@artesalona Had sky q approx 3 weeks, everyday at least 4x lose signal ???? Sky offers some of the world’s best TV entertainment with access to over 300 English speaking UK TV channels, delivering a full range of television and radio entertainment in digital and HD formats. As a mobile customer as well, what’s the chance of unlimited data until resolved? @Enajzskie i am experiencing no Connection. @Mariaet34066197 "The service outage on SKYFiber experienced earlier in some parts of Metro Manila has been fully resolved as of 4:30 p.m. We thank you for your patience and understanding," SKY Cable said in an advisory. @SKYserves my sky is not working please do something about it. It’s a older build I am fixing up, now I can do basic glitch building and learning other stuff. @SKYserves is there any other way to reach you through phone? RT @EncounterBooks: Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy details the failure to understand the nature and…. Watch English TV abroad with Sky France TV. @darren_bell @virginmedia Ahh noooo don't say that. Still no assistance despite request. @drumoncatar This from a government who are wholly responsible for 10s of thousands of deaths. SKY Fiber upgrades 5mbps bundle plan with more entertaining and exciting channels. @SKYserves Still no connection ??? Should I use it as xmas lights decor? @SKYserves Our internet and cable is down. @SkyHelpTeam my fire tv stick says home unavailable. Downdetector® is among the federally registered trademarks of Ookla® and may not be used by third parties without express written permission. We have send request emails, but no services until now, @pea_ie the sky is filled with mutable energy right now and the problem with mutable energy is the longing for something you cannot grasp knowing there's a bigger love out there, an expansion or a solution that can ease your soul but being unable to reach it & blaming yourself for it. 678175005. @ar2r_28 Please don't call "support numbers" posted below — most probably it's a scam. Thank you for bearing with us. Should I use it as xmas lights decor? No one seems to care and respond to my concerns and all I get from them is "submit a report". Not Sky or virgin though (I don’t think). Can I have my service restored? 678175005. @SKYserves no internet connection. @LegendEskimoBoy Apps too. Getting no connection at all. Please send me a DM. Hahahaha, @Mariaet34066197 Box says connected internet and strong signal but no pictures on any channel. @SaraBellaTon1 @SkyHelpTeam @DisneyPlusUK @DisneyPlusHelp Hi, still having problems with activating my account with Sky. @virginmedia Yes and it says there is issues. I have a highly important meeting and presentation today that I won’t be able to attend. No Internet or TV for a week....hmmmm... @LesleyRiddoch I got a call saying they were from SKY going to disconnect me I don’t have SKY so hung up, @SkyHelpTeam Hi, our Sky internet was working fine this morning and then it suddenly dropped and we can't get back online. But still the internet connection is slow af. @ravenclawalex10 @SKYserves HELP PLEEEAAASSSEEEE have classes pa at 6pm no internet nor tv cable... HELPPPPP we have a test pa naman today. I have exhausted the online troubleshooting & cannot get my box to connect to my sky hub. apart from after listening to ‘experts’ on Sky News earlier vaccine no guarantee of working; no guarantee of stopping infectiousness; no guarantee it will last any sort of significant time; will not guarantee herd immunity - against natural immunity and 99.5% survival-mmm. About safe topics? @yyanagabrielle Cool! @jerryserrano @SKYserves No internet since Wednesday, your modem says Connectivity State, Access Denies. @SKYserves Advisory says technical issue to be resolved by 24 Nov 2020 at 21:00. Happens daily all other devices in bungalow ok???? @Anning97731275 @SKYserves we are having intermittent and frequent outage in our internet the last few days, what’s going on? We need it for work and school! Almost 2 weeks of no net connection, almost 2 weeks since i made my first request for technical/service repair. Please don’t refer me to my sky again!! We're very sorry for the inconvenience, but we're having a plant trouble in your area. No internet for a week now. @PhilipRadbourne @SkyHelpTeam my sky broadband has been off for 3 days now why is my internet down? © Ookla, LLC. Connected to WiFi no internet connection. Please explain! @cath_errine Showing wheather problem.. @SKYserves good day po no internet connection po dito sa south signal taguig kanina pa po. Please check DM. No internet again in San Pedro, Laguna. My son will have exams tomorrow so panu kame coconnect? 2days na xang absent sa online classes nia!!! @TheUrbanHunter Hi Joe not aware of any issues. We've been contacting Sky Customer Service for the longest time and until now walang nangyari.We've been paying the monthly payments kahit wala kaminh napapala. Here's what people say, Poland finds 8 coronavirus cases in farmed mink, Qatar charges airport police in strip-search of female passengers. Thanks for the tweet. Pls fix. Kindly check my DM ??? @SKYserves It’s been 12 days to b exact today Nov 24 ‘20 @Twrs580P Thanks man. Sky news atrocious as ever. @SKYserves Yes and I already did that, please send technical team to fix our Problem here in our area. Seriously????? @SKYserves We have no connection still, I tried calling your hot line number but it says that "not yet available", tried emailing you, no reply. Thanks. @SKYserves Why does account number 686263010 has cable but no internet???