Prosecutor Oh finally discovers Jung-moon and Doctor Kim with his head covered. This also includes Boss Lee (whom Cha killed), and Jung-moon balls up a fist around the glass, causing his hand to bleed. Go Jo Dong-hyuk! The man wondered whether he was dreaming of being a butterfly or if the butterfly was dreaming of being him (a reference to the philosopher Zhuang Zhou’s butterfly dream). Ut aliquet vestibulum ipsum vel laoreet. I can only hope for another season of this intense, action packed, high octane rush to thriller. Bad Guys told the story of two detectives who formed a team with three criminals including a a gangster, a contract killer, and a serial killer to catch other serious criminals. js = d.createElement(s); = id; or It is in the beginning stages of production, and… You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. The world will judge whether he was right or wrong, Prosecutor Oh says. Here's to a season 2! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Commissioner Nam rises from his seat, but that gives Prosecutor Oh the perfect angle to literally go in for the kill. Download the latest version. Nooooooooooo!! or an excellent series, well thought out and amazing actors who can tell a story with just an expression! In Jung-moon’s case, he had a high psychopathy score, and yet, he still had an inner moral compass, and it’s the other moral pillar that went on a murder spree. They could go ahead without him since he was cleared for the 15 serials and bring in another could work. They are also capable of mimicking and displaying emotions, except their display are not genuine. I believe a Season 2 is definitely in order. appId : '127538621120543', direct links to the original content. All in all, great drama, and I loved all the main characters, both the "good" and "bad" guys. OCN is making a Season 2 of the bone-chilling crime-thriller Bad Guys. The detectives on the serial killer case never investigated and realised that all victims were wives or loved ones of those murderers already in prison?? Absolutely loved the energy and the vibe and the vigorous abilities of these fantastic actors, bringing so much hot-blooded zing on to our screens...amazing, absolutely! And it was not explained why Gootak's daughter was the only victim left in the rain outside ? I'm satisfied with the ending. Only in that state would Prosecutor Oh forgive his wife’s murderer. The series was very interesting. Did Tae Soo kill Sun Jung's husband b/c he liked her and just wanted the hubby out of the picture? Also, Pros. Here's to a season 2! Tears stream down his cheek, but Tae-soo continues his confession that he’s the reason why her husband died. That psychopath was none other than Jung-moon, who was brought in by Prosecutor Oh himself. And with that, Prosecutor Oh is taken away. I'm three years too late in watching this but HOW AWESOME WAS THIS DRAMA?! “You fed your own greed under the pretext of justice.”. This drama is a hidden gem. Great characters and story. In fact I think the story makes as much sense if you just treat it like he wasn't that crazy to begin with, but getting labeled as a psychopath made it easy for the prosecutor and doctor to use him in their plan. The casting seems solid but I'll definitely miss this season's team! This seems understandable considering how "discovering myself" became his main drive throughout the whole series. "If you weren't so nice and sweet, I wouldn't have fallen in love with you and your husband would still be alive.". Starring: Park Joong-hoon, Joo Jin-mo, Yang Ik-june. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Just not guilt nor empathy. We have two VP's already, but only one BG. Once this case is over, he’ll go and give her the promotion she’s wanted. Great ending! Could it be his voice that makes him feel more like a bad guy? Tracking Tae-soo’s and Woong-chul’s ankle monitors leads them to a dead end, and it’s then that Mi-young learns of Commissioner Nam’s death. Hmm yeah that is so true. I remember seeing him in one variety show years ago and he mentioned how he could only thrive in villain roles because his shows would tank whenever he played the good guy. Thank you so much for recapping Bad Guys gummimochi. What a great drama. They head over to the docks and Goo-tak picks Tae-soo and Jung-moon’s brains about how Prosecutor Oh would prepare for a rendezvous like this. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I have to see how he pulls this off. That takes her to the prison, where she peers inside a cell to declare, “Crazy Dog is being released again.”. I'm glad that Jung Moon turned out to be completely innocent of the Hwayeondong serial killings. That gets the doc to start blubbering, crying that he’ll talk. Hee, these two. Tae Hoo the hitman is actuall ythe smartest and best dressed anti-hero. “Goo-tak… are we people or beasts?”, Goo-tak knows something’s wrong, but Commissioner Nam downplays the situation. WOW.....this drama was intense and so amazing! Kind of makes you think of capital punishment for vermin like him. (function(d, s, id) { It was a story filled with both bleakness, anguish with a strain of redemption running through it. Doctor Kim claims that he’ll die if he spills the beans, and plus, there’s no way they can beat “that person.” Then it’s Tae-soo’s turn, and he’s ready to hammer through Doctor Kim’s head. The first think I thought of was your could none of the police link the murder victims?! So that thing called ’emotion’… since I can’t feel it, I plan to learn.”. While Tae-soo takes on Prosecutor Oh’s right-hand man, Woong-chul beats down the others and Goo-tak puts a bullet in a few of the thugs’ legs before climbing into the car with Jung-moon. The series is created by Han Jung-hoon. Quickly surveying the scene, the prosecutor chides Goo-tak for committing murder like his fellow team members. They tend to feel less, express less. Hope you don't mind. That said, I still love the show and hope for many more seasons! Those three men know the truth, Jung-moon replies, and once the truth comes to light, they’ll know who killed Boss Lee and who issued the order on his head. I want a Season 2. I do hope Lee Jeong Min gets released from prison and the city make some sort of restitution to him for wrongful imprisonment. I'm so glad you mentioned the ratings and the search rankings, gummi. Cha starts swinging, but then Tae-soo headbutts him. All along I thought he killed her husband (reason unknown) then later she saved him and he was touched by her - then when he made the connection between the two of them, he was overcome with guilt and turned himself in. Back in the present, Doctor Kim runs towards the van. The writing, the acting and the cinematography was amazing. And you're using your powers to spread the BG love! Mi-young is affronted to hear that the memory card has already been destroyed, not buying Prosecutor Oh’s excuse that it was worthless. His life spiraled downward afterwards, turning to alcohol and drugs to sedate his rage. Eugh, my mom said the show is too gory for me to watch (and I only had the last episode left to go TT.TT) So I came here to just read it. Just thought you'd find Dr. Fallon's story interesting. Tags: Bad Guys, Bad Guys: City of Evil, Police Unit 38, sequels Aliquam eget dui sed leo aliquet ultricies. Thank you for recapping this gummi. But he turns back towards Goo-tak and says they have to catch the bastard that killed Goo-tak’s daughter and framed him for it. Of course, I liked the original cast and how they worked together, so of course I would love to see more of that. And it feels like the writer was withholding the emotions and then gives you one giant emotional punch in the last few episodes plus THRILLS and my god, i was biting my lips in anticipation and dread and why is this only 11 episodes?! Ah, so it turns out that Jung-moon had called up Mi-young after all, telling her that Prosecutor Oh had killed Commissioner Nam. That would be better than not having a second season at all. Thanks for recapping this series. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Speaking of Jung-moon, a part of me had hoped that he would be partly responsible for the Hwayeondong serial murders, as Prosecutor Oh’s involvement practically removed the metaphorical knife out of Jung-moon’s hands. Psychopaths or sociopaths do have emotions, it's just that they don't have the same degree with normal people in acknowledging or attending to these emotions. ♥ to you! That show worked because of the chemistry between the two leads. So Mi-young decided to help, claiming that she wants to know the truth, too. “So I didn’t kill them? His eyes just practically screamed innocent, while I knew Prosecutor Oh was hiding something. Download the latest version here. Bad Guys is in a class of it's own...Best ever! Sign Up to receive email updates of kdrama reviews, casting news, trailers, and more. Well-developed story from start to finish! I don't think I would have started it without your seal of approval at the beginning. This is one of my favorite series of this year. Connect with Facebook Fellow drama addicts, it is time to celebrate for the drama gods have answered our prayers!