The CDC recommends that, in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we avoid gatherings with people who don’t live in our immediate households. Take a look at my Sheet Pan Meals and More! Why We Love It: Nothing says "fall beverage" … Make it in a big batch for kiddos and adult-os alike. "Light and refreshing and perfect for the holidays, this blueberry ginger fizz 'mocktail' is perfect for non-drinkers and those watching their waistlines," says Kim's Cooking Now. The end result will be a creamy, rich, and deeply-spiced (but not spicy) cup of hot chocolate! This drink works served warm or cool, and it can easily be made in a larger batch; just stick to the same ratio. And this. An easy Non Alcoholic Mulled Wine recipe for the holidays is enjoyable for people of all ages. While "the holidays" tends to connote indulgence of all kinds, it doesn't need to include alcohol. Oh my! Why do we add water? Maple Apple Cider. Your email address will not be published. Add the ginger ale, sparkling cider, and ice. I can’t wait to hear what you guys enjoy best. This doesn't mean the drinks have to be boring. I was literally just looking for some mocktails ideas, so this list couldn’t come at better time! Extra points too for being non-alcoholic! Reduce heat to keep warm and serve directly from the slow cooker. All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks Hands down, my favorite thing to drink with turkey is Gewürztraminer grape juice from Navarro Vineyards. Fill a stemless wine glass with ice cubes. but apple pie inspired drinks and treats? The bitterness of the roasted beans can cut some of the sugar and echo the warm, earthy spices we often add to pumpkin, sweet potato, or apple pies. All rights reserved. Most people won't think twice about serving basic cornbread when is on the table. My household appreciates this Thanksgiving turkey since it cooks up tender, tasty and gold brown. Please select a category or enter a business name. Sparkling Blackcurrant Raspberry Mocktail, bubbly mocktail features a festive berry blend. Harry Potter’s Butterbeer is all the rage! Makes 6 drinks. has only a few simple ingredients and steps to deliciousness as well. Great roundup…cannot wait to make some of these . When the adults are celebrating with wine or cocktails, it’s nice to have a non alcoholic drink option. Rosemary, lemons and oranges, while extremely refreshing, are very much seasonal winter flavors. This Thanksgiving Punch recipe is perfect for a crowd or a casual night in. So where does the "sparkling" part of this Sparkling Cranberry Apple Punch come from? "Pour over ice and enjoy! This fizzy orange-cranberry punch is festive and pretty. Non-Alcoholic Don’t Forget Nonalcoholic Drinks This Thanksgiving Two booze-free recipes—and more suggestions—from the author of Good Drinks: Alcohol-Free Recipes for … These non-alcohol cocktails are fun and inventive. Check out these non-alcoholic Thanksgiving drink ideas for a pain-free (read: hangover free) next few weeks. Non-alcoholic apple cider punch goes great with this too! To make sure all of my guests can get in on the fun drinks, I like to serve pitchers of this Non-Alcoholic Sangria with cranberries! Then pop a cinnamon stick into each guest’s mug and pour the hot cider over it. It’s lightly sweet and bubbly and completely Whole30 compliant, made with simple ingredients like 100% cranberry juice, 100% apple juice, and seltzer (and no alcohol). It’s delicious, low carb, along with sugar and gluten free. With a few simple easy ingredients, you can make a delicious fall punch cocktail or mocktail that will be a crowd pleaser for kids and adults. Happy Thanksgiving! This delicious mocktail is so simple to make and everyone will love it. is perfect for your next Christmas or holiday celebration! mocktail, mocktails, non alcoholic, Thanksgiving, Fill your copper cups with large pieces of ice, pour 1 tbsp pomegranate juice in each cup over ice, pour 6 oz. Ceylon and rooibos teas are also especially nice with pecan pie. Stir. Spicy ginger beer, cranberry juice and a twist of orange come together to make this refreshing mocktail! This Holiday Cranberry Mocktail is perfect for your next Christmas or holiday celebration! "Oh, this ol' thing?" “You don’t want too much of any one flavor, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding water to balance things out.” That’s why you’ll see an ounce of soda water in this recipe. Why wasn't this page useful? Both are so easy to create your new favorite fall mocktail. It is a classic dessert that everyone will love and is perfect for getting those Thanksgiving pie flavors! Just before serving you add the sparkling mineral water or lemon-lime soda for a drink everyone can and will enjoy! “Smokiness is a wonderful way to cap off the evening,” says Evan Zimmerman, who works at Silver Lyan in Washington, D.C., and created this two-ingredient Cherry and Smoke cocktail. They're perfect for holiday entertaining. Your brain will probably thank you the next morning. And while my kids love hot drinks like cider and cocoa, sometimes a drink that can quench their thirst is more appreciated. Ad Choices, Don’t Forget Nonalcoholic Drinks This Thanksgiving, Two booze-free recipes—and more suggestions—from the author of. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. Robicelli did not actually say “come on” during our phone interview. Thanks for the fun roundup! We have gathered our favorite non-alcoholic drinks for you all in one place. Sober October? If you'd like to dress up your buffet table, you can do so by placing a bowl of this orange concoction right in the center of it.