The new 1915 (c) Supports Waiver began on July 1, 2020. Please submit all claim research and inquires to the following email boxes: These boxes are checked throughout normal business hours and we will be able to address any issues in a timely manner as has been our standard practice. Log in to the provider portal. Attention providers – Important PY2020 information: State Plan Flexibilities; Using Section 1115 Demonstrations for Disaster Response; Home & Community-Based Services in Public Health Emergencies; Federal … After January 1, 2019, you will continue to be supported by Molina Healthcare for Claims with service dates on or before Dec. 31, 2018. events. We will also be transferring medical records, authorizations, and other information to their new MCO. LOG IN. PROVIDER ENROLLMENT. Molina Healthcare of New Mexico, Inc. was not selected to provide Medicaid services beginning January 1, 2019. P.O. It informed them of the changes and what they need to do chose another Centennial Care MCO for January 1, 2019. We will provide service and support for this line of business to both our Members and Providers. Log in to the member portal They will continue to receive health care services and prescription drug coverage with Molina Healthcare through December 31, 2018. PROVIDER ENROLLMENT. We have business continuity plans in place to serve our clients, health care providers, patients and communities while also protecting our staff and minimizing the spread of the illness. Box 22801 The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly evolving. Self-Directed Provider Training; Medicaid Claims Handling for Medicaid Members ; Annual Cultural Competency Training is required by the New Mexico Human Services Department for all providers contracted within a New Mexico Medicaid network, like Blue Cross Community Centennial. The New Mexico Web Portal extends the business capabilities of Medicaid program providers by offering user-friendly tools and resources electronically. If you have any issues, please follow our troubleshooting guide below. Presbyterian Health Plan and Blue Cross Community Centennial will continue to be Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and Western Sky Community Care will be a new MCO contracted with the State to provide services starting January 1, 2019. Our regional office is located in Albuquerque, NM. LOG IN. Log in to the member portal. July 6, 2020: New 1915 (c) Supports Waiver This document lists the forms, information and documentation needed to substantiate medical necessity. Molina Healthcare of New Mexico, Inc. was not selected to provide Medicaid services beginning January 1, 2019. Claim Submission: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Payer ID: 09824 Due to COVID-19, the 1915c Waiver Level of Care (LOC) Reminder Letters will not be sent out. March 19, 2020: COVID-19 and Business Continuity During the current COVID-19 emergency, Comagine Health is fully staffed and business operations are not interrupted. Molina Healthcare will also continue to provide support to you and answer questions you have relative to Centennial Care in a “business as usual” format through August 31, 2019. Registered users may Log In to access the following interactive features of the portal: Currently enrolled providers can register for portal access using Web Registration. Data Analytics; Expanding Coverage ; Exchange Innovators; Federally Facilitated Marketplace; Value-Based Purchasing; Disaster Response Toolkit. To avoid this, please use a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or update Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. This will assist the New Mexico Human Services Department (HSD), the New Mexico Governor's Office and the New Mexico Department of Health (DOH) in directing Medicaid clients, and all New Mexicans seeking care, to a provider/facility who can provide immediate assistance. You can also find a link to this document on the Provider Resources page under the “Provider Checklists” heading. Learn more about the resources available to providers for COVID-19. The benefits and services listed in the Member Handbook will be available through that date. We are proud to have served New Mexico’s Medicaid population for over 20 years and value your partnering with us to provide quality healthcare. We use cookies on our website. Careers session node:: env: syst: DB: MMIS DB: Claims tcn:91918900001200002 Edit Recreate PDF Temp Timeout Test Timeout to 1 second Test Timeout to 10 seconds Test Timeout to 30 seconds Timeout: writeToLog. This Uniform Prior Authorization Form replaces MAD forms 301, 303 and 616 as of January 1, 2020. Step 1 – Go to the Molina New Mexico Medicaid Provider Portal official login page via our official link below. December 7, 2018: Qualis Health Now Reviewing ABA Prior Authorization Requests »view supplements to the MAD New Mexico Administrative Code program rules, DC Medicaid - Nursing Facility QI Collaborative, Washington Practice Transformation Support Hub, Award of Excellence in Healthcare Quality, Alaska Medicaid - Division of Health Care Services, Applied Behavior Analysis Provider Checklist, Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Provider Checklist, quick start guide for submitting Home and Community-Based waiver Level of Care documents, Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), Utilization Management Review for Fee-for-Service (FFS). Please enter all the mandatory fields for the form to be submitted, For questions or comments about your coverage, or for more information, please, Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Resources / Disability Resources, Opioid Safety Provider Education Resources, [email protected],, Molina Healthcare Medical Insurance Marketplace. The NMHC provider portal is no longer available. User would initiate search by selecting one of the following … New Mexico Medicaid Portal … From the date of service for I/T/Us to submit any claim. Click here to access the Provider Portal. To contact an MCO or the Conduent Provider Relations Help Desk, please call: 505-322-2360 Welcome to the New Mexico Medicaid Portal. True Health New Mexico has different portals to fit our members’ and partners’ need. Viewing the site in Internet Explorer will cause functionality and security issues across the site. Toll-Free: 1-855-808-3568. Instead, a reminder call will be placed to the waiver participants. The New Mexico Medicaid Out of State Service Request Checklist has been revised as of April 2020. Log in to the employer portal. Welcome to the New Mexico Medicaid Portal. May 13, 2020: Updated Out of State Service Request Checklist ... process to apply for privileges within our Presbyterian Delivery System of eight hospitals and many clinics throughout New Mexico. We want to share some important information regarding Molina Healthcare’s Centennial Care health plan and your contract with Molina to service Members. Qualis Health strives to improve and advance the efficiency, economy, effectiveness and quality of healthcare services provided to enrolled New Mexico Medicaid recipients. Molina Healthcare will meet all regulatory requirements regarding notification to the State of New Mexico Human Services Department (HSD) of terminated providers for Centennial Care through regular communication as needed.