There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. I have wondered and thought about how I want to raise children and worry about how I'm going to respond to the "big" questions. Community organizations offer participants a sense of commitment and fellowship similar to faith-based organizations. Keep it simple and to the point. Foreword by Michael Shermer, Ph.D. Nemours Foundation. I've often questioned the relevance of formal religion when it comes to these little spiritual beings. When you open the curtains in the morning, you can say, "Look at this glorious day Mother Nature made." That’s why I’ll bet even her kids would ultimately have a choice. Consider joining a community organization. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. "Kids this age have an incredible sense of wonder – they're innate spiritual beings," says Marianne Neifert, a pediatrician, author, and mother of five. This stuff is delicious, after all. Are confusion and lack of knowledge stopping you from bringing Montessori into your home? Stress the spiritual side of holidays. The world's spiritual traditions are full of stories designed to explain everything from how the world was created to why people sometimes do bad things. "If you don't put your own spin on it, with your own values, they'll absorb someone else's.". Something you can teach with and without religion. Tell stories. Raising a child with strong faith when I am unsure can be difficult because the answers I provide surely fall into the gray area between black and white. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Spirituality can connect us to the divine, to each other, and to the past. He is executive director of Foundation Beyond Belief, a humanist charitable foundation, and author of. “Parents on both sides of the culture war will find this book a compelling read.”, “…Parenting Beyond Belief provides engaging anecdotes about the challenges of raising children without religion.” Humanist, “Parenting Beyond Belief serves not only as a guide to families who choose not to make that identification, but it also made me feel that those of us who are struggling with these issues are not so alone.”, “The editor, Dale McGowan, a writer, educator, husband and parent of three, has pulled off the difficult task of weaving together diverse parts into a very cohesive whole. Contributors include Richard Dawkins, Penn Jillette, and Julia Sweeney. Reviewed 2014. We lost touch after college, but if Kari has kids, I’ll bet she has raised them according to those values, since she would want the best for them. I go to the ocean or the forest for spiritual grounding when my heart feels restless, and I've been doing the same for Emerson since she was in infant. Clarify your own beliefs. As a parent, as the pastor of a diverse congregation, as a freethinker, and as a counselor to mixed-faith couples, I have had occasion to think much on these questions. PARENTING TODDLERS IN THE DIGITAL AGE: Montessori Strategies for Thriving ToT(s). Spirituality can connect us to the divine, to each other, and to the past. The process, not a given outcome, is the thing. I’m not a vegetarian, though I’ve considered that a character flaw of mine ever since Kari. I want my daughter to grow up with a deep sense of that. A solid spiritual foundation can make her more resilient as she encounters challenges in life. Together, act out plays or put on a puppet show based on creation stories or your own spiritual themes. As spiritual maintenance, I try to take at least one excursion into the natural world each week. And sometimes it just provides a neutral ground where we can talk without the distractions of plastic toys and electronic games. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Will your family join a church, synagogue, or other house of worship? Nature is a great place to find inspiration and a sense of spirituality. Volunteering at a food bank at Thanksgiving or planting a tree on Earth Day reinforces your child's connection with the family and helps him realize that the world can be a better place because he's in it. Maybe she just hasn’t had a really good steak, I reasoned to myself. This is a collection of essays by various non-theist authors, most of whom have either raised children or grown up themselves as a non-theist, usually in a geographical area that is predominantly Christian. Just as vegetarians must find other sources of certain vitamins, minerals, and proteins, secular parents must find other ways to articulate values, celebrate rites of passage, find consolation, and make meaning. We talk about what it means to treat everyone we meet with kindness and respect. Is Raising Your Kids Without Religion Better? How I'm raising a spiritual child without religion, Teaching kids about God without choosing a specific sect, How I talk with my kids about death without discussing God. It's the same thing with the idea of God.". I believe at the heart of any religious or spiritual practice is a need to feel connected, comforted, loved and honored. I agreed—they are yummy. And learning right from wrong, developing a sense of family history, and demonstrating a caring attitude toward others all help build the foundation of a rich spiritual life. Both my wife and I are atheist but wanted to allow our daughter the ability to choose for herself, we soon learned that religious fundamentals take that as an open invitation for child indoctrination of religion. I remember clearly the first vegetarian I ever knew, a friend from college named Kari. And to see the ripple effect that behaving from a place of love and generosity of heart can have in her everyday life. If not, it's okay to admit that there are some questions people spend their whole lives trying to figure out – and this is one of them. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 29, 2014. I'm working on expanding her understanding of community and connectedness while deepening my own experience. Religion has much to offer parents: an established community, a predefined set of values, a common lexicon and symbology, rites of passage, a means of engendering wonder, comforting answers to the big questions, and consoling explanations to ease experiences of hardship and loss. Though preschoolers are too young to grasp abstract concepts, they have other skills that serve them well in terms of spirituality: They have no problem believing in things they can't see, and they live almost entirely in the moment.