Happy Hacking Keyboard: a modified 60% design with a custom layout based on older Unix systems. Photographic plates (usually glass coated with light-sensitive material, but historically, sometimes metal or paper) and cut-sheet film have been made in many "standard" sizes, often with a title; many early cameras included the plate size title in the name of the camera. PCB Mounting. The “HHKB” layout is a favorite among Linux users and programmers. It's slightly worse CvA in the half plate, but otherwise it'd be the same as wearing SWCP full plate. Full size layout: the standard full-sized keyboard design, including a full function key row and 10-key number pad on the left. So probably half plate and helm is better, unless warding spells are getting you a bunch. I found 35 lb SWCP half plate for 100k in a player shop. Also known as 104-key (ANSI) or 105-key (ISO). half plate isnt as protective but less restricting as full plate, so it should make sense that it grants 1 max dex modifier etc. Half plate consists of shaped metal plates that cover most of the wearer's body. It does not include leg protection beyond simple greaves that are attached with leather straps. it really just looks like this was a mistake by the devs and they accidentally swapped around the stats of the items except for the AC values. I think i lucked out. Splash-proof design with drain hole Cerberus Gaming Keyboard features a splash-proof design to protect against accidentally spilled liquids. Padding is perm. Keyboard TGR CE Black/Red TGR CE Olive/Red LZ-CP Black/Red (small imperfections) LZ-SK Blue/Blue #1 LZ-SK Gray/Gray #2 LZ-SK Blue/Gray #3 LZ-CLS Silver/Brass Weight / Alu Plate LZ-CLS Gray/ SS Weight / Alu Plate Nixdorf Forged from a full SECC metal plate, Cerberus Gaming Keyboard has a rugged, durable design that stands up to the rigors of continuous, intense gaming. See also Japanese formats and Large format. Today, we’re looking at keyboard backplates and comparing metal vs. plastic and PCB options. A “full-cranked” hinge has more of a bend, and brings the door inside the edge of the opening, exposing the edges or face frame. The important thing to remember is that the drilling distance for the plate mounting holes is from the back edge of the door. The same thing can also be achieved with a half-cranked hinge and a taller mounting plate. Straight Arm Half Cranked Arm 9/16” Full Overlay Half Overlay Full Inset Full Overlay, Face Frame Full Inset, Face Frame straight arm 0mm plate half cranked arm 0mm plate half cranked arm 9mm plate 0mm face frame plate half cranked arm 9mm inset plate 0mm 9mm Also available in 3mm and 6mm.