The main business trade on the registration documents must state that the nature of the business is a computer reseller or IT solutions provider. For registration purposes we accept copies of the dealer applications and supporting documents; however, we do require the original, filled-in form as well as fully legible copies of the supporting documentation. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. COREX does have the facility to accept debit and credit cards as a form of payment for stock. Click here for more information. All of COREX’s terms based accounts are insured by Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation of Africa Ltd. and any terms granted will be subject to a credit limit being authorized and approved by them. Top-requested sites to log in to services provided by the state. When you partner with Generac, you are partnering with the market leader backed by over 50 years of power generation experience. How do I become a reseller? Without further ado, here are 10 questions and answers about the course. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Learn if you qualify. Your corporation may earn the credit for the purchase or lease of qualifying tangible property. Yes. ITC's cigarette business stands testimony to the company's unwavering and unrivalled commitment to quality, innovation and consumer focus. addy5d78d82cebbd2acb3389c8b4dfa9c60e = addy5d78d82cebbd2acb3389c8b4dfa9c60e + 'corex' + '.' + 'co' + '.' + 'za?subject=Quotation%20Request'; Within the text you can learn how to become a tax preparer… Read on now! Our credit facilities are provided in conjunction with Credit Guarantee and all applications have to be approved by them before we will offer terms. Depending on your payment type, you might be required to pay up front for an order or provide proof of payment for an order. COREX requires that you are a Computer Reseller, System Integrator or other such related company to be able to register. These catalogues are freely available to all and are downloadable from the “Reseller Resources” page. Please also note that any queries regarding South African VAT on orders for customers outside of South Africa can be directed to our Accounts department as this will vary from customer to customer. Customers from outside South Africa also need to follow the registration process and provide supporting documentation that is within the laws and processes of their country of origin. Food & Beverage Distributors. You can also email  This email address is being protected from spambots. The broadest product line plus the most extensive manufacturer equals success. The original documents can either be dropped off at the nearest branch, or can be mailed to the nearest branch. The ITC may be recaptured if the eligible property for which the ITC: The useful life is equal to the property’s depreciation period for federal tax purposes. addy6515a2193d2d9b0a8ff9502110751a5c = addy6515a2193d2d9b0a8ff9502110751a5c + 'corex' + '.' + 'co' + '.' + 'za?subject=Sales%20Reqpresenative%20Request'; Adding backup power to your present offerings is a natural complement that will help your business grow. To qualify, a corporation must be defined under Massachusetts law as a: Such corporations may earn a credit for the purchase or lease of “qualifying tangible properties,” which include: During the tax year, the “qualifying tangible properties” must have been: The ITC may not reduce the corporate excise due below $456. This has created a lot of opportunities in the distribution of food products in India. Would you like to provide additional feedback to help improve COREX accepts most forms of payment for stock. For us to accept the forms as complete we require potential resellers to fill in all required information as well as sign any and all points where required, as well as initial all pages. With products covering residential, commercial, industrial, portable and RV markets, Generac gives you more product options than any other manufacturer, translating into more satisfied customers. COREX will only register entities that have been duly registered with the CIPC and are able to supply proper documentation for the company or a close corporation. Your first payment will have to be either cash, EFT, or supported card payment (Visa / Visa Electron / Mastercard / Maestro). var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. Founded in 2003, COREX is an innovative, disruptive ICT Distributor that specialises in a number of key vertical markets. Your feedback will not receive a response. Customers are able to utilize their own couriers if they prefer and you are not required to use the COREX courier service providers. Your sales account manager will inform you if you are within the delivery area. About ITC. Please note that this pricelist is for registered resellers only and requires a username and password for access. To become a reseller at COREX, you will need to download the Dealer Application form from our “Become a reseller” page, fill it in and send this through with the requested accompanying documents. Structural components of buildings acquired by purchase. Orders placed on the day for delivery can be expected the next day, unless placed before midday, in which case we might be able to deliver on the same day. With an existing customer base built from offering related products, chances are you are already set up with the core services necessary to become a successful Generac partner.