Your IP: takes steps to address potential of Coronavirus, 3/05/20 - Legislative Session - March 2020, 2/20/20 - Orange Works Job Fair February 25th in Port Jervis, 2/18/20 - Faggione Supports First Responders Privacy and Protection, 2/18/20 - Faggione Opposes Thruway and Bridge Merger, 2/06/20 - Legislative Session - February 2020, 2/03/20 - Legislator Faggione's 5th Annual All American B-B-Q March 22nd, 1/27/20 - Faggione Named to NYSAC Intergovernmental Committee, 1/10/20 - Faggione Named Chairman of Legislative Rules Committee, 12/19/19 - End of Year Session of the Orange County Legislature, 12/13/19 - Healthy Orange Program to receive $90,000 in Funding, 12/10/19 - Legislator Faggione Opposes Dangerous Bail Reforms, 11/14/19 - New York By Rail Highlights Port Jervis, 11/13/19 - Special Session of the Orange County Legislature, 11/12/19 - Orange Works to host Job Fair November 22nd in Port Jervis, 11/12/19 - Transportation Council Seeks Public Input on Plan, 10/29/19 - MTA Seeks Artwork for Port Jervis Station, 10/25/19 - Faggione Supports School Bus Safety Law, 10/02/19 - Legislative Session - October 2019, 09/13/19 - Faggione opposes State Plate Plan, 09/04/19 - Faggione opposes Albany Unfunded Mandates, 09/03/19 - Legislative Session - September 2019, 07/02/19 - Legislative Session - July 2019, 06/17/19 - Orange County Legislative Rules Committee Agenda - June 2019 Meeting, 06/10/19 - Applications being accepted for Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff Exam, 06/03/19 - Orange Works Job Fair June 25th in Port Jervis, 06/01/19 - County to host Hazardous Waste Clean Up Days, 06/01/19 - Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff Exam slated for 2019, 04/10/19 - Orange County Legislative Rules Committee Meeting - April 2019, 04/09/19 - Town of Mount Hope Spring Clean Up - April 2019, 04/09/19 - Town of Deerpark Bulk Clean Up - May 2019, 04/02/19 - Legislative Session - April 2019, 03/19/19 - Public Hearing on County Comprehensive Plan, 03/05/19 - Legislator Faggione's All American B-B-Q April 28th, 02/27/19 - Public Hearing on County Comprehensive Plan, 02/22/19 - Faggione votes Yes to CSEA Five Year Contract, 02/21/19 - Chief Worden Named to Police Advisory Board, 02/06/19 - Faggione Secures Funding for Playground. The exam is a multi-sectional test that may include one or more of the seven aptitude areas and a biographical inventory listed below. Our sample tests also yield a familiarity with the types of questions you will face. The policies that apply to the County of Orange Official Web Portal may not be the same as the terms of use for other web sites. To further increase your chances of passing the test, you should find out the requirements in your state. Search Website. To prevent putting anyone in any unnecessary danger, it has been mandated that all potential candidates satisfy the fitness requirements prior to moving forward in the hiring process. Santa Ana College-Admissions and Records Office (S-Bldg.) On their own, foot chases and subduing bad guys might not sound like such a big deal. The applicant must be able to push a Newport Beach Police Vehicle 10 feet, 4. Each exercise can be timed or have a set number of repetitions that need to be performed. Only the most qualified candidates will be selected to endure the harsh demands of daily police work. The tests, known as the Physical Ability Test or PAT, is made up of a wide variety of exercises and is extremely regulated. • On the day of the test, it’s best to perform as if your life actually depends on passing it. Deputy sheriff requirements are the same as entry-level police officers throughout the U.S. You will need to have acquired a high school diploma or GED. We provide a complete test preparation system focused on establishing a successful exam experience.