Purchase a permit through the transportation portal.

Military leave | Permits purchased before spring commencement may be returned for a prorated refund before spring commencement based on the date of leave from the university provided by the Registrar’s Office or Office of Human Resources.

See refunds and renewal section. Our expenses are not decreasing as we deliver all of our university assets technologically. Sun Devils, who choose not to purchase a permit, as well as campus visitors, may use daily and hourly parking options. If you are taking a leave of absence from the university, please notify PTS of your pending departure in writing.

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At … But, as of March 23, GCU told students it will provide a housing credit for those who moved off campus due to coronavirus concerns, an email from the university shows. The date to receive refunds for parking permits was March 15th.

The move to online-only classes for the rest of the semester because of COVID-19 has left many dorm rooms empty and meal plans unused.

While we understand and appreciate the context of these questions, our focus at this time is on the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff as well as on continuing the operations of the university in a manner that, while different, continues to provide the high-quality education people expect in order to keep students on track for continued progress and graduation.

Arizona's Family reached out to ASU with that question. Along the same lines as ASU, NAU noted that it is still operating and incurring costs to keep the semester going. Michael Crow intentionally emailed the students of ASU after the refund deadline so that they could not reach out for partial refunds. Help Valley families for the holidays! Permits are always required on campus, with the exception of university holidays, excluding semester and summer break.

Medical withdrawal | Students with approved medical withdrawal may receive a prorated refund based on the date of their withdrawal, before Jan. 31. ", The spokesman also tells us that even if some students choose to move out of their dorms, the campus still remains "open and fully operational," so tuition and refund policies will "remain unchanged.".

"The university can confirm that as of yesterday it had 15 confirmed cases among our student population.".

Meanwhile, at the UA, students who lived on campus but will not return this semester are being offered a credit to their accounts because of the "unique and unprecedented circumstances," an email to residents said. Subscribe to azcentral.com today. ASU says no refunds will be given for tuition. "At some point, they will have to give us their records and we're going to learn exactly what that amount is," Levitt explains.

Note: You are not eligible to receive a refund or any type of compensation if you can not or do not attend a performance for any reason. And then people ask us, are we going to give them a refund? Refunds do not apply to employees who pay for their permit through payroll deduction. Your refund will be processed through the University Cashier’s Office. Students at ASU and at Grand Canyon University have created separate online petitions to demand refunds for housing and meal plans now that most are not living in the dorms. After any outstanding charges on your parking and university accounts are satisfied, you will receive a check or direct deposit from ASU for any remaining balance.

In order to meet that commitment, ASU remains focused on running the university at full capacity delivered in a different mode.