisdom about how to navigate the mysterious but intriguing space of the dive bar—the type of place that stocks sour mix and opens at seven in the morning—and she’s ready to share it all with you.

Firstly, the most important aspect of a dive bar should be that it represent the area it is located, dive bars in New York, say, or suburban Milwaukee are going to be different in the minutia but similar in feel to the Cozy Inn. Gone were the narrow spaces and high ceilings of saloons; high-top tables and standing rails were replaced with low tables and chairs on casters. The evolution of dive bar positioning coincided with the increase in dive variety, making the requirements to jump over a given bar height somewhat obsolete.

That would be a dive restaurant.

In place of brass spittoons, potted ferns spilled from brass planters situated on ledges and various flat surfaces throughout the bar.

This is a place to get buzzed or drunk or plastered without anyone paying much attention. The place looks like a museum. It was a bold request, but the mean streets of the Southland are not known for dispensing wanton charity to petty journalists. Check out Qantas flights to the USA here. They come in and go out and have little or no concern for the personality of the bar they drink at. Like many of you, I’ve spent more hours inside of dive bars than I could ever keep track of. A generation back, a dive bar was a mongrel little backwater tavern with disheveled, scarred furniture and dim lighting to match the clientele. When they had appeared in print or on film, dives were settings in pulp novels and noir thrillers. Suddenly, you are trying to reconcile how hot girls can be going into dives unless of course, mother was lying. You could do the same with a margarita—ask for your tequila of choice and four limes, then squeeze in the juice yourself. We raised cheap glasses of yellow tap beer and aped Chinaski, "To all my friends!" We called it slumming. This is why the floor will be so sticky with spilled beer that you will have trouble lifting your feet.

It’s Cheers without the theme song.

“If you’re really committed to trying to have the essence of a cocktail, I would get a base spirit,” she explains. Don’t wave or snap at your bartender, be pleasant and tip well. a dive bar is a grimy, dirty, non-pretentious bar, where tough guys with tattoos and mean drunks hang out and posers get the crap beat out of them. #2 "There is a lonely man in his forties finishing off a PBR tall boy.". One of the first, Christy’s Dive Bar in Boca Raton, FL, opened in a shopping mall in 1987. #4  "And the bartender, Bill or Bob or Hank, will likely be an unkempt, turnip-shaped drink slinger who looks like the caricature of a roadie for some long-forgotten heavy metal band.". Maybe this was a favorite stop of his.