Zumper is the easiest way to search for apartments for rent. Despite the idea that Arizona is hot and dry most of the year, the truth is, the weather varies quite a bit depending on where you are. Or follow him on Twitter at @weldonjohnson. Though Mesa isn’t as safe as some of the other cities on this list, it does have exceptional public schooling, a thriving nightlife, and tons of diversity. Of the two, Tucson is much more temperate, usually about 10-15 degrees cooler than Phoenix, more in the summer. Spring is the second busiest for tourism, which makes it a good time for those looking for things to do. The name is not deceiving; Paradise Valley truly is a slice of paradise. The average high during this season is between 66°F (18.9°C) and 54.6°F (12.6°C). Read below for more weather and travel details. Tourism data for this area is very reliable. But isn't Tucson further south than Phoenix? Check out Cobra Arcade Bar and The Churchill to get yourself properly acquainted with Downtown Phoenix’s lively bar scene. The warmest time of year is generally late June where highs are regularly around 101°F (38.3°C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 70.1°F (21.2°C) at night. And as you would expect in a town with a thriving college scene that’s also the state capital, the nightlife here is booming. Flagstaff received 40.8 inches during that time period. Who says there’s no snow in Arizona? Humidity and temperatures combine to make this season feel moderate. The average high temperature for February (63.6 degrees) was 7.1 degrees below normal. Subscribe to azcentral.com today. 85007 In addition to the cold and snow, Phoenix got a record 1.01 inches of rain on Feb. 21. Note that we define “significant precipitation” as .1 inches or more in this section. Wearing thick hats, gloves and socks will help you stay warm in freezing temperatures. We keep talking about February, but it was an eventful month. The city has a vibrant college scene and amenities to boot. Lemmon, the summit of the Catalina Mountains is home to the SkyCenter. Winter Weather in Southern Arizona. As of Oct 07, 2019 there are no travel advisories or warnings for the United States; exercise normal security precautions. People who live here have access to award-winning school districts and a vibrant downtown area with everything from pub crawls to jazz festivals, farmers’ markets to free yoga in the park. It’s perfect for families, the crime rate is low, education is top-notch, and it has some of the best shopping in the Phoenix area. Lemmon, the summit of the Catalina Mountains is home to the SkyCenter. These times of year are the busiest with tourists. (866) 275-5816 | (602) 364-3700, Copyright © 2020 VisitArizona.com | Privacy Policy, Featured Entries Gallery for Discover More. Lemmon SkyCenter staff and Steward Observatory Mountain Operations team work together to determine if the site will be ready for a SkyNights program later that evening. While high temperature records have been common recently, Phoenix experienced something rare last winter when it shattered a 122-year-old record for the lowest daily high temperature. For more stories that matter, subscribe to azcentral.com. Puerta Privada Reception Hall, 2645 N. 16th St., Phoenix, AZ 85006, Phone: 602-492-3434. If you’re looking for the very warmest time to visit Arizona, the hottest months are July, August, and then June. The city’s suburbs boast single-family homes, and the commute from the suburbs into the city is only about 20 minutes. While people are enjoying the summer in Central Arizona by sunbathing or splashing around in everything from lakes to pools, folks in Northern Arizona enjoy outdoor life with cooler temps and crisper nights. Average temperatures in Arizona vary drastically. The best time to ski (if at all) in Arizona is often around around May 7th when fresh powder is deepest. The graph below shows the % chance of rainy and snowy days in Arizona. Below, you can check out your region of interest and get an idea for its average temps per season. By contrast, it’s most likely to rain or snow in late July with an average of 1 days of significant precipitation the week of July 23rd. While the Tucson valley enjoys balmy winters with daytime temperatures the mid to high 60s, Mt. Apply for the listings you want and post your rental properties. Even using a loose definition of "city", AZ really only has 2: Tucson and Phoenix. Tucson will reach 110 on rare occasion in May and June, perhaps early July; it will be in the 60's in the winter, for about 2 months. The middle-year months have very comfortable weather with high temperatures that are quite warm. Despite the idea that Arizona is hot and dry most of the year, the truth is, the weather varies quite a bit depending on where you are. Even using a loose definition of "city", AZ really only has 2: Tucson and Phoenix. How’s the Weather? Just two hours north of Phoenix and closest to the city of Payson, Strawberry is the perfect place for nature lovers. It takes coordination and work to open our observatory for research and outreach programming following storms, and we appreciate everyone’s patience while we arrange for a great night. There are few days during the summer when the humidity becomes unpleasant. June – August is fairly slow season for tourism in Arizona, so lodging and other accommodations may cost slightly less. When can you find snow in Arizona? Sun City. With glorious weather, natural beauty, world-class amenities, and something for everyone, it’s no wonder Arizona is one of the fastest-growing states. On average, it rains or snows a smalll amount: 1 to 2 times per month. And it ended with Phoenix's coolest and wettest stretch of 2019. On average, there are 286 sunny days per year in Arizona. Advertising - It snowed in the higher elevations of the Phoenix metro area, including north Scottsdale and … This advisory was last updated on Sep 23, 2019. Chandler. If you’re working in Phoenix, this is one suburb you should consider. University Information Security and Privacy. Lemmon SkyCenter, and it is extremely COLD. May’s average wind speed of around 7.3 knots (8.4 MPH or 13.5 KPH) is considered “a gentle breeze.” Maximum sustained winds (the highest speed for the day lasting more than a few moments) are at their highest in early to mid April where average top sustained speeds reach 16.5 knots, which is considered a moderate breeze. Archive - I just assumed that made it hotter. It’s culturally diverse and home to many diverse communities. Normal is 6.08. I lived in Sierra Vista for 2 years, and can tell you that while it is a very small city, it's not exactly a small town, and it enjoys excellent weather year-round: highs over 100 for only about a week in June, great, cooling, wet monsoons for a month or two in summer, and you can definitely golf year-round. In fact, it’s only a short drive from Boyce Thompson Arboretum and Lost Dutchman State Parks. Weather stations report very large amounts of snow likely to be deepest around March, especially close to early February. Rising from the Sonoran Desert high above Tucson, Mt. Check out the places that topped our list. The area is somewhat temperate — in the 49th percentile for pleasant weather — compared to tourist destinations worldwide. On average, it rains or snows a smalll amount: 1 to 2 times per month. When we can run a program, we do guarantee fun and bringing the best program we can to the public! Come winter, Northern Arizona offers the beauty of snow-covered mountains and great skiing, while in the central to southern parts of the state, people often enjoy the mild and welcoming weather in shorts or t-shirts. Thanks. The city also saw six high temperature records either beaten or tied during the spring and summer, in addition to five records for warmest overnight low temperatures. Here is a look at some of Arizona's top weather events of 2019.