We recommend printing off the course content reference guide via the button below to assist you in the Retail Math for a Profit: How to Think Like a Buyer courses. information. ... Of course, if the numbers were reversed and you did $100,000 this year and $110,000 last, you would … Answer challenging Business Management Questions™ based on retail data sets – questions that would be difficult to answer without a PivotTable. to effectively and efficiently manage product by focusing on the application of inventory To many retail managers a ‘bad’ decision made, an ‘unproductive’ process put into place or an ‘unbelievable’ policy implemented simply confirms, to them, that Head Office personnel need to spend more time in the stores so they can see what’s really going on. In this course, you will learn how these modern brands are stealing ONLINE COURSES | CORPORATE TEAM DEVELOPMENT | FAQ | PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS OF USE |. The Excel PivotTables course is an exhaustive review of PivotTables and Pivot Charts. competitive landscape, identifying opportunities, handling the demands of multi-channels, your business and be able to take tangible action to leverage change. This Versal has been documented in Word. You are currently viewing a preview of the CottonWorks™ website. or online, at a price your target customer is willing to pay. The retail math sessions are our most popular one or two day seminar for sales and brand management teams, merchandising, buying, and retail marketing. When understanding is lacking people have no alternative but to put their own ideas and perceptions into play; into the forefront. Topics covered include costing, mark-up and profit, sales reporting metrics, profit, markdowns, inventory, and productivity metri 100 percent thought the session was worth attending. Instructor: Robert Salerno, former retail CEO and consultant, retail board member, adjunct You have decided to learn something about retail math in order to become more adept at understanding how your retail business operates and, more importantly how to interpret what is going on so you can communicate positively to your staff. Look at the numbers side of retailing to understand Business Leader, Coach and Trainer for 25+ years, Retail Mathematical Metrics (i.e. It's time to start seeing Instructor: Scott Kerr, President of Silvertone Consulting and brand strategy executive. information. RESOURCE & REPORT DOWNLOAD | 24 hours before each webinar session begins, subscribers receive the reports. SXR 011 Retail Math: Calculating and Analyzing Gross Margin This course provides an in-depth study of retail gross margin, a crucial performance Balanced Score Cards for Retail Management. Driving business productivity is important to mastering the commerce of retail, luxury, apparel and fashion. Canton GA 30115 USA, Business Insights: Black Belt Level 1 – Option 1 Schedule, Business Insights: Black Belt Level 1 – Option 2 Schedule, Business Insights: Black Belt Certification, Profit (margin, margin percent, margin per unit). Certificate Facilitator: Robert Salerno, former retail CEO and consultant, retail board member, adjunct professor, Fashion Business Management. Core math and Excel skills are critical to making smart business decisions. is dynamic and practical, combining interactive lectures and discussions with case Learn the skills needed market share from incumbents by focusing on storytelling, customer service, and creating IN-PERSON | One or two-day seminar.