(1) Amend paragraph 4 of Schedule 11 (exempted disposals by... Local Government and Housing Act 1989 (c. 42). 333 250 250 556 ] /H /I A1. 14B. 157. endobj >> /Border [ 0 0 0 ] /PitStop 104 0 R << 3)). /Type /Page (1) Amend section 32 (associates) as follows. The Civil Partnership Act 2004 was introduced in December 2005 to enable couples of the same sex to make a legal commitment to each other. In section 171ZL (entitlement to statutory adoption pay), in subsection... (1) Amend Schedule 4A (additional pension) as follows. /H /I Xr"#g2V"IV3>8:ctp'A>qRQUrrVns :PhfSX;=:kE9_Mn7#>CpeE 19. [email protected]%3l<936%Mma(f'[M4C+BS#njjdu4SddoW9eq,nsMGMI> /Subtype /Link endobj with reference to civil partnerships, 204A.Ceremonies and events to mark civil partnerships: protection from compulsion, 209.Restriction on publicity of reports of proceedings. /XHeight 484 consent where proposed civil partner under 18, Notice of proposed civil partnership and declaration, Additional information if party not relevant national, Additional evidence if party not relevant national, Change of usual address or UK contact address, Rejection of false information or evidence, Amendment of notice and evidence provisions, Recording of information in the register: compliance with requirements, Proposed civil partnership to be publicised, Referral of proposed civil partnership to Secretary of State, Notice of proposed civil partnership: false information or evidence, Appeal against refusal to issue civil partnership schedule. /URI (http://www.cambridge.org/0521617928) endobj 10)). 15.In section 1 (appeals against rejection of war pension claims... Greenwich Hospital Act 1947 (10 & 11 Geo. 23 0 R 24 0 R 25 0 R Prohibited degrees of relationship: Northern Ireland, Civil partnerships of persons under 18: Northern Ireland. /URI (http://www.cambridge.org/0521617928) 51. 4. >> 61 0 obj 25 0 obj (1) Amend Article 5 (power to require evidence) as follows.... 115.In Article 6 (objections), in paragraph (6)(b), after “married” insert... Access to Justice (Northern Ireland) Order 2003 (S.I. Rent (Northern Ireland) Order 1978 (S.I. 78. I/R64U1cO;%c5R. 8 0 obj (1) Sub-paragraphs (2) and (3) apply where one of the... Matters to which court is to have regard in exercising its powers under paragraph 9. >> endobj [ >> /H /I 51. 14. 8. (1) When considering whether to make or vary an order... Part 9 Failure to maintain: financial provision (and interim orders). 0UCWgdLl-hlT0P'M-Za+qdbcS0E(u,05%L! 238.Non-recognition elsewhere of dissolution or annulment, Chapter 4 Miscellaneous and supplementary, 239.Commanding officers' certificates for Part 2 purposes, 240.Certificates of no impediment to overseas relationships, 241.Transmission of certificates of registration of overseas relationships, 242.Power to make provision relating to certain Commonwealth forces, Part 6 Relationships arising through civil partnership. /Border [ 0 0 0 ] Revised legislation carried on this site may not be fully up to date. [email protected]>[kFS=7SsM\E0H.VYd(JSBRMcRRI7[iE;[email protected]?pQ674k4`)#4%.r 39. 21. /Border [ 0 0 0 ] 1993/1576 (N.I. (1) Amend section 14 (victim statements) as follows. /Contents 188 0 R (1) Subject to sub-paragraph (1A) and to section 2 of... 48.In this Schedule “child of the family”, in relation to... Financial relief in England and Wales after overseas dissolution etc. In section 31(c) (effect of work on rent)—. (1) This Schedule applies where— (a) a civil partnership has... Part 2 Circumstances in which court may entertain application for financial provision. << >> 27)). (1) Amend section 4 (variation of orders registered in magistrates'... Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Act 1963 (c. 41). /Subtype /Link 30 0 obj /Subtype /TrueType 3 0 R 4 0 R 5 0 R 3. (1) Amend Article 2A (meaning of member of a person’s... Housing (Northern Ireland) Order 1983 (S.I. [9], An amendment tabled by Conservative MP Edward Leigh proposed to extend the property and pension rights afforded by civil partnerships to siblings who had lived together for more than 12 years. 7(HP,h&k2,! (1) If a court decides to make an order under... 72.Nothing in paragraphs 68 to 71 affects—, Alteration of agreements by court after death of one party. (1) References in this Schedule to— (a) periodical payments orders,... Financial relief: provision corresponding to provision made by the Domestic Proceedings and Magistrates' Courts Act 1978, Part 1 Failure to maintain etc. [k6%`\u=k4nL'`D!XR'[s,4VM>:fX /MediaBox [ 0 0 432 936 ] 23. /Parent 107 0 R 6)). (1) In Article 12 (family proceedings rules), amend paragraph (3)(g)... Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995 (S.I. 17.Period during which registration may take place, The procedures for house-bound and detained persons, Modified procedures for certain non-residents, 20.Modified procedures for certain non-residents, 23.Application to be reported to Registrar General, 24.Objection to issue of Registrar General’s licence, 26.Frivolous objections: liability for costs, 27.Period during which registration may take place, 30.The Registrar General and the register, 30ZA.Religious involvement: protection against compulsion, 31.Offences relating to civil partnership schedule, 32.Offences relating to Registrar General’s licence, 33.Offences relating to the recording of civil partnerships, 35.Power to assimilate provisions relating to civil registration, Chapter 2 Dissolution, nullity and other proceedings, 37.Powers to make orders and effect of orders, 38.The period before conditional orders may be made final, 40.Proceedings before order has been made final, 41.Time bar on applications for dissolution orders, 42.Attempts at reconciliation of civil partners, 43.Consideration by the court of certain agreements or arrangements, 44.Dissolution of civil partnership which has broken down irretrievably, 45.Supplemental provisions as to facts raising presumption of breakdown. /Rect [ 16.00048 795.14906 87.00265 807.48274 ] /Font << /F1 138 0 R /F2 128 0 R /F12 125 0 R >> /Properties << /R75 195 0 R >> oV`cp";h-dJR*^~> 52. >> 10. Civil partners are entitled to the same p… In section 6(1) (interim aliment)— (a) in paragraph (a), for... (1) Amend section 8 (orders for financial provision) as follows.... (1) Amend section 9 (principles to be applied in deciding... (1) Amend section 10 (sharing of value of matrimonial property)... (1) Amend section 11 (factors to be taken into account)... (1) Amend section 12 (orders for payment of capital sum... (1) Amend section 12A (orders for payment of capital sum:... (1) Amend section 13 (orders for periodical allowance) as follows.... (1) Amend section 14 (incidental orders) as follows. ] 23. /S /URI /S /URI 63. When pension compensation sharing orders may take effect. /A 8 0 R 70. This requirement was removed by Parliament in March 2019, and since 2 December 2019 couples irrespective of sex can register their intent to form a civil partnership. /Type /Pages 20. << /Rotate 0 endobj The first date on which notice could be given was 5 December 2005 and the first registration was on 21 December 2005. 1. >> 2.After section 18A insert— Will to be revoked by civil... 3.The following provisions— (a) section 15 of the Wills Act... 4.In section 16 of the 1837 Act, after “wife or... 5.Except where a contrary intention is shown, it is presumed... Part 2 Administration of estates and family provision. gocLscMV7r'-n:uI&f0dFQ>6IHSu/&q0p'U!>_!$+W:udr_1`d,jdl.7d1 << (1) Amend section 107 (recovery of expenditure on income support:... 64.In section 109B (power to require information), in subsection (5)(a),... 65.In section 139 (arrangement for community charge benefits), in subsection... 66.In section 156 (up-rating under section 150 of pensions increased... Part 5 Amendments of the Social Security Contributions and Benefits (Northern Ireland) Act 1992 (c. 7). Consent of appropriate person unobtainable. London EC2A 4HB 2004/702 (N.I. 16!Jkc!uGMNW:;!JH0,c:[email protected],? Refusal of order in case more suitable for High Court. Presumptions for the purposes of paragraph 15. 175. (1) Amend Article 336 (extension of Article 332 to spouses... 73.In Article 354 (connected persons) in paragraph (2)—. (1) Amend section 8 (residence, contact and other orders with... 130.In section 48 (powers to assist in discovery of children... 131.In section 50 (recovery of abducted children etc. 30. << /Descent -217 /Resources << /ExtGState << /R9 152 0 R /R95 227 0 R /R38 226 0 R >> /ColorSpace << /CS7 148 0 R >> /Thumb 252 0 R Restrictions on making property adjustment orders. 9 0 obj 125.In Schedule 1 (supplementary provisions), in paragraph 9C(1), for “married... Part 8 Amendments of the Child Support Act 1995 (c. 34).