If we put as much energy in spreading Gods love as we spent on debating we might reach our true destination, only through our body and soul which means having both teaching Sunni and Sufi after all the are two side of one coin. ", Sufis avoid politics because it "complicates their ability to contemplate God," Watenpaugh says. Like, they say, O’ my Lord, wherever I see, I see you’. The differences between the Sunni and the Shia are the following. Sunni sect is the largest sect of Islam. deals with the lhahir and unaware of the bathin. The second responsibility you have is to your fellow human beings, which is to treat them with kindness love and respect no matter their religion. A Sufi is a muslim who follows Quran and sunnah but differs with the Sunni with regard to: they believe The prophet is ever present as we’ll and he can hear you etc. The Persian Muslims tend to be Shia. the prophet Ali is important because Muhammad and Ali are related by blood and during Ali’s time you have some major civil wars that break out in the Muslim community. Then we will come back, because this will help introduce the whole idea of authority in Islam. As we will see, the main reason that Islam divided into Sunni and Shia was over, how was the true successor to Muhammad to be determined? We were walking on this beach, which never seemed to end, looking out at the ocean which went on forever. It has reacted against the cold austerity of Allah as one who does not communicate with his people, does not have any warm feelings or affection toward his people. The final of those were the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) and the Quraan. "Difference Between Sunni and Sufi." 5. Ibn ‘Abbas said, ” ‘Aishah gave a girl relative of hers in marriage to a man of theAnsar. I love to zikir. Finally, among the Sufis there are a number of Sufi orders, or tariqat, that have developed throughout the world. They really emphasize the role of the Hadith. God has deliberately put these examples in to make u think logically again, and come to your own conclusion. These are the four most important schools of law. Music is haram only when it idles time or deviates from Islam, not when it helps brings your heart closer to Allah. You should have sent along someone who would sing, ‘Here we come, to you we come, greet us as we greet you.’ ” (Reported by Ibn Majah. Most of the Muslims in the Shiite community still believe that there is a final imam that comes, known as a Mahdi figure. Why does Islam have all these different sectors? {AHLE SUNNAT WAL JAMA’AT } They also believe that Ali's authority was usurped by the first three caliphs: Abu Bakr and Umar ibn a-Khatab, both fathers-in-law of Muhammad, and Uthman ibn Affan, also a son-in-law. What Is The Time Difference Between The UK And Jamaica? The largest, more widespread school is the Hanifi school. What do you know about levels of mental health and it’s association with Islam … I have mental issues sloth and deeeep de or rather choose not to be stigmatised ..have had … Moderation. Difference between suffi and suni in Islam? Sunni follows the code of life sent by God in the form of Sunah and Quran. I won’t go through all of the details of these battles, but this is the first major civil conflict between Muslims where you have Muslims fighting Muslims. It is the largest school; very, very prominent throughout Asia, including Asia Minor and modern day Turkey. Thank You Mustafa— Sufism is the balance between far right and far left. Practises are only the signs of islam. We have a lot of variety within the Christian community. Why Does My Boyfriend Get Mad When I Talk To This Guy From School? What sort of symbolism does this dream have? following the quran and sunnah will make u a mumin (believer), and finding god will make ua sufi If I was a Muslim I would rather be a Sufi it is to me more Divine and Universal, Mitch do u want yo become a muslim because sufism will show u the guidance, I just converted recently (I was born to an atheist family..) Now I believe in only 1 god. It's the HIGHER PATH of most religions, which has been mostly lost, yet now, is making a comeback. Jazak Allahu Khairan once again. This was opposed by Ali’s followers, who said that the descendant of Muhammad, the caliphate, should not be determined by a vote of any council. The purpose of this lecture is to follow up on that and to develop how historically Islam has become also a divided movement. How Is Pilgrimage Different To A Holiday? As I told, lhahir deals with They are actually much closer to conservative Sunnis, many of them even to some other Shiites. Also just to clear up the part you mention about a “story created by a person called prophet Muhammad several years ago” to prove to you that he did not create the story and that it is the true word of god are a few example namely; the human embryo development stages were discovered in the 20th century with modern technology. I m so happy for you,that Allah has blessed you to begin the journey to know Him,HisProphets Adam to Ibrahim to Moses to Jesus to Mohammed(pbuh),we all pray for all our sons to be forgiven and grant Jannah & bless our Parentsalso. Sunni and Sufi both in my heart. Jews, Christianity and Islam. course/ a way of life, because my pir sahib always says that sufism is not everyones cup of tea This is why we have the term the “caliphate” because the caliph or caliphate represents a title for the successor of Muhammad. What happens after Muhammad dies? Very literal interpretation of the Qur’an. Sufis and sunni are differ with thier thoughts and their way of worship to god… The Prophet(pbuh) came and asked, ‘Did you send a singer along with her?’ ‘No,’ said ‘Aishah. Sufi means a saint in the English language. Thank you! These difference stated are wrong…. Sunnis believe the hadith come from the Prophet's companions. The year 610 was the year he had his famous “night of power and excellence” where he received the first revelation of the Qur’an. dey use to pray in d name of their saints in don’t low abt oda county’s, Sufism and sunni is the same thing…. God the creator of Heaven and Earth, the Beginer and the Final, Most Powerful, Most Merciful, From Whom we come and to Him we will return…. real and not deviated sufi are rare. Arabia is juxtaposed between both of these and to the south of these two great empires. This has been very important in more recent days in Afghanistan when the leader of the Taliban had actually taken out a mantle, a cloak, which had been believed to belong the actual prophet, and had clothed himself, wrapped himself in it as a way of saying that “I now carry the actual mantle of Muhammad, his prophethood, to lead Afghanistan to a divine state of superiority around the world.”. there are different category of sufi but most of them deviated. Sunnis focus on the teachings and Sunah of the holy Prophet whereas Sufi follows the basic as well as the spiritual practices. In reality every traditional sunni Ahlussunnah are at the footsteps of Sufi’s saints.m There are a number of important events also that follow this; but this is the main structure of the caliphate. In case you have been trapped in Syria, regardless whether you are Sufi or Sunni, would you prefer to settle in a kuffar country like Germany or a Muslim country (and I can’t see Saudi is willing to accept Syrian refugees though these refugees are the victims of terrorism supported by Saudi in Syria)? By practicing iman , ihsaan, and tasawwuf…. How long does a fresh turkey last in the refrigerator?