873, S. 2019) Proclamation No. Laguna - Resort Province Of The Philippines ... Coconut Festival. In San Pablo City, Laguna Coconut is one of the main products of the city. It won first place in the landscape design competition. It is held every first to second seven day stretch of January. The festival is the subject of an on-the-spot photo contest. The festivities commemorate a bountiful harvest of the town's agro-industrial products. There is a famous biking destination in Laguna Province, considered a Mecca for the local cyclists. AGRIFUELS CORPORATION Products: Virgin coconut oil Office Address: 1554 Unit 6G Globe Telecom Plaza 1, Pioneer corner Madison St., Mandaluyong City Plant Address: Borongan, Eastern Samar Contact Number: (02) 739-0335, (0917) 526-8266, (0917) 852-2011 Email: [email protected] ATSON COCO, INC. Products: Virgin coconut oil Office Address: Km. It is a week-long celebration highlighted by a mardi gras with the participants’ decorated costumes made of coconut-derived materials. The Cape Coral Coconut Festival started in 2005 at Sun Splash Festival Grounds and has come to be known as the city's signature event! Many food festivals in the Philippines celebrate their local food, such as banana, coconut, seafood, lechon (roasted pig), and kakanin (rice cakes). Coconut is one of the main industries of Laguna, and with the existence of the Coconut Festival, the people in the city are proud to show the world their talents and ingenuity. Go loco at the colorful Coconut Festival in San Pablo, Laguna. The Coconut Festival is seven days festivity in San Pablo, Laguna, the Philippines, to pay tribute to their patronr Saint Paul the Hermit. The Coconut Festival, having its maiden year on January, 1996, the coco fest is held during the celebration of the city’s patron saint, Saint Paul the First Hermit, which falls every 15th of January. Every year during the months of April and may, the people of Pakil, in the province of Laguna celebrates the Turumba Festival. It is held every first to... second week of January. Laguna Beach has some great summer arts festivals. Photo from: pinoyphotography.org . The researchers used the Participation Theory of Communication by Paolo Mefalopolus. If Coconut Festival is a live person, then “Coco Fest” would age to just about your typical 20-year old Filipino millennial. Coconut Festival In photo: Bibingka made with coconut meat, Star Margarine, and Magnolia Cheezee. Coconut is one of the primary products of the City of San Pablo in Laguna. The festival is regarded by the locals as a thanksgiving occasion for the bountifulness in the growing of coconuts, the city’s major crop. Pablo City, Laguna residents towards the Coconut Festival. We would like to invite OFWs and tourists to visit us and get a taste of our region. Coconut Festival . Over the last decade, attendance has grown significantly, hosting over 20,000 people! Coconut Festival: 1st to 2nd week San Pablo City, Laguna: Festival lasts a week Minasa Festival: 2nd week Bustos, Bulacan: Batingaw Festival: 13 Cabuyao City: Halad Festival: 3rd Sunday Midsayap, Cotabato: Honours the Santo Niño: Feast of the Santo Niño 3rd Sunday National Liturgical feast of the Santo Niño de Cebú according to the Philippine National Liturgical Calendar. The Coconut Festival is a week-long celebration in San Pablo, Laguna, the Philippines, in honor of their patron saint Paul the Hermit. “ANILAG festival was formed to showcase Laguna’s finest cuisines and products. To make the most of the “Tree of Life”, and to show the world the talents and ingenuity of the local townsfolk, the Coconut Festival came into existence. The festival serves as a thanksgiving for the city’s pride main crop: the coconut. Coconut “Tree of Life” Festival! The towns of Los Baños, Liliw, Nagcarlan, Alaminos, and Pagsanjan are the best places to buy Espasol. Also known as the coco fest, the event’s humble beginnings can be traced back to 1996 when the first edition of the celebrations was held to honor the Hermit, St. Paul.