Made 2 of these the other day. MATERIALS USED: is a list of all the parts, a video to view over and over, and step by step instructions. Arm Tie-In: Hi, Karlah! Use 2-1/2” exterior decking screws. Seat Slats: Step by step diagrams and instructions about outdoor furniture plans. The cushions in the image seem be be of different sizes. Attach the seat framing to the arms with 2-1/2” exterior screws, through the arm tie-in boards. I built this over the weekend. @MrsAjj - The cushion size depends on how large you decide to build your couch so measure yours to be sure. Thank you. Arm Middle: 18V ONE+ HP COMPACT BRUSHLESS 1/2" DRILL/DRIVER KIT, Furniture, This allows me to use seat cushions for the back instead of pillows. Perfect for outdoor entertaining or just simply relaxing! The Images and the downloadable blue prints are still missing. It is my next project after planting season is over! Find ways to save money, create some quality furniture, and learn a lot about simple building techniques along the way. Build two arms. Now we just have to finish (protect) them, and make some cushions for them. I hope you feature this design on your website with the sketchup illustrations. I hope this helps. Wish she would include the measurements of the cushions she used so it would have been easier to find. We used cushions like this from Home Depot for ours: With just some 2x4 boards, you could be seating in style this summer! Attach another 25-½” long board to the center of the arm, 14” up from bottom, with 2-½” exterior decking screws. With just some 2x4 boards, you could be seating in style this summer! If you build the couch, we'd sure like to see it! (7) Cedar 2x4s (2) Pressure Treated 2x4s (20) 48″ Cedar Fence Pickets (1) Cedar 1×2; 2 1/2″ Exterior Pocket Hole Screws; For the complete cutlist and sofa dimensions, grab the free downloadable plans below! The best part of the project is that you can adjust the size and the design of the sofa … One says you need 9 at 72" and the other one says you need 11 at 72". Have you pre drilled guide holes before each screw? Any recs on good places to find cushions? Which one should i follow to avoid waist? . @DIY_Diva we have fixed the links. Took me about 5 1/2 hours from start to finish (for both). Should i buy a mattress pad or something to put underneath the cushions or should i just buy firmer cushions. @dickblazer we have fixed the link so you should be able to download now! Kmm4 - Did you find cushions? **Exclusive Feature**: Standard outdoor cushions? What do you suggest? 101PalletIdeas shared this amazing DIY upholstered sectional sofa tutorial which is a great alternative to the luxurious furniture which costs you a fortune. Nice! Can you confirm which it is? You can use 24 x 24 inch cushions for the bottom or 25 x 25" (which will be just a smidge big, according to what Ana White said on one of her videos). Thanks for the plans!! Karlah, they were so expensive! Hah, the cushions would have cost just as much as a brand new seat with cushions, kind of frustrating. @ahmed-omran2018 did you try clicking on the hyperlink that says "click here". Click the blue link at the top, or paste this into your browser:, Hi, The above Materials says you need 11 2x4 @ 72 inches and the downloadable plans say you need 9 2x4 @72inches. Just attach 5 of the 25-1/2” long 2x4s to 2 of the 72” long 2x4s, spacing about 16” apart. Modern style meets DIY cool in this sturdy cedar sofa! Cut Your Boards: The Perfect Outdoor Sofa The Shape. (1) Moved the rear beam back 6 inches and added 2 vertical supports. We’ll use this board to tie into the seat framing in the next step. Exterior Spaces, Click here to download Ana White's blueprints for this How-To! Attach the final 72” long 2x4 board to the tops of the arms, at the back. (2) Added some diagonal supports to connect the legs to the center frame for rigidity. Expanding Round Dining Table Free Plans August 9, 2020. (3) Used plywood for the seat instead of 2x4s, was going to add hinges so I could swing the seat up to store stuff under it, but just screwed it down instead. Build Seat Frame: What good is it to me if some one else does S. I cannot see any pictures or how to download this project...would love the plans and instructions with photos? Excited. I made mine in redwood which looks very pretty with all the different colors and patterns in it. I made a version of this today and I am very happy with the finished product. Couches and other patio furniture is so expensive and made cheaply! **Exclusive Feature**: all the work, then I've learned nothing. Make your dream patio a reality with these free DIY patio furniture plans that will help you build everything you need for a patio you won't want to leave. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Hi, Ana. And to use this plan to measure out for a chair or two. @DIY_Diva - We only have a finished image for this project. All we need now is some one to say over and over " look what I made", Hello everyone - the plans for Ana's Outdoor Couch are now downloadable in Step 1 of the How-To (just make sure you are logged in to RYOBI Nation to view! Modern style meets DIY cool in this sturdy cedar sofa! Built it! Hi!...My daughter and I just built this!!! I can't wait until I can make this for our deck! Since this is an outdoor couch, do you have instructions on how to weatherproof the wood?