Three Regional Recipes. HELP! I can’t wait to hear from you! I chopped up a 72% dark chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s for this vegan banana bread (and also put some on top post-bake) but you could also use your favorite semi-sweet chocolate chips. Pre-heat your oven to 375°F. The most helpful comments are the ones that give useful feedback for others who might make the recipe, tell about substitutions you made or adjustments you made and how it turned out, or assisting other commenters. Stir with a fork until well combined. Kept wrapped and covered this lasts a couple of days at room temperature. I used Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 and it came out so magnificently chewy…! Be on a Food Network Canada show! Add the wet and dry ingredients together and mix for 1-2 minutes. 1/2 cup white sugar I used cane sugar. Help! Add the dry ingredients. In your blender, blend together the bananas and all of the other wet ingredients. Kept wrapped and covered this lasts a couple of days at room temperature. Rude or insulting comments will not be accepted. I hope it helps , I did use all purpose flour though. See more: Allow the banana bread to cool out of the pan on a rack before cutting into slices or wrapping. Bake. Hi again. It is super important to make sure to mix your dry and wet ingredients in a bowl separately before adding them both together. 7. 5. Hi, I tried and our fam loves it. Stir together until well combined. Buddy Valastro Reveals His Ultimate Holiday Treat. Appreciate you sharing. Thank you for sharing. 2. Let completely cool outside of the loaf pan for at least 1 hour before slicing. Or well, anytime really as these vegan chocolate chip banana squares are my new favourite, super moist, lightly sweet, chocolate chip filled treat. Combine the canola oil, mashed banana, and vanilla to the buttermilk mixture and whisk. Make the vegan buttermilk mixture. Thank you so much for sharing this. I believe in living a healthy and happy lifestyle while eating foods that are balanced and nutritious. You’ll reveive the latest vegan recipes straight into your inbox! If you have any difficulty with getting vegan chocolate chips (I used to not be able to find them anywhere, but now I can get them), then no worries! If you are not able to find vegan chocolate chips or chunks at your local grocery store you can purchase two vegan chocolate bars and crush them into smaller pieces. I used dairy free almond milk and only one banana in the recipe bc I thought when it said two bananas it included the one for the top. Hi Elisha, I don’t think so actually, but I have never used a bread machine either so there’s that! Transfer the mixture to an 8 x 4″ bread pan greased with a small pea size amount of coconut oil. 1 cup all-purpose flour Both of my bananas that I used had brown spots on them which made the loaf even more flavorful. Eat it just as is or spread with nut butter and enjoy! Healthier than most chocolate chip banana bread recipes. If it comes out clean then its cooked all the way. ★☆ Transfer the mixture to an 8-x-4-inch bread pan greased with a small pea size amount of coconut oil. (Indian Cuisine), Culture Tuesday: An Exploration of Jamaican Cuisine. Required fields are marked *. We also only had 100g of dark chocolate and that was plenty. Slowly fold 1 cup of chocolate chips into the batter. Combine: Add the wet ingredients and bananas to batter and mix until just combined. See what shows are casting today. Pour batter into the loaf pan. I absolutely adore banana bread, and ever since posting my recipe for a straight up delicious vegan banana bread, I have been wanting to try it with chocolate chips! Made your recipe and OH MY! Where to find vegan chocolate chips? Make sure to check out Marissa’s Instagram and website for more tasty recipes! ABSOLUTELY LOVE this recipe! Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Here's how it's done: STEP 1: Puree the bananas. 3. Stir with a fork until well combined. Ingredients. For this recipe I used a 9 x 5 inch loaf pan. But Jaye tends to enjoy it plain. Chocolatey, cakey, and super moist. Let completely cool outside of the loaf pan for at least 1 hour before slicing. Your email address will not be published. You can always gently warm up a slice in the microwave. Line your cake loaf pan with parchment paper or spray it with cooking oil. And that’s not all. If you have leftovers after that I like to slice the load and pop it in the freezer wrapped up. Thank you for sharing. Use the search bar to find all the delicious banana recipes we’ve done so far! Ingredients: Perfect to eat for breakfast, mid-day snack, or dessert. Please read my disclosure policy. Bake, Dairy-Free, Dessert, Snack, Vegan, Garnish your Banana Chocolate Chip Bread with peanut butter and slice bananas. Ingredients. Bake loaf for 45-55 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean. Keywords: vegan chocolate chip banana bread, Tag @lovingitvegan on Instagram and hashtag it #lovingitvegan. Soft. Test to see if the loaf is cooked all the way by sticking a toothpick in the loaf. 4. With just 20 minutes to prep this cake is super simple to whip up. Hi Fannie! 1 Tbsp ground flax When you make your Banana Chocolate Chip Bread I would love for you to snap a photo and share it with me on instagram Vegan Banana Bread with Walnuts… 1 tsp baking soda. See what shows are casting today. I always like my banana bread slathered with vegan butter. Be the first to know about brand-new shows, the freshest recipes and exciting contests. I recommend wrapping it up and it can stay out on your counter for 2 days. They had two options of chocolate pieces, chocolate chips and chocolate chunks.