So I’ll break it down month by month! As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. You’re likely to learn a lot about national authors both past and present, and even some of Ireland’s fascinating history. The upside is you’ll find low prices and low numbers of tourists. Sometimes Easter Sunday falls in March and is widely observed. This is the last month possible to visit the Skellig Islands, as between October and April the weather is deemed too unpredictable. July and August are also when the top places to see in Ireland will be the most crowded. We took a nice road trip around the country and checked out various types of accommodations. occupying bars, pubs, and nightclubs left, right, and center, Galway hosts an annual festival—the Galway Arts Festival. Where should you stay in Ireland for January, Where should you stay in Ireland for February, Where should you stay in Ireland for March, Where should you stay in Ireland for April, Where should you stay in Ireland for June, Where should you stay in Ireland for July, Where should you stay in Ireland for August, Where should you stay in Ireland for September, Where should you stay in Ireland for October, Where should you stay in Ireland for November, Bull Rock Island – One Of Ireland’s Hidden Gems, Blarney Castle And Gardens: All You Need To Know, Brigid’s Cross Symbol – History and Meaning, Where should you stay in Ireland for December. Temperature averages will be much the same as July (including the levels of travelers coming here—brace yourself for higher wait times & crowds), with near-constant full or partial cloud cover. Days are longer, the weather is warmer, and hotel and car rental prices are at their highest. The fall season in September and October brings milder temperatures of 48-60°F with fewer crowds and lower prices, but still sees its fair share of festivals. We saw sunny days, but also had a lot of those rainy Ireland overcast days. Start planning your tailor-made trip by contacting one of our Ireland specialists. This is pretty good movie weather (something you’d probably be doing at home anyway), so if you’re in or around Dublin during this month, don’t miss the Dublin International Film Festival. This can be a wonderful time to see Ireland at its most calm. Cloudy and overcast skies will often remain, but there will still be the highest amount of sunshine hours so far in the year. There will still be rain, but typically less than 20 days of the month. Some country hotels may be closed for the low season, but others will offer good deals on accommodation to make up for any possible inconvenience. The temperatures are cooler during the low season in Ireland and you stand a very strong chance of getting caught in a rainstorm. The temperature rarely falls below freezing in winter or … All in all, this is one of the best times to visit Ireland. Jazz lovers flock to Cork in late October, and with good reason. Guide to Yosemite for first-time visitors, including accommodation, costs and things to do. Avoid these areas on December 26th too – the post-holiday sales begin, and the shops will be chaotic. When to Go to Ireland. We strive to ensure our content is clear and honest. Southern Ireland tends to enjoy the warmest temperatures, and although the north coast is cooler than the south, the coolest weather is in the inland areas, away from the warm ocean waters. Even though there are never any promises when it comes to Irish weather, spring and autumn tend to be relatively mild and have fewer crowds (and lower prices) than during the peak of summer. Best Time To Visit Ireland For Beaches. While it might sound a little too chilly for some, the cold weather does have plenty of bonuses! This is officially the start of the top travel time for Ireland as a whole (particularly Dublin, being the capital city) thanks to much warmer weather. Ireland in March is among the best times of the year to visit. This May festival offers food and cooking demonstrations, meet and greets with local food producers who keep their farming local, and of course, sampling some of the freshest, Ireland-produced food around. If this is your favorite season, you’ll probably fall in love with your time here. While we receive compensation when you click links to partners, they do not influence our content. Bernd is a travel writer from Germany who has lived in Ireland since the late 1990s and written several German-language tourism guides to the country. December is a fairly cold month, but this can result in beautifully picturesque landscapes of frost-covered hills and trees. Spring will reach its peak during this month, and surprisingly this is one of the best times to go to Ireland. However, in the Midlands and mountains, it snows more frequently and ground cover lasts for longer. You stand your best chance of good weather in Ireland between July and early September. In addition to Christmas Day on December 25, December 26 is St. Stephen's Day in the Republic of Ireland and known as Boxing Day in Northern Ireland. Beware the crowds on December 8th; this is a traditional shopping day where many will head into town for holiday shopping. Plan a trip back to Claire for the Ennis Street Festival, which takes place in June.