They won’t want to do that, meaning you’ll always have something to block with. Upvote 0. As much of the deck as possible is blue to trigger Drowned Secrets early and often. You’ll have your Carnage Tyrant in no time! Hold the fort with tokens, flyers, and reach creatures until you can find it. Firemind’s Research has the potential to be a win condition in and of itself, and burning opponents out from range is highly achievable when backed up with Lightning Strike and Banefire. This deck should also have no problem triggering ascend, changing Skymarcher Aspirant into an effective attacker later in the game. If they are killed or trade with a few creatures, they’ll soon be replaced by Angels anyway. It’s best creature in Magic’s long and fabled history, so anything less would be wrong. In the early game, you’ll want to comfortably cast these cards to aid in blocking and keeping your life total high. Close. Early in the game, this creates two token blockers for just two mana, a good deal for one of the gummiest plays in Magic. Divine visitation + … They hurt so good! Divine visitation + tokens. Well, we have to deal with this situation effectively with alternate ways to win, and I have a good one! Great common. Later in the game, this card can clear a path for your Angels to fly through, making it effective removal at any point in the game. This site is unaffiliated. ChannelFireball - Magic: The Gathering Strategy, Singles, Cards, Decks. There’s a somewhat experimental suite of top-end cards. The sideboard is split between grindy engine cards like big Vraska, Dawn of Hope, and Arguel’s Blood Fast. Casting History of Benalia after Divine Visitation gets you two Angels a turn for two turns. Sometimes, you just need a little help getting that mana. This card is stupidly fun and very easy to take advantage of. Help | For that reason, a suite of powerful black removal spells has been1 included, and while six may not seem like many, remember that the four copies of Mission Briefing represent extra removal when necessary. Happily, there are tons of excellent blue and red spells to use while racking up those charge counters. I’m not too worried about taking down threats since our blockers should hold them back long enough to get our Angel engine running. An opponent that boards out all their removal may have a hard time dealing with Wee Dragonauts beatdown! Leonin Warleader seems insane if it actually ever gets to attack, and the new Vraska is the perfect way to grind against slower decks thanks to the abundance of tokens available for sacrifice (and goes to 6 loyalty!). Riley's favorite formats are Modern and Cube, and he likes to play most of his Magic in his opponents' end steps. Achieving the city’s blessing for Golden Demise is trivial enough, while Knight of Autumn is just too flexible not to jam into every green-white sideboard ever. Let’s live the dream and bring mill back to Standard. Mission Briefing makes another appearance here, synergizing perfectly with Firemind’s Research and offering extra value out of those interactive spells (you can even kick Blink of an Eye!). Consistent. Feeds | Your opponent sideboards in a Naturalize, and BOOM, blows up your whole gameplan! I’ve always been a fan of token decks, and Divine Visitation was a card I was hoping to muck around with as soon as I saw it previewed. User account menu. Ritual of Soot or even Golden Demise are great options if it looks like the format is going to be low to the ground. Plenty of time to set up a Divine Visitation. Raw card advantage is achieved with Firemind’s Research and another new favorite: Mission Briefing. You’ll remember that I said “sweetest,” not “most powerful.” Still, Drowned Secrets completes a trio of reasonably potent recursive mill effects, working alongside Psychic Corrosion and Patient Rebuilding to go to town on opposing libraries. Overall, the idea of paying for 1/1s and getting 4/4s instead seems ridiculously powerful, and is definitely an idea worth testing out in the opening weeks of this new Standard format. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. Even if you don’t have Divine Visitation on turn-6, Saproling Migration can still effectively gum up the board with four Saprolings and hold back attackers until you find it. While not half as effective as Saproling Migration, Yavimaya Sapherd is still a great blocker to cast on turn-3 and an effective Angel generator on turn-6.