The mute button is in the line. I disabled Teams, mute button works again. Samsung A5 2017 The button on my headphones stoped working after phones system updated a few weeks ago. I need to be muted while I'm still listening. If you have it connected to a console, it’s a hit or miss from there. Edit: thanks so much for all the responses! Audio is fine too. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. During a Teams audio meeting, need to be able to control my mute status with my headset's physical mute button, like I can on Skype for Business. With Teams Open, I can MUTE, but the Unmute does not work on my Blackwire C320. I opened ticket with MS... gave them background and all pertinent info. And all 6 latches on the earcups have broken off from wear and tear over the past 10 months (It's stored on a ST100 headset stand in its downtime). However, one of my clients does have full PSTN service (phone system) and it's not working there either.. Microsoft Agent or Holding button for 15 secs etc. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Here is a link to a summary of devices that have some known issues: i am using the splitter the headset came with. What does that even mean? Unfortunately, our current global configuration requires use of 'island' mode. Work fine on laptop when connected via Logitech's dongle. The last message I recieved from Jabra, was that it looks like a Microsoft issue, so to wait for an update to resolve it. I just got a Virtuoso SE Headset a few days ago and the mic just never muted at all, not on PC, Xbox One, or on my phone. You can give it a try, un-mute the icon on your MS Teams, press the mute button on your headset, you should hear a descending beep which indicates it is muted, say something, the others should not hear you, press the mute button again, you should hear an ascending beep indicating it is un-muted, say something, the others should now hear you. Microsoft global customer service number. I replaced it by a Jabber Evolve because I didn't have to dig through computer screens to open from MS Teams. Tried on 2 laptops and they are the same. I have the same problem and have not found a fix. What signal the Jabra is being presented that is causing it's awareness would require ID by MS. ". Go to Solution. This prevents me from using it in other applications. Hi @Mike Zinsmeister, We're sorry to hear that microphone mute button on your Wireless Headset Dual H820e stopped working and based on your description that the issue carries on two different computers, then it proves that the issue is due to malfunction. My Jabra 75 has worked flawlessly for 6 months and latest Teams update seems to have broken the call pickup and hangup button. 9 hours ago. Client is getting irked and wants out, and I don't blame them at this point. :), Teams call controls on jabra headset not working, Re: Teams call controls on jabra headset not working. I am having the same issue. If the blue light is still flashing, it means that the headset has not been turned off successfully, please try to turn off again. When Teams is open, mute/unmute doesn't work on the Cisco apps with our Plantronics headsets (C320, C520). just bought this headset. Hello, I have a H800 headset which I bought thinking it was compatible with Skype, however, the mute button does not work during Skype calls; it won't mute/unmute the Skype app nor the headset itself. Possible workaround: Run Skype for Business (no need to login, just leave it running). We use the Plantronics Blackwire 520. 01:23 AM. Whenever Teams is running but NOT in a meeting, my headset (Plantronics Blackwire C435) will not unmute. Anybody using an H820e headset, ever have the mute button suddenly stop working? I can manually unmute from the Plantronics Hub however. REALLY hope that there will be some kind of interest in fixing this .. After moving from Teams mode: "Island mode" to "Teams Only" most of our office clients (including my own) are working. I blame both Windows and app developers for not working harder to use the Bluetooth cell phone profile work. when i toggle the mute switch, my mic isn't muted. Connect and engage across your organization. Do you have any suggestions to sort this problem or is it a case of waiting and hoping for a new software update that will resolve the issue at some point in the future? DConrad0. Just checked that mute button works with the provided USB-hub, not with the bluetooth enabled. I have no clue if the light is busted or something . Mic is unresponsive. @MaWestThank you for the suggestion. Just came to request this specific thing since we've started using more Teams meetings to replace Skype meetings. Regards. Current hypothesis is island mode isn't supported at all now (which, I still say there is a problem, as they did work with that tenant at least a few mos back). I'm all for 'move fast and break things' not 'move fast, break things, gaslight customers by claiming they never worked, blame customer, ignore issue'... by Running MS Teams Version (64-Bit) and latest Plantronics Firmware and Plantronics HUB Software all seems to work now: unmuting works again. Pressing the button makes the unmute sound, but it does not unmute. This feature request has been completed and is available to the public. Solved! Aside from the mute button, everything else continues working as expected. I've been in touch with Jabra support for last few days and reviewed all settings, but they have concluded it's nothing to do with the headset (as it works fine on my softphone client), and must be a Microsoft problem. Same issue. Not to mention how much the pad material itself retains oil from oily hair even if you clean it (and your hair. Headsets. I tested Jabra 9470 and logitech BCC950 from test account using test call from my clients tenant that was PSTN enabled, controls seemed to work (teams native mode). share. Did the usual, upgraded jabra xpress, upgraded FW in headset/USB dongle.. no change. The same device works perfectly when I'm using Skype for Business or MS Teams on mobile app. I also bought an H800 headset as it 'work with skype' but the mute controls do not connect to skype nor MS teams.