The same applies to the oath of conquest.

With the announcement of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, Dungeons and Dragons presented a new paladin oath or promise, which is known as 5e Oath of Conquest. My idea currently is having a White Dragonborn Viking like that wants his own kingdom.

I'll be playing a Large Dragonborn Half-dragon (3/4 Dragon, homebrew). It really depends on what magical items the party runs across and which ones your character can pick up. When i read this i instantly thought vegeta ... but thats just me... proud strong spreading his might.

Terror can stop a territory. The two figures below are intelligence, and which is not the baseline for a fight (which, in this case, is deftness). I had a similar Fallen Aasimar Conqueror/Hexblade, Varis was their name, although they chose their pact deliberately, and were morally a bit twisted well before that. I look foward to play my oath of conquest paladin... :), "...the absence of war does not mean peace..", My own (growing) set of Homebrew subclasses, Born in Italy, moved a bunch, living in Spain, my heart always belonged to Roleplaying Games. I'm kind of waiting when the whole roster of harbor thieves is in the gallows and I get to go "We have to get them out - no one but me has right to kill them.". especially if you take the dragonfear aura feat. You keep order, and if someone breaks the law, retribution must be swift to make people think that breaking the law is a bad idea. Current campaigns - DM -  Tomb of Annihilation home game. Make it clear they won't get away, and people as a whole will be safer. That was before I told him I was going Oath of Conquest (he thought I was going oath of devotion) so I may have a demonic ally on my side that I can use and not worry about breaking my oath. This worked nicely to the Oath of Conquest. Paladin/bard in general is a decent combo, if not quite as synergistic as pally/sorcerer or pally/warlock, and there's a good thematic fit between conquerors and whisperers.

Life is not a gift, it is a loan.". I'll add a little from the other side. In his view, he sees this Conquest Paladin as a warped perversion of what an Oath represents, which is to protect innocent people from murderers...and right now, this Conquest Paladin is stacking up a pretty nasty body count of civilians. to expand is to ascend. The question becomes what kinds of limits does that character place on him/herself in order to not become a reflection of the very evil that they claim to be fighting. The Conquest paladin may not believe that people are essentially evil, but they don't believe that they are essentially good either. Its a classic dragon trick. There's a couple ways to do this. Don't have to be good or evil to conquer, just have to feel righteous enough about it. It's secrets, pain of loss, merciless truths used as sharp knives. a little more tongue-in-cheek opener. Point out that you're making your oath to someone who's NOT evil.

The adventure will pass in Eberron, 8000 years Before the Lament, in the "time of monsters". Spiritual Weapon will let you really capitalize on having a Shield or a Great Weapon. Two, the Oath of Conquest is actually not that different from what police do. Oath of Conquest definitely has a Lawful Evil leaning by default, but that Leaning isn't at all a hard and fast rule, particularly on the good/evil axis.

Though it was always my progression plan, in-character Varis swore the pact with the hexblade after falling in battle against a lich & his construct minions. ©2020 D&D Beyond | All Rights Reserved | Powered by Fandom Games. Also, while strength and charisma are both definitely important for paladins, this paladin definitely wants to get its charisma as high as possible so that the saving throw enemies have to make against its channel divinity and spells is high. Assuming the next generation's heroes are strong enough to stop them in the first place. Players can comfortably place this score between 10 and 12. To the OP's question: one of the easier way to smooth over the heavy-handed enforcer feel of the Conquest Paladin is to play the character as Fighting the Greater Evil. Then, knowledge arises in fourth place for significance. If you use the Point Buy for Ability Scores, the Paladin can start at character creation with 16/8/14/8/10/16 or 16/8/16/8/8/16. Life is not a gift, it is a loan.". As of the release of Xanathar's Guide to Everything, there is an official version of the Oath of Conquest.

The Oath Of Conquest calls to Paladins, who find magnificence in a fight and the defeat of their opponents.

In time, Varis was sure, the good they achieved would earn back their patron's approval, and in the mean time the more fearsom aspect caused by the disapproval tainting their bond only contributed to his ability to intimidate and bully the mortal's into line. Idiot like all of the paladins.There's no specific group he sees as the enemy needed to control, as a Paladin of Shar, I concentrate on learning where to play nice and where to just walk too close and tell people that now they're doing what I say. Paladins acquire a ton of features from his immoral class, but his sub-classes have a lot to provide.