You will find all the answers regarding your product. What are the guarantee conditions of my appliance? The app is no longer compatible on Android versions 4.4.4 or lower, because of reinforced data security.As far as possible, we recommend that you update your device to a higher Android version or use another compatible device.Updates will not only allow you to enjoy a richer experience with new features and compatibility with the latest technology, but will also protect you against possible security vulnerabilities that have been fixed in the latest versions. Modern design with a large see-through lid that easily lifts up at the touch of a button. Download. In order to avoid this, we recommend that you use the top tray for cooking fish (2in1 model only). Check that the blade is correctly in place, if not, take the unit to an Authorised Service Centre to have it checked. Please give us your mail to initialize your password, Confirm Why isn't the paddle holding? Tefal Actifry - Convection Cooker. With new potatoes, reduce the quantity to 750 g and adjust the cooking time. For the 1kg, 1.2kg and Actifry Mini models you have to use the paddle during cooking to prevent food from falling into the motor unit. The bowl is too full. First launched in 2006, this revolutionary, versatile fryer allows you to cook a wide range of meals economically and its... Tefal Actifry … Never put the device under water.• For a good start of the device, we advise you to cook for at least 20 minutes with half a litre of water. From the second cooking time, your ActiFry will give you complete satisfaction.• Never leave the dosing spoon in the device during operation.• Never cook without a paddle. Choose your product range by clicking on the visual or enter the name or the reference of your Tefal product in the search engine (on the left of the page). Increase the amount of oil.• The filter may be obstructed. The bowl is too full. This phenomenon, which has no effect on the use of the device, will disappear quickly.• Remove all stickers and packaging materials. The size of the chip affects how crunchy or soft it is. How can I avoid the lid cracking and breaking? Embed. Tefal - Products User Manuals. Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Some food is unsuitable for cooking on the tray such as breaded fish or food coated with breadcrumbs as they dry out and burn during hot air cooking. You will find all the answers regarding your product. If using the 2 in1 feature (bowl + tray) after the food is cooked on the tray, cook the chips for a further 2-5 minutes after you've removed the tray to make them crispier. You have lost your password. Please enter your email address and we will send you a password, You didn’t connect to the Tefal web site since one year. Don't salt your food before the end of cooking to avoid scratching the ActiFry's bowl. The previous Actifry designs and Actifry Family do not allow the 2 in 1 ActiFry plate to be added. There is no danger in opening the lid while cooking, but it is not recommended, even when the ingredients collect on the sides of the pan. Due to the rotation of the paddle we would not suggest cooking fish in the Actifry as it can easily break up during cooking. The app is no longer working on Android 4.4. Use it for all cooking.• Fries or food are not cut evenly. It is normal to see a small gap between the cover and the body. It is healthier way of cooking many foods that would have been traditionally deep fried. Why is there cooking liquid in the base of the appliance? When closing the lid, do not bang the lid shut but use the finger tab on the front of the lid to gently press the lid into place. Wash the cut chips twice in a bowl of water before cooking to remove any excess starch. Is it absolutely necessary to respect the indicated maximum quantities? ACTIFRY fryer pdf manual download. What should I do if my appliance is not working? The fries or food must be cut to the same size for perfect cooking.• The paddle does not rotate: check that the paddle is properly positioned. Please go to the “Accessories” section of the website to easily find whatever you need for your product. What is the best way of cooking chips and to avoid soggy chips? Just one spoon of oil for crispy and tasty fries, and much more ! There are various models within the Actifry range. Floor care. You have probably salted your food during the cooking process. View and Download TEFAL ACTIFRY manual online. With ActiFry and a dosing spoon with the oil of your choice, you'll get light and crispy fries. You might not need every tool for every procedure. However, results can vary for all potatoes used depending on the Season and also how they are storeds. How should I prepare potatoes for the Actifry? Choose ActiFry and join a family of over 7,000,000 gourmets in the world. There could be several reasons:• You didn't use the paddle. What should I do if the power cord of my appliance is damaged? My ActiFry is making an abnormal noise, why? Should there be a small gap between the cover and the body of the Actifry? Non-stick ceramic coating and dishwasher compatible (lid, pan and paddle). • Leave it to cool down completely before cleaning. Why does food burn when cooked on the Actifry 2 in 1 cooking tray? Observe the quantities indicated in the cooking table of the instruction manual. The lid gets hot during use – is this normal? You probably used new potatoes. Where can I dispose of my appliance at the end of its life span?