I will say I was also a LVT for 4 years before applying. ^ Are you my soul sister/brother?! I never used my NP degree, but kept working in the PICU & applied for the nurse anesthesia program. i'm trying to decide if Nursing is the best option or DVM. Veterinary Nurses with up to three years experience earn around $17 per hour, whereas 5 years or more only increases to between $21-$26 per hour. Upon struggling not only with the many Specialists, medications and “traditional" therapies, I am yet to have a manageable treatment plan to proceed forwards in anything more than trying to live day to day. Its not late at all to get into vet school. Veterinary technicians are usually educated at the associate degree level, according to the BLS. (And what degree(s) could I get to make this huge dream possible???) Glad to know I am not the only one out there with this dilemma. If you decide this is for you, you can complete a Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing, which can take as little as two years to complete full-time. More nursing careers are available for people who love animals than many would first assume. You don't necessarily need to be a veterinary nurse to work around animals. I know you wrote this last year, but i just got around to it and could relate. Dad approves of me being a nurse more than being a vet. of American Veterinary Medical Colleges' website: I worked for a vet clinic since highschool. Anyways, the point being that I realized that’s probably what it’ll be like if I continue going to school and pursue a career I’m not passionate about. My Gpa was very low and spirits were crushed. Veterinary nursing is the supportive care of animals receiving treatment within a veterinary practice. I'm sorry for what happened to your dog, but im glad you got to experience the love of a pitbull so amazing I'm also 27 and i'm in my first year of nursing school. Going into med would be easier. Thanks a MILLION!!!!! I really don't know what I want to take. There are also postgraduate opportunities available for nurses who wish to move into a specialist area, such as physiotherapy, with this route. Never saw that coming!. The same respect is not given for both professions as human life will always be valued more than that of animals. Healthcare Assistant Supporting Information - Help! if you can secure employment in a veterinary Training Practice), you will get a small salary and sometimes your practice may pay for your course fees as well. I was in too deep before I realized nursing was also very different. The role of veterinarian is increasing in demand as more people bring pets into their home and people focus more on the quality of life and lifespan of their pets. I was working in the pediatric ICU & loved my job & was great at it...but I've always had this compassion for animals that's stronger than anything else. For resume advice from professional coaches and resume writers, you can also visit our Resume Review services. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to connect with you on the Indeed Community. Here at PDSA, our veterinary nurses work in our hospitals to care for the thousands of sick animals we treat. I've always dreamed of being a vet since I was a kid, but was influenced to take up nursing instead. The grass isn't greener on the other side, it just get's peed on (how he put it). Operating through a UK-wide network of 48 Pet Hospitals, PDSA provides low cost and free veterinary care to the sick and injured pets of people in need and promotes responsible pet ownership, Registered charity nos. One of the reasons given by several vets we surveyed not to hold nurses’ clinics was, “The vet sees sick patients and clients expect to see a vet.” Dead right. I'd specialize in giant breed dogs. Create a new resume or upload an existing one. Nurse practitioners, who provide primary care, earned $91,450. I would also suggest that you speak with a career coach or career counselor at your University, to help you better understand the pros vs. cons of each role and which role might be a better fit for your skills, values, personality and interests. I faild classes. You can do the Level 3 Diploma as an Advanced Apprenticeship alongside employment in a veterinary practice, or as a non-apprenticeship route. Do I have any shot at Vet School? I am thinking of becoming an RN getting my BSN (65k/year yes please ), then going into Vet School for my DVM (If that's possible). Besides the obvious veterinary nurse career path--a perfect match for an animal-loving medical worker--there are plenty of jobs to choose from that will bring you in to direct contact with animals on a daily basis. Got some spare time? What qualifications do I need to become a veterinary nurse? An advantage of taking this pathway is that you have a more structured approach to learning and often have more time to balance the demands of study against placement work.