All of us need to listen to God's warnings about sex outside of marriage. Moses led Israel through everything they needed to know to live successfully in Canaan. Deuteronomy is like a preflight check-list for one of the most important adventures in biblical history. Aside from that, though, God's people should have an attitude of wantings to help others instead of trying to take advantage of someone else's loss. The LORD wants us to obey him because we love him. When we disobey God, he will forgive us if we turn away from our sin and turn back to him. This was not the case. Yes, we should have respect for God and a healthy fear if his anger, but God is not honored when we do what he says simply because we are afraid to do otherwise. In any case, God's Word is the one true standard against which all activities show be judged. The book of Deuteronomy contains Moses's teachings to the Israelites as they camped on the plains of Moab, just east of the Jordan River and the promised. For these celebrations, they were reminded to take a gift for God, according to what they had received from him. Moses knew that he was about to die, so before he left the people he blessed them. Similarly, God has already saved us from our worst enemy - slavery to sin. Others may be trying to trick us. He, however, has never broken a promise to his people. How can you show God you love him? They hesitated and by staying outside of the land, they were not obeying God's instructions. We should think again! Don’t panic because of what you can’t see. God is honored when we trust him to help us meet any situation. The title "Exodus" comes from a Greek word meaning "going out," and this book tells how the Lord set his people Isra... Job was a very rich man, and although he did not belong to the people of Israel, he worshiped the Lord and was a truly good person. The book of Deuteronomy is full of God’s encouragement for various situations in life. When things are going well in family, career, or any other area of life, we are tempted to become proud. A commercial airline pilot about to take a 747 loaded with passengers from New York to Los Angeles talks his crew through a much more elaborate preflight ritual. And just as the LORD told the Israelites that he would notice if they did "the right thing," he notices us when we do the right thing. If their teachings and their lifestyles do not line up with God's word, stay far away from them! There are reasons for his timetable. What things can draw you away from the fundamental values of life? His perspective was mature, and in Deuteronomy (meaning "repetition of this law"), he covered all the bases one more time. We should constantly ask, "What is God saying to me through this? He also requires us to be good caretakers of what we have been given. Idolatry-the worship of handmade statues or images - was everywhere in the land. It is important for us to understand that God's love for us never ends. When a pilot wants to take his private plane up for a ride on a sunny afternoon, he goes through apre-flight check-list. We want his help turning around a wayward child, and his divine therapy is invisible to us but nonetheless real. If we are slaves to sin we choose to go our own way; but when we become God's followers, he gives us the freedom, as well as the strength and courage, to follow God's way. What values do you need to maintain in life to be truly successful? We need to be reminded of that same truth many times today. In this passage, Moses encouraged the people to make a real effort to consider their promise to God and to allow him to wash away their sins.