Although well known in the UK gardening fraternity, it has been perhaps more widely popular in the states. The phrase “square foot gardening” was the title of his 1981 book and both the phrase and the gardening idea took off. There have been updates of Bartholomew’s book, which include introducing children to square foot gardening. There’s no real difference in square foot and raised bed gardening other than the placement of the plants, both require boxes of soil/compost mix placed above the ground but the square foot … The phrase ‘square foot gardening’ was originally coined by author Mel Bartholomew in his 1981 All New Square Foot Gardening. Square Foot Veg Growing Plant Spacing, Cropping Time & Yield Crop Plants/square Time to cropping (weeks) Yield per plant Asparagus 1 plant Up to 20 spears Aubergine 1 plant 18-20 4-6 fruit Beans … The system works by taking an area of land and dividing it up into square … The square foot gardening system was developed in the ’80s by an American architect to maximise the amount grown in the least space and also to save seed wastage and minimise weeding and watering. Bartholomew deemed traditional gardening inefficient and believed that … It’s an ideal method to use up small patches of ground to maximum advantage, which can be useful if you have a very small garden … Advantages of Square Foot Gardening There’s a lot to recommend Square Foot gardening to the keen grower. Square Foot Gardening – An excellent system for beginners.