Usually any department store that sells like Clinique and Estée Lauder. One in particular was something I had to have specially compounded and was not even covered by my insurance. Luckily I seem to only react to it on my skin, I’m able to eat foods with carmine without a reaction (but I still avoid it as much as possible). But for items you already own or have just received; take a look on the ingredient label on the product and look out for the words carmine, cochineal, cochineal extract, crimson lake, cochineal lake or natural red 5. They are grown in farms and once they reach 90 days old they are brushed from the cacti and collected up. Skin cancer cells are naturally occuring but that doesn’t mean I want to have them in my eyeshadow or put in my yogurt for pete’s sake! Used as a colorant in cosmetics and foods.
I have been going this mor ing and was lucky to find your blog early. Have reacted to elf eye shadows. lists carmine as an ingredient.

:)). please post! Carmine is not vegan friendly. Carmine dye is listed as an ingredient (or listed as “may contain”) in almost all make-up products. Great post! Also, people who are Vegans are being mislead. My eyes have been going insane. Can no longer wear any FRAGRANCE (does PINK COLORED Lancome La Vie Este Belle have Carmine?????? )

Thank you for the info I’m going to try these products you suggested. I can never eat a red or pink food again (unless it grew out of the ground that way); not a jelly bean, M&M, red candy, Red Velvet Cake, or any other red dye food artificially colored with “natural coloring.” No more LOBSTER BISQUE (CONTAINS “CRAB FLAVORING” (ARTIFICIAL CRABMEAT COLORED WITH CARMINE!!!!!) Ahhh we got E.L.F because it was cheaper. Depending on your type, you need to choose the makeup that suits you. Found our last night that carmine is in Runts candy.

I am also allergic to carmine. Me without make-up (Junior year of high school). As I am 77 years old, going without make-up is a pretty scary option. I also have a carmine allergy. I also use elf make up products. I am now on a quest to find carmine-free products to try. Not all make-up suppliers display the product ingredients on their websites - so be sure to contact them, asking for the products ingredients before ordering. Then you can share info for other people who suffer from this allergy. Never would have know it could be carmine until I read this blog.

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:), Tagged as allergies, allergy, carmine, dye, make up, makeup. I have found many products from Aveda that I can use! Carmine is also in candy and food. :(.

(Also labeled as carminic acid, cochineal, crimson lake, E 120) What is strange is I use to eat immitation crab meat with no issues but I’m thinking since I had my gall bladder out, things are worse. If there is some way to send you a picture of my allergy eyes I will. Carmine. Products in The Body Shop Vitamin E line contain both lanolin and carmine. Hi Nancy, Are you allergic to both cooked and uncooked? I also discovered one exception to the other brands – so far, all of the self-sharpening eyeliners that I have found don’t contain carmine dye. It causes my face to swell ( eyes almost swell shut) and my through the swells a little. I remember getting a gift of perfume called Emeraude, (I have always called it Evenrude, don’t know why, lol) anyhoo, it made my skin itchy and swollen, turns out CARMINE is in it, ONLY its listed as Red 4, (not to be confused with red 40). I had the realisation that “Cruelty free” / “Not tested on animals” does NOT automatically mean a product is vegan! I’ve ALWAYS had issues with makeup (and have been wearing the SAME eyeshadow for almost 15 years now because it’s the only one that does not cause itching and swelling)… I just never knew what would make me itchy or why, so I gave up on trying new products. Glad to know I’m not alone. Here are the products I have found that do not have carmine: I’m reading up on all of this and really appreciate your insight. Aveda doesn’t use carmine and I now only buy cosmetics from them.
ELF public relations will be contacted. The menu said Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. My reaction gets worse every time I’m exposed to it, so I try to be very careful. No way to find out. I found a cruelty free line that contains no beetles … it’s Josie Maran.

Carmine red dye is found in some processed and packaged foods, cosmetics, and body products. Today, on the Internet, there are many courses and video lessons on how to make your own makeup. Makes my eyes red, itchy, and very painful. Whenever I wore make-up, my eyes would itch and I was paranoid that I was going to accidentally have mascara smeared across my face.