Supergirl later tells Superman that Brainiac had shrunken the city of Kandor. His mental power prove to be formidable, but he is ultimately defeated by the Man of Steel. For Further Information: Crisis On Infinite Earths. 1: THE GHOST SECTOR, SUPERMAN: WORLD AGAINST SUPERMAN (DC ESSENTIAL EDITION), BATMAN AND SUPERMAN IN WORLD’S FINEST: THE SILVER AGE OMNIBUS VOL. Although Brainiac has various tools at his disposal, by far his most powerful weapon is always his Twelfth-Level mind. C.O.M.P.U.T.O. On his arrival on Earth, Brainiac invades Metropolis, kidnaps Superman and Supergirl, revealing the true source of Kara Zor-El (the coming of Argo City, where she escapes to Earth after his hometown was destroyed by Brainiac). Geoff Johns resurrects and retcons Brainiac in a story arc in action comics entitled "Brainiac". 2, TEEN TITANS VOL. Brainiac is the main antagonist in the game Superman: Man Of Steel for the Sega Genesis. She is the daughter of Brainiac 5 and Supergirl in Kingdom Come. In his first appearance, the villain Brainiac was a humanoid, who came to Earth to shrink Paris, Rome, and New York, storing them in bottles. The original idea for this scheme was that he would regrow the cities to their full size on an unnamed planet on which he ruled, in order to repopulate that world and create a population of enslaved citizens. This deadlier form of Brainiac was a far more formidable threat than his earlier incarnation. Brainiac was later able to boost his intelligence to level twelve, with the help of fellow Superman enemy Lex Luthor. Then Kandor vanished. Brainiac seems to be alive, since Luthor has him still in his head. @rev_chumley does an inspired job of using the classic purple, and turning it into vicious body armor. So whilst Lex is in space experimenting in space Brainiac launches his attack against Lex thinking to take Lex unawares. Brainiac is known for shrinking and stealing Kandor, the capital city of Superman's home planet Krypton, and is even responsible for Krypton's destruction in some continuities. Superman had never met the real Brainiac. There, he forms a new, skeletal body for himself, and a new starship in the shape of a giant skull. He was accompanied by a "space monkey" named Koko. @Kozmokai poses and screams out his ultimatum. Supergirl stops the missile whilst Superman battles Brainiac. Nevertheless, Brainiac shares Luthor’s intense hatred of the Man of Steel, and has continued to use his Twelfth-Level intellect over the years to bring down the Last Son of Krypton. Eventually coming out of his coma state, at the turn of the 21st Century, Brainiac placed a sleeper virus inside of Lexcorp’s Y2K bug safeguards. You can search for The former was the victim of Vril Dox selling the soul of one of his descendants to Neron. The Ender of Planets Brainiac was featured throughout season 5 as a Kryptonian supercomputer that was corrupted by Zod to use in his war on Krypton. This version of Brainiac was completely ruthless, going so far as hurting innocent people to provoke Clark before finally being defeated in the season 8 episode 'Legion', where his remains were taken to the 31st century by the Legion of Superheroes to be reprogrammed into Brainiac 5. Two different versions of Brainiac 4 have existed- in one world, Brainiac 5's mother; in another, his father. Milton Fine In doing so, Metropolis was returned to Earth and Superman took possession of the Collector's ship and made it his new Fortress of Solitude. #Superman #brainiac #krypton #cosplay #foam #diy #comiccon #nycc2018 #aquaman #supermancosplay #brainiaccosplay #dceu #dccomics #photography #nycccosplay #nyccomiccon #nycc #nycc2019 #mera #wanbillion #atlantis #batman #wonderwoman #flash #cyborg #greenlantern #justiceleague, A post shared by Verndexter Cosplay (@verndexter_cosplay) on Jan 18, 2019 at 11:42am PST. Setting off for Earth, word reached Superman that Brainiac was coming with all the resources of War World at his disposal to conquer the planet, so he assembled a group of Earth’s greatest heroes for a preemptive strike against Brainiac’s forces. Whilst upon his skull ship Superman sees the newer bigger and more physically imposing Brainiac emerge from a cocoon to reveal his new form. This man called Pulsar Stargrave initially claimed to be Brainiac’s descendant Brainiac 4 and later claimed he wasBrainiac himself. on 07/08/19 He was permitted to leave his planet, despite warnings of the dangers of the earth, and of his ancestor, you know who. Give me the Man of Steel, or face planetary obliteration. It is later revealed that Brainiac was capturing several heroes and villains in order to help him fight against the Omega Titans. He then created an army or robots who took all the aspects of that world he deemed worthy, placed it into one city, and then miniaturized and froze it, letting the rest of the world be destroyed. Spend nearly two hours with the original superhero who's faster than a speeding bullet! Their plan was to gather the super villains and when the heroes win the day the villains would swoop in and finish off the heroes whilst they were weak from battle. Throwback to #dutchcomiccon earlier this year. 3: THE RETURN OF KID FLASH, JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE DARKSEID WAR (DC ESSENTIAL EDITION), FINAL CRISIS: THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OMNIBUS, DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: THE SEARCH FOR ATLANTIS, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: THE SILVER AGE OMNIBUS VOL. But the plan backfired on him; instead the virus allowed his far future self, designated Brainiac-13, to come into the past from the 64th Century and take over the current day Brainiac’s body. Months before she left Krypton, Brainiac invaded. But Superman breaks free from Brainiac’s control, and the two end up in a fist fight in a dirty swamp – the first time Brainiac has left his hermetically sealed ship in centuries. In Action Comics #544, Brainiac created a new body, a metal skeleton with a "skull" patterns of gray beehive. Clark's archenemy is Brainiac because of this reason. He departs Earth in a newly created spacecraft, one that looked very much like his Bronze Age, pre-Crisis skull ship. Brainiac continues using Luthor's body until rigor mortis sets in. But like a bad computer virus that can never be fully purged, Brainiac always manages to turn up again when one least expects him. . For Brainiac, the knowledge he acquires is only valuable if he and he alone possesses it, and no one else. In this new reality, Vril Dox was once again one of the greatest scientists on the planet of Yod-Colu, becoming famous due to his discoveries of miniaturization and his advances in force field technology. However, his attempts to revive Brainiac resulted only in the resurrection of Darkseid. Pneumenoid ; Actually a Doombot: Geoff Johns invoked this in an issue of Action Comics where every single appearance by Brainiac in the Post-Crisis DCU, prior to Johns' Superman: Brainiac storyline was actually a "Brainiac probe" (or a clone). For More Information: Justice League Heroes. In the new, post-Crisis reality, the consciousness of Coluan scientist Vril Dox, in the form of nanites, traveled across the cosmos, and connected with a down and out, chubby circus mentalist named Milton Fine. any Comic Vine content. His new, advanced mental powers allowed him not only psychic manipulation, but also control of computer systems. Each of these planet’s inhabitants refer to Dox by whatever they call their most advanced computer system. He... All Site Content TM and © 2020 DC Entertainment, unless otherwise noted here. Supergirl quickly tells him that the one they are looking at is just a probe like the others. But Kara remembers from her childhood when the alien presence came to Krypton and stole the city of Kandor. As part of his disguise as biological being, Brainiac was given a Coluan boy to raise as his son. It was up to Superman to save the day, but when Superman confronted Brainiac, he discovered that Brainiac had a "ultra-force shield" protecting him which made him impervious to all of Superman's attacks. He can also manipulate energy, and use his access to advanced technology to miniaturize cities, not to mention travel through space at great distances. Embittered by Superman's heroic successes and soaring popularity, Lex Luthor forms a dangerous alliance with the powerful computer/villain Brainiac. When imprisoned Brainiac runs into an old friend, Lex Luthor. This leads Superman out into space to find the true Brainiac, in an effort to confront him and free the last of his people. aphillips17 Cosplayer: @cin_von_quinzel #brainiac #vrildox #brainiaccosplay #superman #genderbender, A post shared by Fran Martin (@best_dc_cosplays) on Oct 7, 2018 at 3:48am PDT. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. In Brainiac’s first appearance, it wasn’t known that he was an android, and he was assumed to be a biological being from another world. Cosplayer: @jamal_johns #brainiac #vrildox #brainiaccosplay #superman, A post shared by Fran Martin (@best_dc_cosplays) on May 16, 2019 at 1:49pm PDT. This doesn't look like a Brainiac who's looking to have a battle of wits with Superman, this looks like a Brainiac who is ready to duke it out with the Man of Steel.