so that they can be placed where they are needed the most. My boys are perfect ...the boys have been a wonderful addition to our family. Profits from adoptions now go to farm animal shelters, sanctuaries and rescue organisations in Australia. Breeders of quality purebred registered White Galloway Cattle and American Miniature Horses. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; If you want to use non chemical or organic alternatives there are a few available. When we receive an email with a bank receipt for the deposit we withdraw the cattle from sale. addy5c6832721dda42f4174574d6ac86a0ad = addy5c6832721dda42f4174574d6ac86a0ad + 'miniaturegalloway' + '.' + 'com' + '.' + 'au'; Banjo has his very own email address stamped on his hoof. The progeny can only be registered as pure bred when they reach the Australian Galloway Association pure bred standards. Please contact us to obtain written consent. Typically, affected animals are only sick for a few days, hence the alternative name - Three Day Sickness. Contact and Care: At least once or twice a week, look carefully at your miniature cattle and run your hands all over them. Just three minutes from the heritage town of Historic Braidwood, on Stoneleigh Farm, in southern NSW, Australia. This is, of course, due to their fabulous upbringing with you, for which I thank you.  If a large number of paralysis ticks get on a larger calf and stay on that one calf, this may well kill the calf. The DNA testing of any herd member is welcomed. Miniature White Galloways are, in our opinion, the best breed of miniature cattle in Australia. If you have very young, small calves (younger than 3 months old) check them for paralysis ticks just like you would a dog. Our calf adoption proceeds go to farm animals shelters and sanctuaries. We will hold cattle for a maximum of 21 days from the payment of a deposit - unless other arrangements are made at the time of sale. They will also often have color on their poll, tail, and udder. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Our aim with this breeding program is to have top quality, small pure bred cattle. These cattle are extremely docile, very attractive and incredibly hardy. var addye867753ae90b54b2656b5d034a1c584e = 'contact' + '@'; These will be pure bred Miniature White Galloway cattle that can claim top quality genetics. To be clear, the details of graded cattle are 'listed' or 'recorded' with the Galloway Association, as opposed to being registered (as is the case of full blood and pure bred cattle). Check your cattle regularly and then you'll know when something is not quite right. If buyers cannot organise transport for the pickup date, we reserve the right to return the deposit. Downloading any of the pages of this website for the purposes of distribution is not permitted. Most miniature cattle are perfect if you want cattle that: 1. At 2.5 mL per 100kg live body weight a subcutaneous injection will protect cattle from Tick Fever for a four week period (Imizol is a good alternative when introducing to, or transporting through tick areas). Alternatively, if you only have one large paddock you can divide it into three. Make sure you will have enough feed for the calves as they grow and that you have a plan for their future. They are renowned for their mothering ability, producing enough rich milk to wean a large and healthy calf or two. Julia telling Magic how clever she is one week later. Roll call at Wingham - Toto, Nutmeg, August, Banjo (bull) and Grace. Our cows and calves are rarely separated from one another, which means they are generally happy and it allows us to enjoy the wonder of the 'whole herd' experience. Get to know other people in your area with cattle. Our Galloway cows are renown for ease of calving. So, we will already have the contact details of a number of people who are well prepared to look after these cattle. Keep in mind that our property is known locally as 'cute cattle paradise'. Are environmentally friendly. Unfortunately extreme weather conditions in early 2011 put that on hold. + 'au?subject=Miniature%20Galloway%20Website'; We have started using homeopathic drops for Buffalo Fly and are now waiting to see the results next season (homeopathic drops from Heal With Ease). Meet Banjo the smallest Miniature White Galloway bull in Australia. Once you have seen cow or bull suffering from Tick Fever, you can be sure it is not something you will ever want to see again. Perfect for cow cuddling, our beautiful GOLD CREEK Miniature White Galloway cattle are born and bred for first-time livestock owners, by first-time livestock owners. 8. Strong enough to ignore or make a mess of your fences (if the fences are not well maintained or they don't have at least one live electric strand). There was a very limited number of these gorgeous calves made and we believe every single one is precious. We breed these beautiful animals for the sheer pleasure of it. Register your animals (Read our registration rules), Association address:PO Box 309Hall, ACT, 2618, President: Greg StuartWithin Australia: 02 6230 2536International: +61 2 6230 2536. A heifer with a deadly looking weaning ring in her nose - looks cruel but is kind. Calf adoption supports farm animal shelters in Australia. Conditions of Sale: Selling our cattle is not our first priority. She is beautiful to look at, gentle as they come, well built and a wonderful mother to her babies. + 'au?subject=Adoption%20Visits'; Shade for the cattle in the middle of the day is a must and it is a bonus if their water can be in the shade. var addya463c755eb096c30d3a88913983becb5 = 'info' + '@'; Do you also want beautiful small white cattle that: 1. COPYRIGHT: © 2020 Suzanne Baker. Technically speaking, until the cattle in our breeding program reach pure bred status, they are referred to as Miniature White Galloway listed 'grades'. Selling heifer & bull calves; rising yearling and rising 2 yo heifers They usually arrive within the week. Training our cattle as AAT co-workers is a source of great pride. Periodically, we check in with the wonderful people who take our miniature cattle home with them. One in four are born all black and some are born all white (like Misha). We will be able to help people who would like to buy our amazing females late next year (September 2021 at the earliest). If the buyer cannot organise safe transport on the pickup date, we reserve the right to return the deposit. We often subsidise the price of our highly trained Animal-Assisted Therapy cattle. The 2011 calves seemed impossibly small at birth, but they are all growing up strong and lively. Talk to your vet or a farmer who lives near you about these things. Our cattle are all small; they are all cute, and they are all very, very user-friendly. Please contact us by email to obtain written consent. We are a small family breeding stock farm nestled into the mountains of central New Hampshire. Payment in full is made on or before pick up or delivery takes place during that three-week period. This enables the new owners of this little plush to email the Cuddle Cow Carers anytime too. One of the many joys of breeding these beautiful little white cattle is the number of wonderful people we have been lucky enough to meet through our cattle. Check us out - over 200 short GOLD CREEK videos. Pick Up & Delivery: Our miniatures will walk on and off your horse float or stock trailer - no fuss.