Usually third graders will just lick the frosting off the typical grocery store cupcake, but they devoured these. Hi Lexi, No, sour cream and milk have two completely different sets of properties when it comes to baking. Never made anything from here that didn’t turn out amazing! Let me tell you, we were not disappointed!! Hi Nel, Sure! I made these the other day and they were the best I have ever had, hands down. Thanks! Save your favorite recipes, articles, & more! Thanks for your rockin advice!! Also reviewing the wet components, the ratio of sourcream with the dry ingredients don’t seem to be expected to come to a consistency as smooth and satiny. Thank you for this amazing recipe! I really want nice fluffy cupcakes for my daughters birthday party : ). I was able to fix it with putting on lots of frosting and I added a glass of milk. I love your site and have had great success with every recipe I’ve tried! I am thinking I am going to make them for my daughters 1st birthday party this weekend! My cupcakes turned out kind of dry. We all loved them and my husband says it’s some of the best frosting ever. Thanks, I had just recently bought a 24 count mini-cupcake tin and I was wondering how long to bake them in that tin? Hadn’t read through other replies on texture until just a moment ago (Julie’s was the last one I saw), but seems that the buttermilk did not change the texture from the “cornbread” style product that other bakers experienced. I cooked down ripe strawberries for a long time, strained out the juices, and then reduced the juices about half by boiling more. Hi Rebecca, The sour cream in this recipe keeps the cupcakes nice and moist. I frosted them with a swiss buttercream, and some I filled with the same buttercream or a strawberry jam. So, I have been searching high and low for a strawberry cake recipe that does not include Jello and was about to use the recipe you had on your site but knew these were so easy and amazingly delicious that I decided to add my spin. Not sure if this is because of the difference in batter consistency or filling them. I am in love with the results. This frosting is just delightful! could it be because I don’t have a stand mixer? And now that Summer is here I have plenty of time! Hi Anna, These are a little heftier than a light, fluffy sponge-cake like cupcake. They are sooo delicious and my very helpful taster husband who ALWAYS has a comment or two devoured 2 of them immediately with nothing but positive reviews. It’s not chocolate, it’s not vanilla…what the heck is it? The instructions for the frosting are listed in the recipe above, beginning with step #4. Topped with silky smooth vanilla buttercream frosting - a classic combination! Although I over filled the cases and they spilled over a little, the tops have an almost vanilla cookie crunch while the texture when you bite in is rich and fluffy, just perfect. For vanilla cupcakes, this is a GREAT recipe! Hi Jennifer, Here are some tips that I have compiled for baking at high altitude. I ADORE cupcakes so finding this site was awesome. She loves frosting! So I made these cupcakes and they were simply amazing! Yes, please do a post on decorating cupcakes. I mixed a few times with scraping in between before I got the silky consistency. A friend asked me to make them for her son’s birthday (he only likes vanilla) and he loved them! Thanks! Hi Madison, Sure! I had not made these previously, so don’t have a basis for comparison to Michelle’s unadulterated recipe but can describe the cupcake made using buttermilk and butter: very delicious buttery flavor, lovely crunchy top (almost muffin-like), large crumb, dense, oddly a bit dry the flowing day. Have you ever added food coloring to your butter cream frosting recipe? Test the cupcakes with a toothpick for doneness. Hi there! I made these over the weekend, along with the salted caramel, and they are the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Hi. However, this was a disaster. I then replaced the vanilla in the recipe for 6 teaspoons of my strawberry liquid plus a 1/4 teaspoon of Joann’s strawberry flavoring (very strong flavoring I bought at Walmart in the cake section) and 4 medium diced strawberries. If you’re in a bind, you could substitute plain yogurt. Or you could give the limoncello frosting a try from these cupcakes: What a cute Valentines Day treat!! Sometimes caving is caused because the cake is still a little underdone when they come out of the oven so the center is completely baked and stabilized yet so when they start to cool they fall in. I made these cupcakes for my boyfriend one lazy weekend.