There are certain rules to follow in the game (Credits Epilogue), The game requires speed and flexibility (Credits State of Mysore), The defender should save himself from being caught by chaser (Credits:mybloghowtoplaykhokho). Kho Kho. Free zone marked with lime powder is 27M x 16m and the central lane where players sit is 23.50m x 30cm. After giving a KHO, an Attacker shall cease to be so and shall sit down immediately on the Chaser Block of the Chaser to whom a KHO was given. The second championship was held in 2000 which added further shine to the game. As the tale narrates, on the 13th day of the war, the Kaurava Guru Dronacharya planned the sole tactics ‘Chakravyuh’, a special military defensive plan broke by Abhimanyu. x���M�A����$3��v�G��dͺ��d$x����ZQ3��%ЙOU�S�ywS��ܦ��Z���K!���B�!7���}Ïyy�w��~��0ndx���y9���0~ ����{�ݹ=_i�%S�����1�қ��׎�U)���g��Cմ@��|ʷ�y��M>�է�J�Fv� DJ���v�k�J��eQt.X�52�,7�lr.z�Z���]�qӆ��g��ϒ�T3b�� on�i�X���/F�_��6���Vb��R��Hec��̧��Yi��e����fRp7j d�� �-��le2��u��XS�M5�n\p�$����E��ߩ������8������p�N��ޗ����SYvy�t�� �U���d(+� Note: Measurement of ENDLINES for: 14 Mts. FREE ZONE The remaining portion of the field on either end of the court is known as FREE ZONE. The chasers should end in the quickest time possible. If the winning team decides to chase, they set up an eight member team to chase the opponent team in a span of 12 minutes. Kho Kho Rules and how to play kho kho: 1 Endline: The lines AB and CD running parallel to each other and equal in length to the length of the Kho Kho field are known as ENDLINES. होती है| यह मैदान को दो बराबर भांगों में बांट देती है| मैदान के दोनों सिरो पर गली के मध्य एक-एक पोल स्थापित किया जाता है, जिसकी ऊंचाई 120 से.मी. This helps them to give a perfect pass (Kho) to their team member in order to touch the defender and bag points. Court. The points M and N shall coincide with centre of the posts and shall be at a distance exactly half the width of the Kho kho Court. RAJESH AGOLA 240,280 views. Why wait? While a Kho Kho court measures 27 meters long and 16 meters wide. After giving a KHO, it shall not be a Foul, if the Chaser while sitting looses the contact of the Cross Lane. Veer Abhimanyu Award is similar to Janaki Award but it’s awarded to a boy who comes under age of 18. After 12 minutes, the team, which takes best quick time to touch the player chased wins the game. The game gained international credit with first Asian Kho Kho Championship which was held in Kolkata in 1996. The game’s primary sports body is known as the Kho-Kho Federation of India (KKFI). The playing area dimensions (Credits:KhoKhoskills). Total area requirement 30m x 19m (inclusive of lobby from all sides measuring 1.5m wide.) © KreedOn® Techmeep Sports Pvt. The size of both the court varies. India hosts many competitions for Kho Kho (Credits: dfordelhi). If an attacker touches a chaser sitting in the square nearest the Post, KHO shall be given. Today, we bring you the perfect guide of Kho Kho. stream If an attacker utters any word other than the word ‘KHO’, it will be deemed as Foul. Free zone marked with lime powder is 27M x 16m and the central lane where players sit is 23.50m x 30cm. The dimensions of the total field layout are 33m x 21m with playfield being 29m x 16m. Ricky ponting considers him the best T20 bowler. Each pair of the line is 30 cm away from each other and 2.30 metres away from next pair. <> The game starts by chasing down the opponent with the help of team members in the straight direction. There is something about PV Sindhu, something that started a billion conversations, generate millions of dollars, and completely revolutionize Indian sports. Which is the traditional game of India which consist traits such as cooperation, devotion, keenness, self-esteem, speed and quick thinking? The God taught me to love everybody but the most ones I learned to love are the athletes. Defenders must be quick enough. This skill proves how fast and attentive you are. Dimensions of Badminton court – 44 feet length x 17 feet width for singles, and 44 x 20 feet for doubles; Height of badminton net – net is 5 feet 1 inch high at edges and 5 feet high at center; Size of badminton racket – maximum 680 x 230 mm Central lane: Two parallel lines from one pole to other. Kho Kho a high energy game is played in a rectangular field. <> There is one straight line on either side of the pillar. Referee can announce the ‘forbidden’ from the participation in future play in a similar way as a warning by displaying a Red Card. The defender should not cut the line or change the direction in order to avoid getting out or touched by the opponent. Janaki Award is given to a girl (Under 18) for her stellar show in the game. Each inning will have 9 minutes which includes chasing and running. Each team will have 12 players but only 9 of them can compete on the pitch. x 30 से.मी. endobj 4 0 obj There are many famous Kho Kho players in India who have taken this game to another level. The total area required for Kho Kho ground (kho kho court) is 30 meters × 19 meters; All of the above areas are not utilize for paying, the playing field is only 27 meters × 16 meters. Cross lane: The parallel lanes cutting central line at the middle of playing area. (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[1]='MMERGE1';ftypes[1]='text';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); Office No. A standard match encompasses two innings. Both teams will comprise of nine players. Unfortunately, he died as he had to fight alone against 7 warriors and he was badly injured. The game requires immense stamina and speed. In Kabaddi, players from one team have to enter in opposite court for scoring points. It is a personal development tool for the one who loves to take up the challenge. At each end of the longer side of the rectangle it has two areas measuring 16 metres in length and 2.75 metres in width. What is the criteria of selection in kabaddi. As per some media results, after the success of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) in India, Kho Kho, another traditional sport from our country is set to get a league of its own this year.