I am using aqua battery app for battery health and it is showing 82% battery can b charge only. You could use Accu Battery and let it run in the background for a few days. Battery health is a big deal—perhaps now more than ever, with the whole iPhone slowdown debacle. I found it to be quite accurate on my Pixel but way off on my OP6T. While that in itself doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on Android phones, keeping your device’s battery health in mind is never a bad idea. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. On the next screen, you will see the Battery Capacity, Temperature, and more stats. If you find your OnePlus phone no longer lasting as long as it should, there are several reasons for this, and battery health is one of them. it's not just OnePlus, every oem locks at least 10 percent of they're battery for the sake of the battery's health and users safety Which is quite weired. The software runs on all OnePlus Android 6.0 or above smartphones. One your phone download the OnePlus Diagnostic apk file. Note: Make sure that install unknown APK is enabled on your phone. I currently have 33% with an Screen On Time of 2 H and 30mins. YMMV, Check this app https://i.imgur.com/PqsclQi.png, https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-5/themes/app-oneplus-diagnostic-t3876426. But if it’s not available on your device, you can manually install it. which phone are you on? I've used it on different devices and it's more accurate on some than others. Cookies help us deliver our Services. To check the battery health of your OnePlus device, after you have installed the OnePlus Diagnostic app. I currently have 33% with an Screen On Time of 2 H and 30mins. After installing oneplus diagnosis apps its show my Battery health is only 92%. By the way, the OnePlus Care app also has a section where users can check their battery health, but it uses qualitative ratings, not percentages, and it's used more for insurance services.. Checking the Battery Health Using OnePlus Diagnostic App. It shows mine to be healthy 82%. 90% chance it is a rogue app you installed recently and not a battery problem if you aren't an heavy user , the last 10% is a battery misconception but I doubt it would happen if you did not get your phone recently. Wb you guys? it's not just OnePlus, every oem locks at least 10 percent of they're battery for the sake of the battery's health and users safety, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. We are going to use OnePlus Diagnostic app here to check OnePlus smartphone battery health. Should i replace it with new one? OnePlus Diagnostic is an official app from the company that helps you to check the health of the battery of your OnePlus phone running OxygenOS. This means that it works on all OnePlus released smartphones, including onePlus 3. My phones battery health is at 94% and the battery is at least 1 year old. For this article, we will assume that the app is not installed on your device to cover all the bases. The place for discussing OnePlus and their products. The app is called OnePlus Diagnostic and it is only available on the Chinese support site. Is there any way to check battery health? In any case, it would be best if you posted a screenshot of detailed battery consumptions for normal and system app, http://imgur.com/a/6KrN7Mo here they are. I bought my oneplus 8T yesterday and charge it only once. Is there any way to check battery health? My phone is getting fucking hot aswell, You can try accubattery. Check Battery Health on OnePlus Devices. Check Battery Health on OnePlus Smartphones and let us know whether you need a battery switch or not. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This app is pre-installed in OpePlus Devices, if you do not have it installed in your phone, then install this app. Launch the app from the app drawer and tap the DETECT NOW button. Tap the My Devices -> Battery to check the battery health status, out OnePlus 8 shows Good health. OnePlus announces new Optimized Charging feature to save battery health. Always use the provided Warp/Dash charger. Access Your OnePlus/OPPO Device’s “Hidden” Hardware Diagnostic Tests. ( OnePlus 6T ). Press J to jump to the feed. Users of the OnePlus 8T have been noting that the OnePlus Diagnostic app seems to be showing an inaccurate battery health status. Open the app, and under the Battery capacity section, click on the View Battery Status option.. The thing is, there isn’t an easy or built-in way to check your battery health on Android. To check battery health on your OnePlus smartphone, we will use the OnePlus Diagnostic app.