My amazing friend Baylee from Rebel Salon did a fantastic job, adding multiple colors and layers. Print. And I’m not sure there is anything better than a single serve cake you can whip up in less than 3 minutes! Love making a mug cake in the morning. Thanks for a great and very amusing blog! Haha. (it also seems to need baking soda or powder…) It’s quite dry and a bit on the bitter side. Okay, I rarely ever, EVER right a review, unless the product has done something incredibly amazing in my life. Birch Benders just-add-water Pancake & Waffle Mixes, Toaster Waffles, and Cups have it all: convenience, deliciousness, and quality. Woot woot!!! We both thank you! Here are the ingredients you’ll need: Ingredient quantities are located in the recipe card at the end of the post. This website contains affiliate links. choco cake?! this is FUNNY! SHEW – I found it again. When you’re single, you can make yourself paleo cake in a mug, on a Sunday afternoon, and no one can tell you any different. Only fill the muffin tins 3/4 of the way full because the muffins will rise. Wonderful and easy! Usually sub coconut oil for the walnut oil, since we always have coconut oil in the house. I’m going two weeks strong with this deliciousness. I plan on having pancakes tomorrow and will snap a pic and tag you in IG. Meghan Markle {soon to be married to Prince Harry} is in it and now I'm obsessed with all things royal. I also added some shredded coconut for a little crunch. YUM!! I didn’t have any honey, so I used coconut nectar . will try it soon. Wish I could say I loved this…sadly it was vile. But dont have eggs in the house. you have a funny way to express yourself. I have an allergy to walnuts. Perfect! }, 7 Irresistible Keto Coffee Recipes You Need to Try ASAP, Medium egg (you can use a large egg, but it will be a bit “eggy” if you do), 10g fat (topping your keto pancake mug cake with butter will help increase this! Let me know how it turns out when you get to try it! I stay on track because of you! This is the flavor I expect from a pancake recipe. But the good news: it’s packed with protein, it's sugar-free {besides a few chocolate chips}, and absolutely satisfies those cravings for something sweet. Fantastic recipe, thank you! I LOVE these!!! So I have definitely eaten the original recipe multiple nights in a row. I will definitely share with all my friends! Click Here To Get All My PaleOMG Recipes Into Your Meal Planner With Real Plans! If the bottom isn’t fully cooked yet (this will depend on your microwave), cook it for another few seconds. Definitely enough for 2! I used half the amt of sweetener & next time will only use 1/4 the amt. Not slapping hands with rulers but… come on man! If it comes out clean they should be done. I purchase the 48 oz. And sub coffee for cocoa powder (and then chop a couple of figs/dates as a topping if needed lol). And loving every bite:-) thanks for another great recipe!! I ate a quarter as I was so desperate for a cocoa fix but had to bin the rest., You want a ‘glaze’ for this? Take a photo and tag me on Instagram or leave aphoto comment on Pinterest. Hooray for chocolate! Hard life. Like everything this pancake mix can be found online! I’ve had a really hard time liking paleo sweets more than the processed unhealthy ones. My husband had his with an egg and said that mine tasted better hahaha You’re site and blogs are awesome, keep up the fantastic entertainment!!! Unfortunately, in this recipe, you can’t substitute almond flour. 2. I love coconut & I could definitly taste (& feel the slight crunch) of it. Remove sealed lid, add water, mix well until smooth, and microwave on high for 60 seconds. I added a splash of almond extract and some shaved dark chocolate and it was amazing! Don’t you think?! I made this cinnamon coffee cake recipe as a treat that could be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert. I hope you can figure out how to alter it to suit you! Hi Patricia, Thank you! ok, with this paleo thing… You can’t just work around the rules and ready the same way as before! please try to think in a linear path with me. Stop thinking I’m a genius. Hi Ginnie, Thank you so much for the comment! that sh*t is fuuuuuny!! We had ours with (dairy) cream, which I know isn’t paleo, but it tasted fantastic. I had some of the Birch Bender paleo pancake mix on hand, and decided to see how a mug cake would turn out with it today.