An oscilloscope is also useful, I used a PicoScope USB-type that plugs into my laptop. 2. That said, the motor was forward-speed only, with no clutch. Hopefully plug/socket from the hall sensors on the motor will match the plug/socket on the controller hall sensor line, otherwise go figure it out. This month we get aboard three new outboard-powered day boats – inland and coastal – plus we deconstruct the calculations that define the limits of your sailing boat's performance. One such arrangement is shown in the schematic diagram (above) of the simplest possible control system. I settled on lithium-ion batteries due to their high capacity, low weight and high cycling ability. How much is enough for a deposit when buying a boat. At this point the motor, donor engine and driveshaft are all connected, so to avoid accidents with a fast-spinning prop it’s a good idea to remove the propeller and not replace it until you’re going to use the motor in water. This electric motor is fairly simple to build and uses materials that you can probably find around the house. What started as an idea to produce our own simple, fun, affordable electric vehicle has evolved into a DIY project easily assembled by nearly anyone. (The DC motor you made is only able to spin in one direction because its direction is determined by the poles of the permanent magnet. and live alone and have nothing better to do with my time and money so onwards I went. You can substitute the pencils for a cylinder that’s roughly half an inch in diameter. 3. Finding which wire does what in a manual-free wasteland is very challenging. I also had to learn how to code the software. The Nextion display in particular was impenetrable as they hadn’t been around long enough for a comprehensive internet community to form – this is changing for the better. In addition most controllers have a reverse function which requires connection of a switch. Usually, when you think of Hybrids or electric vehicles, you think of tiny, two seater geek-mobiles or soccer moms in awkward chunky cars with cup holders full of pumpkin spice latte. Find out how to make a simple electric motor. At the bare minimum you’ll need a good toolkit, hacksaw, files, drills, power/battery drill, lighting, workbench, soldering iron and good multimeter. To embark on a project like this requires a basic knowledge of electronics and mechanics, but should be within reach of most practical people with a willingness to learn. You may wish to structure your project differently – a significant simplification could be made by discarding computer control. 3. Because I have longer-term aims of making the system fully remote controlled (essentially a drone, perhaps for wildlife photography), and for that I needed complete mastery of the control system, which is achievable if I build it myself. Download Project. With the learning and setbacks the project took me about six weeks of evenings. Well, my motivations were as follows: 1. Testing the assembled electronic components on the bench. They are programmed from a PC using a language derived from C (you’ll need to know a bit about programming to know what that means). To keep myself occupied at home, alone, over the long nights of a Scottish winter (over previous winters I’ve constructed a navigation system, an autopilot and solar water heaters). MacMotor also sent me a speed controller, although that later proved to be less than spectacular and I had to replace it with a larger model. I decided on a brushless DC motor because they are generally reliable and don’t require maintenance of brushes. Arduinos are tiny programmable computers with analogue and digital inputs and outputs. I then noticed the Nextion range of graphical touch screen displays, which retail at around £16 for a 3.2in version. If you’ve been paying attention over the last few years, that image may be highlighted by a sleek luxury car that costs as much as your house. That said, the better equipped your workshop the better the finished product is going to be and, in addition, costs will reduce because I had to have a few parts manufactured that could be made at home in a good enough workshop. This will have at least five wires. There are various battery packs on ebay and Alibaba. Original cooling impeller can be discarded. It is possible to make an electric motor go backwards as well as forwards but be cautious doing this on an engine which originally had no reverse because the gears won’t be designed to operate backwards and there won’t be a thrust bearing to keep cogs in check. Get every issue of PBO on Android, iPhone, iPad or desktop. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, How I designed and built my own 24ft sloop in steel, How to make your own hammock or cockpit tent from a simple tarpaulin, How to contain the mess when you’re scraping antifouling. Likewise battery packs at 48V were more numerous. AC motors are often more complex than DC motors, like the simple one you were able to make. And there's more for owners of sail or power: Engine mounts, bilge alarms, navigation lights and interpreting weather forecasts. Above this, in place of the engine would be an electric motor, directly coupled to the driveshaft. My project utilised computer control and a lot of new-to-me equipment such as touch screens, Bluetooth, Arduinos and oscilloscopes. Connect the battery positive and negative to the motor controller positive and negative, and give the throttle a twist. Cut out two circles of MDF with a diameter of 100mm x 3mm. Subject. This is a 48V, sensored brushless DC motor with a top speed of around 4,000rpm and a power of 1kW, and it seemed like a reasonable match with the donor outboard’s original specification delivering 1.49kW at a top speed of around 4,000rpm. Tape the pencils in a two by two cluster. This connection needs to be secure and accurate. A 1kWh lithium battery is roughly 20Ah at 48V – about the same amount of energy held in an 80Ah car battery at a quarter of the weight. At this point, assuming the motor turns, you are essentially home and dry. Olly Epsom explains how (and why!) The downside to lithium-ion is the cost. All that remains is as many weeks of refinement as you care to deploy. The Switch defines a new class of auto — a lightweight, high-capacity, versatile electric vehicle (EV) that requires minimal resources to construct, assemble, and drive. My project utilised computer control and a lot of new-to-me equipment such as touch scree… I located a 1974 Johnson 2hp outboard on ebay for £24. Most motors in this power range run at 48V or above.