These will bring depth a space without insisting upon the spotlight. There are thousands of patterns, colors, and textures to choose from so you can be sure to find one you absolutely love. Palm | 6. 1. Otomi | 3. I have used quite a few of them in my current house and they made every room they were installed in feel so special (and also so much easier to design). Cloud Formation | 2. Dandy | 9. Bringing in a natural feel to your home can help you feel more connected to nature. Their patterns rotate with each season so if you find something you love snag it up before it’s gone. D ALLURE FURNISHING ™ - CREATE YOUR IMAGINATION. However my wish list of wallpapers for future projects is practically endless…that’s how much I love to use wallpaper! Disclaimer: KreateCube Online Platform for Architect and Interior Designers, Any use of third party Trademarks, Brand Names, Product, Photos and services is only referential. Serape | 6. Please enter your details and preferred time to schedule a call back with one of our customer service assistants, we’ll be in touch ASAP. | 5. Aurora | 8. Large scale floral wallpapers fall under this trend as well and can also look very modern. The title of your post is so apt. Some wallpapers can be cut after you lay the first strip, and then right next to the first strip can go the second one. There fabrics and wallpapers are just gorgeous, some very traditional patterns but they also do some more daring designs. Of course, I don’t know if this roundup made my decision easier, but clearly you did it just for me. Drift | 8. They don’t sell in store, but some of the stores do use them in some of their installations. Stampede | 9. We must say that wallpaper is probably our favorite material. Silvers, Golds, Metallics, and Flowers… what else could a girl need in her life (or in her wallpaper). Jungle Land | 8. These are typically textured wallcoverings that add a lot of depth to interiors. Fiji. These papers seem to lend themselves to a mid-century vibe, but truly they look great with all different types of interior design styles. Her book, Absolutely Beautiful Things is also divine! 1. AND LEARN ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY - WE PROMISE IT’S SUPER COOL. Just go with vinyl! Hadley Mendelsohn is House Beautiful's design editor, and when she's not busy obsessing over all things decor-related, you can find her scouring vintage stores, reading, or stumbling about because she probably lost her glasses again. Artemis | 3. However, our sample orders are currently experiencing some delays with USPS. I used their wave pattern in my old laundry room and man I have to say, it make doing laundry a bit less terrible. Petal Pusher. These bold patterns lend a playful, modern look to almost any space. Laurus | 2. Dinosaur | 5. 1. Beautifully designed rooms, very inspirational too. When we moved to our new home, I knew right away I wanted a calm, scenic mural scene in our dining room. Blossom. Monochromatic iterations of a bolder hue continue to maintain a presence, too. Cube Star | 5. Brilliant post, Emily. Talisman | 9. Lines Forest | 9. you will be mine you will be mine all mine. Our Miami-based team loves to use vinyl in bathrooms and other humid areas in the house. Ok that Pottok one called “shadows of the paranormal” is BIGFOOT WALLPAPER! here is my big secret – Anthropologie sells wallpaper, and their patterns are SO good. Guatemala | 5. Trash Day | 4. I love some of the more simple and subdue patterns like #5 and #8. PayPal is a website (and an app!) Whimsical Floral | 4. We are into this industry for almost a decade now. We are right in the middle of…, “Our ability to truly listen and understand our clients’ needs and style is what fuels our creative process which evolves into the innovative designs that we have become known for. Willa Wildflower | 3. Pas De Trois | 5. Zebras | 5. Gradient Wallpapers are both modern and transitional., my fav is this fox wallpaper for a kids room. Simple colors with beautiful geometric patterns that feel timeless but fresh. Now that you know where you will be decorating with wallpaper, calculate the quantity of material you will need. Strata | 3. It’s also a lot of fun to embrace the idea of a room covered entirely in pattern or texture. Cloudy. I am planning to wallpaper the inside of an ikea book case that I want to add to our dining room (which is open concept with our living room, otherwise I would wall paper the room). This is really an amazing resource! Swansy | 2. Blast Off! 3. We have one of the biggest collections of designer wallpapers for walls. Grasscloth Banda | 3. Our sites use cookies to improve your experience. Mr. Blow | 4. Also, working with an interior designer will not only help make sure that wallpaper fits in your overall budget but also to verify dimensions and quantity to purchase.