Superman later discovers Lois left alive and well at a safe house, with a letter from Deathstroke noting the assassination attempt was all a ruse from an unknown contractor to see exactly how far Superman would be willing to go. Screen Rant Editor Andrew Dyce was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. RELATED: Superman: How the Multiverse Brought Together the Men of Steel. As a final twist, the entire skirmish is revealed to have been a calculated deception by all involved. If you have not read Deathstroke #8 yet stop reading now. First, though, a heads up. Deathstroke had acquired the legendary Godkiller sword and swore to use it to vanquish Lapetus once and for all when Superman unexpectedly arrived in response to the commotion. Wearing an experimental armor known as the Ikon Suit which affects gravity fields, Deathstroke is able to absorb Superman's attacks before concentrating the absorbed energy to knock back Superman, even drawing blood. Deathstroke’s new mission to take out an Olympian deity put him on a collision course with the God of War aka Wonder Woman! ... Wonder Woman… Spider-Man: Spider-Girl Just Gave Doctor Strange the Perfect Nickname, Resurrection Man: How DC's Immortal Hero Got a New Lease on Life. It's complicated technology, but it's not a one-off in the series. To lay the groundwork for newcomers, and explain exactly why Superman would decide to tackle Deathstroke on his own, a quick refresher on the world of DC's "Rebirth" and Deathstroke's in particular. Only Slade Wilson is bold enough to accept a contract to kill….a God. 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Agent Takes the Spotlight in a Character-Driven Debut, 10 Years Ago, Spider-Man's 'Brand New Day' Came to an End, The New Batman Is Out Of Control, But Robin Still Won't Tattle On Him, The Witcher: Fading Memories' Bartosz Sztybor Opens Up on Pushing Geralt to the Edge, X-Men: Which X of Swords Champions Could Make It to Krakoa, Nightwing Reveals the REAL Source of Batman's Misery, Hawkeye's Jeremy Renner Shows off His Comic-Accurate Look for Disney+ Series. Was John Byrne Almost the Regular Artist on Daredevil Early In His Marvel Career? Deathstroke and Superman's first memorable recent match-up occurred during the New 52 era in Deathstroke #9 by James Bonny and Tony Daniel. Thankfully, Batman tends to actually get in the way before the murders happen. Superman vs Deathstroke: Who Won This Clash of DC Titans? We can't say that the fight contained in the pages of the latest "Deathstroke" #8 is embarrassing for the Kryptonian strongman, but... it's definitely one he won't be putting in his highlight reel. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. You can read his work in the pages of Image+, follow him on Twitter @samstoneshow, and listen to his podcast Geek Out Show on iTunes and Google Play. But if you're thinking Slade Wilson a.k.a. In his new comic series, Deathstroke shows Superman why getting between him and his target is never a good idea. A one-stop shop for all things video games. And when he's hired t… Sam Stone is a 10th level pop culture guru living just outside of Washington, DC who knows an unreasonable amount about The Beatles. Slade's ex-wife recruits Superman into preventing the assassination from taking place after appealing to hid desire to save the lives of the innocent soldiers that would potentially be killed in the crossfire without his presence. For Wilson's part, writer Christopher Priest has anchored the hero's new series in his origin story, along with the supporting characters, former wives, past lovers, and children that make Slade no ordinary mercenary. Is Wilson being set up? Godkiller by Tony S. Daniel continues in Deathstroke Annual #1 this Wednesday. Expertly trained in martial arts and a variety of weaponry, Slade Wilson gained a degree of superhuman strength, speed and endurance from top-secret genetic experimentation as well as a limited healing factor and enhanced senses. For Wilson's part, writer Christopher Priest has anchored the hero's new series in his origin story, along with the supporting characters, former wives, past lovers, and children that make Slade no ordinary mercenary. Cable Only Survived X of Swords Thanks to One Unlikely Mutant. BEN GRIMM's BIG QUESTION in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The fight gets bigger, badder with “Titanic” consequences in the Deathstroke Annual #1 this week. Avenger Campus Spider-Man Spider-Bot Robot Toys Debut In New Video, Even Superman Can't Beat DC's New Deathstroke, Republic Medal? A quick trip out to Alisante's stronghold and a standoff with Deathstroke later, and the fight is ready to begin... even if neither man really knows why they, of all people, have been pushed into conflict. To lay the groundwork for newcomers, and explain exactly why Superman would decide to tackle Deathstroke on his own, a quick refresher on the world of DC's "Rebirth" and Deathstroke's in particular. For Superman fans, the news isn't all bad: he upheld the rule of law, even if it it - like he himself - ain't perfect. Ikon technology was created by Dr. Dave Isherwood, introduced as Slade's tech-minded backer in the new "Deathstroke" series who also uses his own Ikon Suit to play a superhero himself. Later, in Superman #32 by James Bonny and Tyler Kirkham, Deathstroke arrived in Metropolis targeting Lois Lane after the investigative reporter had written a story about him. RELATED: Deathstroke #50 is the Final Issue of the DC Assassin's Ongoing Series. As it turns out, Superman is pretty easy to anger when taking his punches without so much as a flinch - and sabotaging a mindless brawler is far, far below the skills of Deathstroke the Terminator. Slade gives the Last Son of Krypton an ultimatum to either kill him and save the woman he loves or watch her die, but Superman opts to put out the raging inferno when it puts others' lives at risk. Deathstroke does not finds a chained up deity, but a towering onyx statue looking suspiciously like Apollo. Despite the vast disparity in their powers and abilities on paper, Superman and Deathstroke have had several confrontations over their shared comic book history in the DC Universe. Slade was armed with a mystical weapon to kill Titan Lapetus, known as “The Piercer” and the God of Mortality. The prototype armor (years old at this point), known as the Ikon Suit, acts as a "gravity sheath." ComicsBlend sm. Superman only succeeds in knocking Slade out after his son, Jericho, wearer of the true Ikon Suit arrives to power down his father's prototype. Every DC Comics fan has their favorite in the match-up, but the DC Rebirth has shown that the best evidence may come when the Man of Steel tries his hand at bringing in a villain used to dealing with the Bat. When Slade finally takes a knee to mockingly surrender before Superman, the hero is left to wonder how he ever thought he could stand in his way - and still can't bring the mercenary down without help (read: cheating). Design by StylishWP, Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved. *SPOILERS FOR TITANS* Since you are likely referring to Titans Season 2 Episode 8, where Deathstroke beat the crap out of Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl: And could easily have killed her if he … But it doesn't change the fact that when sent to simply stop Deathstroke, the Man of Steel fell flat, learning the hard way what Batman already knows: Deathstroke isn't easily outsmarted. The Man of Steel has faced a surprisingly effective opponent in Deathstroke, the most lethal assassin in the DCU, in their numerous battles. Incensed, Superman quickly seized Deathstroke by the throat in the blink of an eye before Wonder Woman was able to successfully talk him down, ending the standoff in a draw. Deathstroke is only going to rely on some fake Kryptonite bullets to keep Superman at bay, you're wrong.