A teacher must handle all of it with a calm, professional demeanor, and pay careful attention to the challenge of the moment. Primary, elementary or junior school teachers usually teach many or all subjects to their class, so they need to be confident across all subjects to a certain level. Writing Teachers must also maintain current professional development standards by taking regular refresher courses and tests. Follow directions 7. You probably remember your own best teachers very clearly and you know what they added to your life. Clarity, accuracy, and professionalism with parents, colleagues, and administrators is also imperative. “WHEN ONE TEACHES ,TWO LEARN” 2. Teaching kindergartners takes a different set of pedagogical skills than teaching teenagers. with their teachers, fellow students as well as other staff members. Patience Teaching Skills. As you might be already aware, proper communication and relationship building are very important skills as well. Depending on … If reading is required suggest audio books if appropriate. If so, you will have to agree between you what is to be taught and how to deal with any difficulties. You must be able to explain the material in terms that are both accessible and meaningful to the students. All are equally important and wherever possible we should try to incorporate all of them … Teaching students to improve their learning strategies in one skill area can often enhance performance in all language skills (Oxford, 1996). 4. See our page: Building Confidence for more information. Illustrating with examples 7. It is not enough for a first-grade math teacher to know how to perform basic arithmetic, for example. Scanning types of reading is used to find the relative piece of information that student intends to get. Some student skills include: 1. If you are part of a teaching organisation, have you fed back results to any interested colleagues? If you like the idea of teaching professionally, there are different settings in which it can be done. The best of them inspire their students toward greatness and show them what they are capable of. Micro Teaching Skills 1. Board games are great for teaching a second language in a fun and dynamic way, while also encouraging other key skills: Social skills: Board games help teach young children important social skills such as sharing, team-work, patience, and taking turns. 1. Bring dull academic concepts to life with visual and practical learning experiences, helping your students to understand how their schooling applies in the real-world.Examples include using the interactive whiteboard to display photos, audio clips and videos, as well as encouraging your students to get out of their seats with classroom experiments and local field trips. Respectfulness. The key life skill is good decision-making. Accountability 2. You will also be doing something of great value. These skills are known as Core teaching skills or Microteaching Skills. If you don’t already have the following essential skills, then there is still time to foster them. Have you kept what is needed for anyone in the group who was away? You will need the confidence to look calm and professional even when tired and stressed. Explaining 6. In order to be a great teacher, you must display enthusiasm, leadership, commitment, and compassion. • The set of related behaviours or teaching acts aiming at specific objectives and performed with an intention to facilitate pupil’s learning can be called a teaching skill. However, teaching anyone can also be tiring, stressful and demanding. Passi (1976), Teaching skills are a group of teaching acts or behaviors intended to facilitate pupil’s learning directly or indirectly. They answer difficult questions from students on the spot, solve conflicts between students, revise lesson plans, and deal with issues among colleagues. Getting all of it done in a timely manner requires excellent physical organization and time management.