Doctor Stranger in China was flooded with positive reviews on Youku (chinese youtube). Lee Jong-seok - literally any of Lee Jong-seok's previous dramas. (Again proving that no one can resist the compulsion to negate their own threats. Didnt like: King2 Hearts, Arang&Magistrate, Saw Half: Chuno I thank Jin SY for being in this. If Jin Se Yeon has done convincing job on the love line, people wouldn't even bothered to give Kang So Ra a glance. We have a feeling Strange settled for just having two Sanctums left to keep Dormammu's Dark Dimension at bay. And then another. I laughed out loud at the macaroni art comment too, which made my coworkers wonder what the heck I'm doing! City Hunter is my ALL time favorite K-drama which actually didn't make FEEL it was a typical Korean drama. Overly long for no reason. Help Victims of Childhood Abuse, Join Gaisano’s Fun Run on October 26, 2014. (Since there’s only this recap left, let’s stick with Jae-joon though.). By now we’ve come to expect that anyone in a position of power and responsibility must also be insane in this universe, but that? Yep, another gem of a recap, like a lotus arising out of the muck. She gives him a reassuring look and grabs his hand. Thank you so much @kiyasnow for this very sweet ending. Jae Joon seeks out Chairman Oh and makes a point to apologize for his past plan of revenge. Agent Cha is there with gun. So how did Hoon survive? He’s going to go everywhere with Jae Hee, even if that means dying together. The work is done on time and as requested. The way I see it, Hoon was too focused on pining after Jae Hee that he lost his backbone. I stopped watching after ep 12...since the drama was going nowhere and things were not making any sense. I came for Lee Jong Suk and Lee Jong Suk only, so when it came to the shipping, I was open to him being with anyone. We don't know much about the film yet other than the fact that Hemsworth has been filming in Australia with Loki actor Tom Hiddleston and that the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) will be in the film. It's so bad.... Oh Kdramaland. Last chance to head back before spoilers! Sometimes it can last for a few days. What a betrayal of the early promise. Dr. 1. You'll have more fun getting a root canal done. I’m promoting good vibes as I bid farewell to my two favorite characters (Oh Soo Hyun and Park Hoon). Hoon stares down the road expectantly, as Jae-joon explains to Soo-hyun that he used his connections to help Jae-hee gain status as a political refugee in China and that it all went through only months ago. The problem with this, is that I actually really liked the show ... but then I learned how it ended, and that isn't how I wanted it to end. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. You thought that I'd be stressed without you You finally manage to to finished it. Doctor Stranger, these past two months with you have been unforgettable—I don’t think there are enough words to describe all the things you’ve taught me, but here goes: Know that I’m doing this for myself and everyone else who made it to the other side when I say that I’ll be better off without you. I’d love to hear what you thought of this crazy show. I read in an interview that the main writer had never written a drama before and the mess that Doctor Stranger became makes this fact all too clear. Are we going to see the Doctor in "Thor 3"? So does that mean Canadians have no taste? As a writer I give a deep bow to the screenwriters, whose wonderful imagination gave breath to this program. But can I just say THANK YOU for your awesome, often very snarky recaps! I stopped watching this drama long ago (let's face it, Lee Jong Suk's charisma can only do so much) and came back to read the recaps just to see if it manages to salvage itself. the Time Stone, and it's Strange's continued abuse of the talisman that drives him away from the Kamar-Taj. Thanks for the entertaining recap. I loved seeing all the pics from Hoon and Soo Hyun moments that I missed. They try to add depth to a story that is just one dimensional at best....sorry for this long-ass one needs to read this lol. This has been a long journey of recapping and I am so glad it’s over. SO I don't believe this drama is as disappointing as people make to believe it as. Download the latest version here. Thank you both so very much for your wonderful and patient efforts with the recaps. Account active Tagged as: 20, Bridge, Conclusion, Doctor Stranger, Ending, Ep, Episode 20, Final, Finale, Happy, Hoon, Hug, Jae Hee, Jae Joon, Jin Se Yeon, Kang So Ra, Kdrama, Korean, Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin, Recap, Reunion, revenge, Review, Soo Hyun, Thoughts, i totally agree with every single word you said!! He reveals that he was the one to close the embassy doors in Hungry and  now it’s finally time to end their lives. He smiles just as Agent Cha counts to three. Characters are inconsistent and the only consistent character was prolly so hyun. Warning: Don’t continue reading below if you hate spoilers. Nội dung xoay quanh Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk thủ vai), anh và bố mình bị đám người Triều Tiên bắt cóc để chữa bệnh cho một vị lãnh đạo nước này. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I understand why the writer would like the symmetry, but all I could do was roll my eyes when Jae Hee was once again wounded and hanging over the river. Seriously. Anyways, in DS last ep -- I think the writers had given up at that point. But this talk is too rational for the president to hear, and he shushes the two doctors for getting involved in state affairs. But that was it's major fail to me - it was that single stupid plot device. 3. He should have never done anything that would hurt her. “You promised to save us!” Hoon screams to the president as he’s dragged away. With such poor script and crapness As a child, Park Hoon (Lee Jong-Suk) and his father were kidnapped by North Korea. This is why I stopped watching after episode 6. IS IT THOUGH? He goes into this diatribe about how all these coincidences must add up to Fate, since he had meant for Hoon and his father to die long ago and for Jae-hee to die too, since he was the one who had the embassy doors closed to them back in Budapest. Were you satisfied with the ending? The writers kept us wandering in circles without concrete direction for the majority of the show. You're both an Angel. He gives Hoon a chance to live if he only lets go of Jae-hee’s hand, since it’ll be vengeance enough if Hoon lives with the memory of killing her. Trot Lovers - I like Eun Ji so I stuck it out coz it's getting better or Mirae's Choice - I like Yoon Eun Hye but had to walk coz it got worse). We're back with Doctor Strange in his new place of residence, New York's Sanctum Sanctorum. Agnes provides a great service. Jae Hee is hanging off the side of the bridge and only has Hoon’s hand for support. Do you really want to be stuck with Jin Se-Yeon? Chang-yi joins Soo-hyun on the bridge where they lost Hoon and Jae-hee, both believing them to be dead. It must have been a great happy ending =_=, “Being rewarded for doing wrong and being penalized for doing right… that’s politics, don’t you think?”. // Load the SDK asynchronously Based on the film's ending, it's safe to say the Infinity War will crank things to 11, and the MCU is in for even stranger things, so to speak. Thanks for reading! What remains up in the air, however, is exactly when we can expect to see Chiwetel Ejiofor reprise his role as Karl Mordo, as there are three distinct directions in which the franchise can go. Warning: the following contains spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.. Avengers: Endgame explains Doctor Strange's plan from Avengers: Infinity War.The only reassurance from the enormously downbeat ending to Avengers: Infinity War of Thanos completing his mission was Doctor Strange telling Tony Stark that him giving up the Time Stone was the only way to possibly defeat the Mad Titan. All Hoon has to do, she says, is let go of the artificial breathing device and let the prime minister die naturally. Doctor Stranger finished it’s 20 episode run with a slightly better than normal finale (at least when compared to the previous episodes). So strap in, and let's take a look at what we've seen from Mordo thus far, and what we can expect from him in the near and distant future! On the bright side... at least Gapdong became good here. His love for Song Jae-Hee/Han Seung-Hee was reminiscent of Kim Soo-Hyun’s mindset of act first and think about the consequences later conduct if at all in God’s Gift 14 Days. “I said I would go wherever you went. “If I could go back… if I could just go back… then it wouldn’t have come to this,” Jae-hee insists.