Offloads some RSX operations to a secondary thread. But i could reduce the stuttering or even completly remove it by switching the gfdSpursCellSpursKernal1 to 0x00000001 during these cutscenes., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. No additional settings ticked. CPU: Intel i5 6600k @3.5GHz (TSX enabled), RAM: 16GB DDR4 (Don't remember the speed but I remember that it isn't good, could be around 1900). Thanks for the info, I sent it his way and he said he'd put it on his site when it's up and running.!VexX3CaA!kpLCXLEehFv07...vySz6pID38. I've read a lot that these settings and methods that I use DO NOT work for i7s, if you want stuff that pertains to them, user @Asinine_ provided some info that I've included below. Sets the used keyboard layout. Hey all! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Wait, does that mean the DCMA from atlus didn't stop whoever was making it? Press J to jump to the feed. With this I get around 10-20 in low FPS areas with lots of people, but there's no stutter in-game or in cutscenes so I find it's playable. These are the settings I found worked best for me. Do not touch this setting if you are unsure. Everytime I launch Persona 5, around 5-6 minutes into the game, the emulator completely freezes and I have to close it from task manager. By having this off you might obtain a higher frame rate at the cost of tearing artifacts in the game. Target buffer duration in milliseconds. An exception to the above rule would be Preferred SPU Threads where a value or range can be provided to identify the … I'm also going to assume you already have the emulator, the PS3 update, and Persona 5 downloaded and installed correctly, and now you're trying to make it playable. It's still amazing what they've already done though. Other games will switch language automatically to what is selected here. Did you ever find a fix?? RPCS3 Emulator set-up guide (used to play Persona 5 on PC!) Hello, I have recently downloaded RPCS3 and started using it. If set to Connected, RPCS3 will allow programs to use our internet connection. Disable this if the cache becomes too large. You can access these settings by going to the folder with the RPCS3 exe and opening up the config file with Notepad++, it should be noted that this is the general config settings for all games, but each game can also have it's own config folder (will be created if you change that game's settings in the GUI), this can be accessed by right clicking Persona 5 in RPCS3 and selecting the open config folder option. Camera support is not implemented, leave this on null. I'll try to include as much information as possible in the hopes to help as many different hardware setups as I can. Required for some Homebrew. DNS: DNS used to resolve hostname by applications. Does anyone know of trustworthy/safe sites or links to the game so can play it? Seen many people with quad cores (with and without HT) running it, Ok but buy the game seriously don’t play it for free, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Disables running occlusion queries. You'll have to do the 0x80000000 thing each time you launch the game, but I haven't found an instance where I had to do it afterwards (like mid session). Disables RSX FIFO optimizations completely. 07-04-2019, 09:38 PM - #1. Off is the best option as it performs faster. This is not an official guide, but it does hold a lot of information and fixes that can help you if you are having trouble with performance. Overrides the aspect ratio and stretches the image to the full display area. Can resolve rare cases of missing graphics and flickering. IP/Host switches: DNS Swap List. May improve performance in some cases, especially on systems with limited number of hardware threads. Should normally stay enabled. Using the following setting, sometimes helps (and improves performance), Hey, I'm trying this right now and it's not working.. is there more help? Scales the game's resolution by the given percentage of the base resolution set in the above option. Now it's time for the juicy fix, this is what made the game actually playable and got rid of that annoying audio stutter. Log In Sign Up. Automatically removes older files from disk cache on boot if it grows larger than the specified value. Persona 5 sudden freeze Started by TheDarkMen_2. Subscribe to this thread. This'd be great on the EmulatePersona website that's being worked on. OpenAL uses a cross-platform approach and supports audio buffering, so it is the recommended option. So open up RPCS3 and under the "View" tab make sure the debugger is checked. edit: A video of the debug fix, I'd read the text first though:, @Asinine_ provided some info regarding i7s, they said "If spu loop detection works properly than [the debug] method isn't needed at all, months back we tried to avoid people using this method because for a lot of users with high thread counts it didn't help at all and there was a lot of misinformation and it just became all too confusing for users on how to set the game up.". Minor to moderate performance boost. Sometimes it still stutters and I have to pause and run it again. Something else I've read is if you have a CPU without TSX it can cause stuttering in RPCS3, I can't confirm this but I've read it an awful lot so I assume it's true. Community for Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal Do not post P5R spoilers outside of the megathread Persona 5 is … Press J to jump to the feed. The thing is, every time there is a map animation (bottom-right corner), there are some graphical glitches/artifacts: I absolutely love playing Persona 5 on this emulator, but I seem to have hit a wall here. Refer to the linked pull request for a detailed description on why this setting was removed. Really? Some games may fail to boot if the system language is not available in the game itself. The button used for enter/accept/confirm in system dialogs. Does anyone have the config file of the settings? This worked for me and it's what I did based on my research and testing. Might result in degraded performance in some games. Next thing are my settings, again I can't stress enough that this was done with an i5 and with my hardware. Vulkan is the fastest renderer while OpenGL is the most accurate renderer. This means you are able to activate and disable mods with ease; if you didn’t use the Mod Compendium, you would be stuck creating a data.cpk dump, editing the game’s actual files, then re-packing the data.cpk. Limits the maximum number of SPURS threads in each thread group. If this happens run the thread that's causing it (usually 1 or 5) so it unfreezes until you are in game, once you're in-game, pause and run it until you are on 0x80000000, keep doing this and eventually it'll stay on 0x80000000 and not freeze or stutter, shouldn't take more than a few tries. (Re-upload because I missed a crucial step) Will try this emulator this evening and wanna get P5 working on it :). This setting is only applied when SPU LLVM is active. Leave this on 16:9 unless you have a 4:3 monitor. This process would become … I'll change it back to 720, and edit that in the post, but I'm curious what the consquences are for doing 1080p instead of 720p. Thread Modes. Accept and Continue. Basic will work in these cases. User account menu. Buffer fill level (in percentage) below which time stretching will start. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. Community for Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal Games can use the cache folder to temporarily store data outside of system memory. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Enable this option if the game has broken shadows. Perhaps it's related to that. Uses stereo audio output instead of default 7.1 surround sound. Runs SPU threads with lower priority than PPU threads. Increasing this value might fix problems with missing graphics when upscaling, especially when Write Color Buffers is enabled. This doesn't seem to happen often, and isn't too hard to fix. Disables the vertex cache. Thanks again pretty easy fix. PSN Status: Disconnected: If set to Simulated, RPCS3 will fake PSN connection as best as it can. Anyway when I heard about rpcs3 a few months ago I gave it a shot to see if I could play Persona 5 again and it was working ok-ish. Draws are processed as they are received by the DMA puller.