According to one site, there will be Starlink trains visible from Colorado on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday very early in the morning. SpaceX said that once the Starlink mega-constellation is operational, it will deliver high-speed broadband internet to locations where access has been unreliable, expensive or completely unavailable. She has seen drones, sometimes a dozen or more with wingspans 6 … Others have also expressed their concern. 60 Starlink satellites 'flat-packed' into a rocket before launch. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has responded to input on Twitter, eluding to the fact that they may work on reducing the reflectivity and brightness of the Starlink trains. Musk has also said that the satellites will become less distracting once they reach their full altitude and that they will also become more spaced out over time. They're also warning people not to fire at them. Mystery drones fly over Colorado and Nebraska: Who's controlling them? The bizarre light formations have people asking who's behind them: The government? GOLDEN, Colorado — The phone calls and emails poured into the 9NEWS information desk on Thursday evening. In the unlikely event their propulsion system becomes inoperable, the satellites will burn up in Earth’s atmosphere within 1-5 years, significantly less than the hundreds or thousands of years required at higher altitudes. SpaceX addressed that angle in a press kit released to the media in January. The lights were from 50-60 Starlink satellites that Space X launched in February, according to our sister station in Denver, 9 News. The purpose of this satellite network is to provide a new internet option to the public. They can take off very fast," Wyatt Harman, who chased the drones as they flew above his land in Washington County, Colorado, told the "TODAY" show., Mysterious lights flying over Western Colorado linked to Elon Musk's Starlink satellites, Polis issues another executive order, allows state to order hospitals to transfer or cease seeing more patients, School District 51 addresses elementary educator concerns, 5-Star Variance Protection Program update, More cohorts quarantine in Montrose County School District, Montrose City implements new precautions amid level orange variance, Grand Valley Power to limit access to lobby due to increased COVID cases, Breakdown of COVID-19 on the Western Slope, Breakdown of the COVID-19 virus in Colorado, [email protected] - (970) 424-5737. Erik Ortiz is a staff writer for NBC News focusing on racial injustice and social inequality. For now, local sheriff's departments say the drones appear to be flying high enough that they aren't breaking any laws by trespassing on people's properties. Some have asked whether the government or the military is behind them or whether they're the work of drug cartels or are even connected to aliens. Components of each satellite are fully demisable.". 9NEWS and the Coloradoan have fielded phone calls, social media posts and emails from residents, all describing a series of 30-50 lights, moving in … Download the NBC News app for breaking news. Still, the theories abound, with some people speculating that private companies could be using the aerial robots to survey for oil or natural gas or that someone's doing practice runs for drone shows at sporting events or theme parks. "The system is on the leading edge of on-orbit debris mitigation, meeting or exceeding all regulatory and industry standards. They can descend very fast. RELATED: See strange lights in the Denver sky? What happened to the mysterious Colorado drones. The Denver Post reported that the proposed change has been in the works for more than a year. Each unit weighs about 570 pounds. GOLDEN, Colorado — The phone calls and emails poured into the 9NEWS information desk on Thursday evening. For the last week, Michelle Eckert has spotted a high-flying, night-time mystery above her rural northern Colorado home. Shooting down an aircraft, including a drone, is considered a federal offense. If you snapped any photos or videos of the mysterious lights last night, we would love to share them! In a statement, the Federal Aviation Administration said it was "in contact with local law enforcement but we don't have any concrete information to act on at this time.". One astronomer posted her thoughts on Twitter: "Rather depressing… This is not cool.". At the end of their life cycle, the satellites will utilize their onboard propulsion system to deorbit over the course of a few months. The Denver7 newsroom was flooded with calls after 9 p.m. from viewers like you who were asking us if we knew what those flashing lights flying over our … They are actually a group of 60 satellites that SpaceX said is part of a mega-constellation called Starlink. Train of Starlink Satellites seen from Golden, Colorado, When fully deployed, the Starlink satellites will be about 340 miles above the earth. The military has said the drones don't belong to it or come from any local bases.