For me, the overall best woodpecker feeder has to be the Birds Choice Suet Cages. In nature, woodpeckers live off a variety of different foods including grubs and insects, fruits, oily nuts, acorn and sap. Yes, woodpeckers love suet and they aren’t too picky about it either. Another option not too commonly deployed is to use a large and simple tray feeder where you can place different sorts of foods (shelled/unshelled peanuts, cracked corn, seeds, raisins, fruit slices, dried mealworm as well as a small suet cake helping or suet nuggets). Home of the revolutionary Suet Shield Suet Feeders. It only holds one suet cake which is a bit of a let down when a lot of woodpecker suet feeders can hold two, allowing more than one bird to feed at one time. Hello. The good thing is the tail prop works well to attract larger woodpeckers. Make sure you check the food and clean the feeder out regularly to ensure the suet is healthy to eat. The Squirrel Buster feeder works by closing off the food ports when something as heavy as a squirrel lands on them The upside down suet feeder makes it extremely hard for the squirrel to reach the suet while the caged suet feeders work through exclusion. Rather than having any mechanized apparatus, the suet cake is well protected using a large and multi-layered metal cage. The suet cake holder is enclosed in a metal cage, with gaps that can allow small to medium birds to enter. The suet cage is made out of heavy gauge vinyl-coated wire mesh that is designed to keep those pesky squirrels and nuisance birds away. You are sure to notice a big difference compared to a traditional bird feeder with these woodpecker suet feeders. Nature’s Way Bird Products CWF2 Cedar Suet Upside-Down Bird Feeder, 5. Although suet is typically well-loved by woodpeckers, not all of these birds may be too keen on it. Most woodpecker suet feeders come with a cage where you can easily insert your suet cakes and watch as nifty birds take turns to peck their way through the food. The only problem customers have had is that it isn’t squirrel proof and can be easy for predators to climb onto. The superior quality is combined with innovative design technology for long-lasting durability and ease-of-use.Features• Crafted from premium insect-resistant and rot-resistant cedar• Holds 2 suet cakes• Design features a stainless steel wire mesh basket and water-based protective stain• Backed by a select 5-year warranty• Includes rust-free hardware and a vinyl-coated steel hanging cable Pros & ConsPro• Easy-to-fill design• Naturally insect-resistant and rot-resistantCon• Time reveals defects in function and design, The design of this feeder is environmentally friendly and it is built to last a lifetime. Snow or sleet, woodpeckers will be there to nibble away at your suet cake. Buy It. Capable of holding a single suet cake, this feeder features ½” x 1″ plastic coated metal wire mesh and a hinged front that makes filling it simple. Enticing woodpeckers to gather in your backyard is extremely enjoyable as they are fascinating to watch. Size and amount of suet cakes the feeder will hold.Accessories. Rubicon Suet Feeder – Best for Attracting Larger Woodpeckers, Also great for a variety of bird species, this woodpecker bird feeder is. You really get your money’s worth with the Stokes Select Suet Bird Feeder as it comes with two suet cake holders and a weather guard, all for a very reasonable price. The Birds Choice Two-Sided Bird Feeder holds two suet cages allowing two birds to feed at once. Based on your needs and preferences, you may choose to settle for any one or more of these feeders. However, you can always put some freeze-dried mealworms at your tray or platform feeder. There is plenty of room inside the cage to accommodate more than one bird at a time without letting those sneaky squirrels in.