is about making disciples who make disciples who are fully equipped for leadership. I started planting churches since 1998. I would like to share with you a combination of scriptural prayers designed by and given by the Holy Spirit that covers the absolute essentials for spiritual growth and dynamic spreading of the Word of the Lord. If you would like training and have a small group of others who are ready to commit to obedient discipleship, then please un='info';dn='';document.write('');get in contact. really i believe its God a pointed time to restore back priesthood of every believer through DMM. Im in Cameroon in Central Africa, i have been praying according to a burden i received recently from the Lord to take the church to the next level through disciples making. I already having five discipleship groups but needed direction and materials to multiply the disciples. Thanks Scott for sharing about your journey and struggle. Experience the insider God-stories from our community of disciple-makers, resources, and events! These prayers have a logic sequence and follows the blue print given by the Lord Jesus. I sure would like to know how to do this. The goal is not to just make disciples, but disciple makers. What matters is that they are a group of people who are following Jesus and committed to obey His commands together. For our purposes, we try to keep things pretty simple. So good to hear from you. What is a disciple making movement? Practically, this means we must develop a team of disciple-making leaders (pastors), with various disciple-making best practices (church models), who can continue to fan the flame of disciple making. Wondering if I can get access to your DMM materials? Think about that a little bit longer because it’s not what the Bible teaches at all. I hope you subscribed to get our blogs in your inbox. I’m Saleem. How could you be saved if you don’t know what the gospel is? I’m a little confused, I always thought that disciples were Christians seeking to grow closer to their savior…. Adam Willard . We can help you identify and apply the methods of movement to see this kingdom growth where you are. Growing a Movement of Disciple-Makers by Dann Spader. Thank you . I first heard about this way of making disciples from the docy movie “Sheep among wolves”. David Watson author of Contagious Disciple Making: To see a CPM, the equipping of leadership is critical. Today we are going to look at what it means to us as Kingdom Men to take action to. Introduction to Disciple Maker Movement Training, ActBeyond Justin Long. Sure, you are most welcome to our materials. This is what I believe God wants in Mozambique.. a DMM. We’ve lost the idea that it’s everyone’s responsibility to be involved in the chain of discipleship. Thanks for your question. In many parts of the world, among some of the hardest places and most resistant people, DMMs are sweeping through communities and nations as people encounter Jesus. OUR MISSION “Becoming A Disciple-Maker’s” mission is to help churches train disciple-makers to personally befriend and equip each new member with the needed ministry skills to enjoy a lifetime of spiritual growth and evangelistic multiplication. Don’t buy into the lie that you have to know everything before you share anything. If we’re not involved in that chain of discipleship, we’re out of God’s will. Disciple-Maker . I believe and l am trusting God more, as l plan to reach out to many more. To see a CPM, church members are ministering to their communities, and the Kingdom of God is expanding from individual to individual, family to family, community to community, city to city, and nation to nation. This page has the best content for learning how to practice disciple-making movements. Where are you located? I hope to see you next time. This is how we become mature disciples and make mature disciples of all nations. God bless you all. "Why Was I Brought Into Existence? Free Videos; Learn More 4 Chair Discipling Jesus recognized that the people He encountered were at different stages of growth and development, and He worked to challenge each of them to move to the next level. An obedient disciple makes more disciples regularly, and…, To see a CPM, Bible story/study groups reproduce regularly, and…, To see a CPM, churches reproduce regularly, and…. We would be honored to walk with you on this journey. Lets talk further by email. - Participate in our Nationwide prayer community.