The Phoenix Force. Defeats the Ancient One (the Strange of the timeline). Was once trapped in an inescapable time loop by Doctor Strange, forced to cease his attack on Earth in return for his freedom. Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. 7 wins (63.6%) Phoenix Force: power stats. To handle Dormammu, Earth's Mightiest Heroes would need to become increasingly creative. Ruler of the Dark Dimension Background Info Age After colliding with the mountain the Dread Lord began to fall towards the ground, but he managed to regain his composure and fly back into the air towards the father of Raven, brushing the rubble off of his face while doing so. Strange took down Shuma the first time by drawing on the power of the multiverse. The Defenders (Surfer, Classic Strange, Hulk, and Ghost Rider) cannot put him down. Could be wrong of course on that note though but don't think it matters much considering the relative power levels. His power (and subsequent promises) make them swear fealty to Dormammu, even though some of them want nothing to do with the Earth. Sign Up Login. Origin Killing Dormammu? Dormammu summons the great black magicians from across the universe. Strange stated that he was learning the secrets of the Earth dimension's space-time, and would soon be able to challenge the Celestials themselves. Erects a barrier to banish all the Mindless Ones to a pocket of the Dark Dimension. Takes on Odin in the famous "cosmic chess" scene, wherein Dormammu acts as the representative for Lord Chaos, playing for the balance between the two abstracts. All it'll take is for Phoenix to destroy the barrier that keeps the Mindless Ones in place. Achievements Phoenix Force (20g) – Defeat Scott Summers Death and Rebirth (50g) – Defeat Scott Summers on Very Hard The phoenix force is also considered as the child of the universe which is one of the most feared entities in the Marvel comic book universe. Phoenix (Rachel Grey) vs. Dormammu. He is most powerful in the Dark Dimension, able to use the environment itself as a weapon. His only opposition is the current Sorcerer Supreme: Doctor Strange. Example.,, Strength. 0. Unicron eats Space-Time. Battle is located in Dormammu's realm, I would say Phoenix but it would be closer in His realm though. Strange / Ancient One himself. He is Doctor Strange's arch-enemy. Warps the Baxter Building between numerous layers of spacetime. He just goes the slow route planet by planet because he's a sadistic son of a bitch. In 1666, he made his first attempt on Earth by causing the Great Fire of London and using the life-force of its victims to link the two dimensions via Stonehenge. Afterwards, it can manipulate time, energy, matter, and be at one with cosmic awareness, making it omniscient. Necrom was the Sorcerer Supreme of an alternate reality universe, who was obsessed with claiming the power of the Phoenix. Variable, usually 6'1" (185 cm) Superhero battle match: Phoenix Force versus Dormammu. Shuma Gorath is pretty powerful, but taking on the Phoenix Force is suicide for it. The battle, however, does end in Eternity's favour. Dormammu would lose more often than not to Phoenix. Dormammu swears he will burn them in the Flames of the Faltine. Speed. Extinguishes the flames of the Spirit of Vengeance. PF wins instantly of course, but see... PF wouldn't have ended up in a situation where it would have to fight Dormammu... its an entity... Now the avatar.. and I say rachel cause she's the best example, would go 3/10 with dormammu in his own realm. There, the siblings played with the ambitions of the Mhuruuk king Olnar until Dormammu betrayed the king and Umar to become god-king of the Dark Dimension. Occupation Wesker: "Give this power, to a real God." It is indestructible and is part of the primal energies of this universe. There is the possibility that Dormammu's threat will be contained to Strange's universe and that Strange, rather than overpower Dormammu, will be forced to conceive of a creative solution. In the story, Necrom had been able to steal a small portion of the Phoenix Force's power but he wanted the whole chimichanga. Helping jumpstart the Marvel multiverse? Strange Tales #126 (Comic, November 1964) Dormammu, maddened by rage, challenges Eternity himself. Dormammu is a demon who was born ages ago as one of vastly powerful trans-dimensional entities of pure energy called the Faltine, he and his sister Umar create corporeal bodies to increase their powers by sacrificing their parent Sinifer. If you're going with the whole damn Phoenix Force, Dormammu doesn't stand a chance. In 1888, Dormammu played a role in the starting the string of murders done by Jack the Ripper. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponents 2 History 3 Death Battle Info 3.1 Feats 3.2 Flaws Asriel Dreemurr vs. Dormammu Dormammu vs Darkseid Dimentio vs Dormammu (Abandoned) Exdeath vs. Dormammu Dormammu vs Giratina Dormammu vs Jedah Dohma Dormammu vs Lucemon Dormammu vs … Though the game ends in a draw, as it is the way the "cosmic balance is maintained", Dormammu distinctly holds the upper hand when Thor walks in, and checks Odin twice. Dormammu is a character from Marvel Comics. Literally controlling time and space for an entire universe? The Guardians in this timeline included a Phoenix Force host, and Herald of Galactus. Death itself had to show up to have a talk with him about messing with the Phoenix: Full-power Phoenix Force is one of those things that's apparently right under the LT in big heap mojo. Even then he was not defeated, and only sends him hurtling into another dimension. So he started a protracted battle with Rachel to get her to tap into greater and greater amounts of the Phoenix Force, and then when she was at her limit then he would drain her power. True Form Unicron is a multiversal god in the same range as Michael Archangel, Lucifer Morningstar, and the Living Tribunal. You must log in or register to reply here. Imprisons their Universe's Sorcerer Supreme. Since then, having bound his life force with the Dark Dimension, Dormammu sought to gradually merge other realms of existence to his own while spreading his worship to any sorcerers throughout the multiverse who invoked his powers. Both plunge into battle, with Dormammu's energies threatening to tear apart the fabric of Eternity before Eternity is successful in crushing him between two flaming spheres that create an explosion brighter than a thousand exploding suns. The Dreaded Dormammu. The Phoenix force, which usually manifests itself in the shape of a great bird of fire, can bond with a high level telepath. This resulted with the siblings being banished from their home dimension, eventually coming to a timeless realm known as the Dark Dimension. It was said to be undetectable by those within (The FF) and would have taken them months to reach the side-walk in front of the structure should they attempt leaving. Variable. If you are going with a Phoenix Avatar, then Dormammu can win. With a gesture, casts the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak across New York. The phoenix force is a bond between the immortal universal element of life and passion. JavaScript is disabled. Unless Dormammu has prep to do something like he did in GOTG, he's going to fall to Phoenix. Dormammu hit the peak of the mountain with enough force to obliterate it. Among his numerous powers are energy projection, protective shields, time travel, teleportation, soul manipulation, life force absorption, energy/matter manipulation, power bestowal, and opening portals. Seals the Eye of Agamotto, which by his own admission, is one of the most powerful and unique mystical artefacts across all the worlds. He's been bested by lesser beings more than once in his own realm while he had the Flames of Regency. Bound Zom's hands in the chains of living bondage. 0. Destroys the Drydock HQ of the Guardians of the Galaxy when he invaded their timeline.. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.