From my experience it does seem to help with hormone and can ease Arthritis symptoms. Their Viralox spray is for viral infections. Care Liquid Paraffin helps to ease constipation in adults and children over 3. Thank you, this is very helpful. My symptoms also started to return soon afterwards. Do not use this oil on sensitive skin, broken skin or mucous membranes. Thank you. Read this on another post and it has worked wonders. It has been extracted from the pine tree a different way and essential oils are stronger. So over all positives. Wash oils out of hair. If any body like to try it please let us know what he found. Do pay attention to labels and make sure that the turpentine you use is truly made from pine resin and has no other added ingredients. Instill 5 drops of Surolan in the ear canal twice daily and massage the ear. Would turpentine help with the arthritis? The colostrum essentially acts to reset, re-train and strengthen the human immune system. Also I think that the can of turpentine he held up was Klean Strip Green -- Pure Gum Spirit Turpentine (the green can) which is 100% gum spirits turps and can be used. The pet was rescued, I suspect given up because of these skin problems. Your own knowledge of nutrients and herbs is pretty vast because you have rightly tried to use all these nutrients to cure your own problems. This product has been specially designed for use on dry or problem skin areas anywhere on the body, but in some very rare cases it can cause local skin reactions (involving redness, irritation and/or itching). Horrible sores. Emollients help soften, moisturise and protect the skin. Thanks! occasionally, as well. Heya !!!! Along with 2 black walnut pills at night with pure bottled water. My energy level has never been better and even with the terrible winter we've been having in the North East, my immune system remains strong. Adult and kids dosages are shown in my protocols. I jusdt oredered and paypalled 24 1oz bottles, the largest size they are permitted to ship (email copy below). My leaky gut symptoms are nearly gone and my MSG sensitivity is drastically improved. About 1 yr ago I nebulized some Reduced Glutathione, along w/ other nutrients for lungs, and for a brief few hrs experienced a remarkable relief of bad symptoms and felt like my old self again prior to my injuries. My hair is shiny and smoother. My 3 year old has already had her adenoids removed. But not just any old cheap colostrum powder -- you must make sure that whatever powdered colostrum you buy has not been processed with chemicals or with excessive heat which would render the colostrum useless. Don't use Klean-Strip. Depending on the severity of your case (usually severity coincides w/ age) will determine how bad the "reactions" and how much time it takes to clear the bad stuff. started doing coffee enemas, which were recommended by Drn years ago. What's more, the SL brand uniquely uses the liposomal form of colostum delivery so the colostrum keeps longer(less oxidation) and the colostrum will not be affected by stomach acid or be digested when supplemented in the liposomal form but, instead, will be quickly absorbed into the blood. What is your opinion about taking Human Colustrum (Mother's Milk). NAC, Selenium and Melatonin to improve GTH. When taken right before meals, the turpentine is pushed down in to your small intestines by your food. A study performed using an experimentally-induced model of ear inflammation in mice demonstrated the effectiveness of prednisolone acetate in treating ear inflammation either alone or in combination with the other active ingredients of Surolan(2). Anod thanks again! And I was correct. Thank you to everyone who has written of their experiences - it is so helpful. It is more expensive but higher quality and taste pretty good with sugar. Malassezia pachydermatis and Staphylococcus pseudintermedius were identified pre-treatment in at least 10 cases that were clinically responsive to Surolan. Your beneficial experience one year ago nebulizing reduced glutathione would also seem to at least confirm your body's great need for glutathione. This type of product does not foam or lather. It's been very helpful and I am reluctant to stop it. Now you have an oral solution of sodium ascorbate + iodide + DHA in ascorbate form. This is up to you. I thought it would be worth mentioning. As a general dosage, what would you suggest for human colustrum. I also looked into DMSO as possible mechanism for turps delivery into the blood quickly in order to avoid the intestinal route but, unfortunately again, I found out that turpentine was completely insoluble in DMSO. 140138454. Hi Mama to Many...In answer to your questions: If you require more absorbable vitamin c then, yes, taking it with LI will increase the absorption of vitamin c(as dehydroascorbic acid) into the body. So I keep it simple -- use only pure gum spirits turpentine with no additives. Can you suggest a quality brand of essential oil of pine to aid in parasite/candid cleanse? Frankincense is called shallaki in Ayurvedic medicine and they use it widely in Ayurveda for gut problems as well as for arthritis. Julie Griner, Diamond G Forest Products, LLC ***************** Shipping cost is very heavy, but the product is the best(IMO) regards david, If your ordering from outside the EU, the tax and duties can end up being more than the actual cost of the product. Coconut oil or olive oil can also be taken as the carrier with the turps remedy as well. If the colostrum has been excessively heated or chemically processed in any way then its efficacy will be questionable. I am feeling so grateful to have found these posts written by you. But I do remember that by the next day the UTI was gone and I felt fantastic. In many cases, your doctor will ask you to continue taking oral meds for up to 2 weeks after the rash has cleared up.