Anyone know how/if I can add the Instagram icon to my shop page so that it can be clicked on and linked to the IG page? But, have you ever thought of considering it as a priority in […] 5 Things You Need To Know About Instagram Algorithm The Instagram Algorithms are constantly changing & evolving. By using this site, you signify that you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. By means of Instagram, you can have an exact targeting and reach out to your potential customers in different ways (posts, stories, DMs, etc). From shop LifeUnderControl. Etsy has two kinds of revenue from sellers; the fees that they pay for their activities on Etsy, and advertising fees or Etsy Shipping Labels which are both optional. The same can be said for your visuals; be consistent with certain elements so your audience will have a firm grasp on your brand. Each amount you invest on the platform can give you advanced targeting, better click rates, specialized post formats, and of course more views. Did you ever get an answer or figure it out? Another thing that’s worth noting is that, unlike posting the organic way, turning your content into an ad also allows you to link people to your Etsy shop through a clickable call-to-action found at the bottom of the image. window.addEventListener('LPLeadboxesReady',function(){LPLeadboxes.setExitIntent('uHHwTH2TxadHYDtxaJqdf4',{dontShowFor:'30d',domain:''});}); Natasha Ponomaroff is the Senior Marketing Director of. I will try from my desktop. What if you have many products and want to add many Instagram links to your shop? Simply posting stunning images isn’t gonna cut it, especially if your aim is to have people know who you are as a brand. Take a look at this video for further information: The good news: the tool is completely free! Not only does this get your audience excited, it could also definitely get them spending. Once a sponsored post has been paid for, it will automatically show up on the feeds of users with interests similar to your account, even if they’re not following you. Anyone know how/if I can add the Instagram icon to my shop page so that it can be clicked on and linked to the IG page? Whatever content you decide to share, always remember to add a link to your Etsy shop, and invite people to swipe up to start shopping. IG Stories also allows you to create polls and ask questions, which is absolutely fantastic for two things: increasing engagement rates with your audience, and, more importantly, allowing you to gain valuable insight on what your target market actually wants. Thank you. It’s also one of the few places on Instagram that allow you to have and create a hyperlink, so use this to your advantage. Instagram, however, requires a different game altogether. Going for shades of pink, with a pop of orange or yellow, could do you wonders. You do so on your About page. 5 out of 5 stars (125) 125 reviews $ 6.84. But what to do after you have found your target? Etsy became a certified B corporation in 2012 which implies that it is meeting the highest standards. Here are some ideas: Engage with your followers and viewers by giving them a sense of what your brand is really about. Everyone is trying to use social media to boost his business growth, and so are eCommerce owners. I just read your post from 2019 about linking to your Instagram and that's because I'm having the same question right now. Whether you’re a marketing rookie or a business savvy professional, Etsy is definitely a platform for you. This is an amazing feature, introduced recently to help eCommerce businesses increase their shop sales using Instagram. Chain & Link Bracelets All Bracelets Anklets ... How To Sell On Etsy With Instagram, Photo Overlays, Social Media, Blogging & Home Business LifeUnderControl. ©2020 GoDaddy Sellbrite, Inc. All rights reserved. But, what you can do is invite prospective shoppers to check out your shop by simply clicking “link in bio” to see more of your stuff. Etsy is an online buying/selling platform with strong visual design mediating between art crafters and their customers. With AiSchdul you can add shop links to your Instagram posts, stories, and bio sell directly from Instagram with your Etsy shop. Well, you are in the right place. Well, the answer is right in front of you: Instagram. is a great service to help you add external links to your Instagram Bio and Posts. Top 3 Apps to Find and Clean Ghost Followers, How to Make Friends on Instagram During COVID-19, How to Build a Brand on Instagram? Add hashtags to your IG Story, and it is most likely to show up on people’s explore page. Stories that are accepted into the Instagram’s hashtag aggregation are chosen based on the quality of the image or video shared and their engagement rate. This external link can proceed to your Etsy shop or anywhere else you want it to. Out of more than a billion users on Instagram, 80% follow a business profile — over 30% of them having reportedly bought an item they first spotted on Instagram. The number of active sellers and the number of active buyers until 2019 implies that the platform is remarkably thriving. What hues, tones, and colors best define it? Doing this ensures you that your brand will always be on the image, and, if you use your shop’s link as your watermark, people will always know how to find you online. Although Instagram has a wide range of customizable ad formats for you to choose from, one I suggest you check out is Instagram’s Shopper Post. I see a lot of shops have the clickable social media links on their Etsy pages. Think of your brand as a person: what story would he or she tell? According to recent statistics, Instagram Stories sees around 400 million viewers daily. Here we are going to introduce all possible ways of linking Instagram to Etsy shop. Related Posts. Why Do You Need to Link Instagram to Etsy Shop? I see a lot of shops have the clickable social media links on their Etsy pages. One fact about Etsy is that it dropped the sell-only-handmade rule in 2013. Keep in mind that unlike your feed, whatever you post on IG Stories is up for just 24 hours., I’m not seeing any drop down menus under the “About Your Shop” section. Take a look at the picture below in which each Instagram post is connected to an external URL. Instagram has become a huge monster in the digital marketing world today. However, there is another tricky solution to this problem: Create several Instagram pages for each of your products and dedicate an Instagram account for each of them. The last way to add an external link from your Instagram to your Etsy shop is to place the link inside your Instagram stories(the swipe-up link). So by all means, share beautiful images of your products. Of course, selling directly on Instagram is possible through ‘Shoppable Posts’. However, there is a hack to add swipe-up links in your Instagram stories even without 10000 followers. Luckily, there is a much easier way to do it: Use AiSchedule to link Etsy shop to Instagram. A great way to maximize IG Stories’ 24-hour limit is by creating time-sensitive content, like quick and dirty promos and pop-up events.