The game plan is really kinda sit back and accumulate mass quantities of mana and just dump it into something like [[Genesis Wave]] or [[Helix Pinnacle]]. ", "Kruphix's temple—his true temple—where two great trees stand sentry at the ends of the earth. ", "Well enough," said the oracle. The gods are beliefs that took form within the fabric of Nyx. Kruphix is the God of horizons and time. But of late, I have learned things, about our world. Are you certain you want this curse? Kruphix said nothing, but gestured for Kydele to walk with him. I am the greatest of these. Close, said Kruphix. "Then he is not what's troubling you," said Kydele. Even here, in his temple overlooking the great waterfall that bordered Nyx, she heard nothing. And it has already made its way from one world to others. Of what you learned?". It was not, uncharacteristically for the god of mysteries, a question. I watched as the others took shape. Kruphix only sighed, a sound like the night breeze. And, occasionally, she would invite the acolytes in and engage them in conversation, as though she liked them, as though she wanted to be here. It was difficult to say how much time had passed, here at the edge of the world. Then let them debate, said Kruphix, with uncharacteristic hardness. Again, the sense of vertigo as Kruphix regarded her. His plots span worlds and centuries, and he will spare nothing and no one who stands in his way. Of existence, and its purpose. asked Kruphix. Stars shifted within his cloak, the suggestion of a shrug. Kydele turned to face the starry, four-armed outline of Kruphix on the horizon. Cards from expansions and special sets (like From the Vault, Commander, Duel Decks, etc) are legal in the Legacy format on the date of release of the expansion or special set. And a champion cannot know more than her god. Why does time pass? This combo deck (which can also go control or even aggro if necessary) wins through doing crazy things with +1/+1 counters and ETB triggers, with a few cards to make the most of Kruphix, God of Horizons' mana flow ability. No matter how far you travel, there is always another horizon. And she saw Heliod, who styled himself the greatest of the gods, snatch the weapon from Elspeth's hands—the blade he had consecrated for her, marking her as his champion. If you remembered them, said Kruphix, they would still exist. Then sun and sea, forest and forge. Good that she fell in turn? This format consists of the most recent "Core Set" and the two most recent "Block" releases. This simic control commander aims to play a … No. But since Heliod's act of betrayal, the voice of her god had fallen silent. No matter how far you travel, there is always another horizon. NM; EX; VG; G; "Elspeth was one of, wasn't she?". Ads by Fandom. "About Nyx, and the nature of the gods. There are entire worlds out there, beyond Theros, beyond Nyx. "I take it you're not speaking of Nyx, or the Underworld.". I am the unknown, the unknowable. You speak of the greatest mystery of all. Kydele took the time to consider. You may use any printing of a card that has an appearance in a standard legal set. "The cause of motion, the nature of time.". He traveled to other worlds where there were no gods, and decided everyone on Theros should know the gods were a lie. Qty: 9 Or did you think Heliod was always the sun god? A deafening chorus of divinity. From her perch within the great branches of Kruphix's Temple, Kydele saw it all happen. The first time a mortal of Theros looked up into the night sky and said "I wonder...," some part of me came into existence. Ok so i think this is what my crappy Zegana deck will turn into. And they eat worlds, My Oracle. Kruphix turned his hood toward her, and she felt a sudden rush of vertigo, the sense that she was gazing not over to a companion, but down, into a deep abyss full of stars and blackness. It disturbed her. She was looking out the window, as she often did, arms braced against the window frame. There it was. Some things simply are. Quick question. That is what I fear, My Oracle. "All is right in Theros and Nyx. Why does water flow downhill? "It seems I'm not the only one," said Kydele. Archive I am saying that if there is a reason—if there is some purpose behind the nature of the gods—then I do not wish to know. document.write( (new Date()).getFullYear()) © Copyright MTGO Traders. We would remember them.". "And their existence depends on mortals believing that they are not?". She looked down at her feet. He faced her, four arms spread wide, a hole of pure darkness set against the starry light of Nyx. The oracle turned to face her, and smiled. And all your prayers, all your pleas, will fall on the deaf ears of a silent sky as this world is rent asunder or remade or worse. Also thanks for the deck idea, i've wanted to build a kruphix deck for awhile and this build looks really fun. The oracle turned to stare out the window again, eyes fixed on the distant horizon, and for a long moment she said nothing at all. "The gods inspire belief," said Kydele. That is the way of things. Astute, said Kruphix. Perhaps I was not even the first, said Kruphix. If an oracle of Kruphix flinched from the truth, what did she have left? Poor Daxos, oracle of every god and no god, had heard all of them, all the time. Did you know that? What will you do with this knowledge? It will break your heart and test your allegiances. Most oracles heard the voice of a god loud and clear in their heads, ringing like a bell when pronouncements came and falling otherwise silent. ", "You..." Diantha hesitated. Worlds you cannot see when you look up at the sky, places where the gods of Theros hold no sway. "I don't think he succeeded," said Kydele. "Yes, very much," said Diantha. They saw, in short, a usurper into a domain that had otherwise remained, by all appearances, indefinitely stable. After that, more abstract domains emerged—warfare, deception, insight, love. If not how come it works with just this general? I am what sits beyond the far horizon. Except here, at the last horizon. or even something like mystic snake? Very well, said Kruphix. When I was in danger, Kruphix spirited me away to his temple.