91. 43. The One who controls the Dominion and gives dominion to whoever He willed. الْفَتَّاحُ (Al-Fattah) – The Supreme Solver. He who enumerates them would get into Paradise. 98. 02. Asma Ul Husna 99 Names of Allah - The Great Mosque of Mecca Al-Masjid Al-Ḥaram At Night. 10.

For example, the nature of Allah the Creator. الْبَدِيعُ (Al-Badi’) – The Unique One. 42. The nature of Allah and Asmaul Husna is one of a lot of things in Islam we need to acknowledged, as it relates to the Creator itself. Add to Wishlist View Wishlist. And He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. 84. 49. His love to His slaves is His Will to be merciful to them and praise them. 66. Miracles and guidance can be present for them and bring signigicant life changes.

In addition, also avoid humans from Shirk (the sin of practicing idolatry or polytheism i.e.

We’d love your help. الرَّافِعُ (Ar-Rafi) – The Elevating One. It may mean the One who destroys them. Maybe it's that I am sitting at my kitchen table with my son eating vegan donuts... but I think this is the greatest book I have ever seen. الْمَلِكُ (Al-Malik) – The Eternal Lord. Read also : Islamic ways to find peace for Body & Soul. Refresh and try again. These natures or names can not be equated with the human names or traits. اللَّطِيفُ (Al-Lateef) – The Knower of Subtleties.

120+ Beautiful Allah SWT Quotes & Sayings in English [With Pictures], 200+ Beautiful Collection of The Holy Quran Quotes & Verses [With Pictures], 100+ Beautiful Prophet Muhammad Quotes [With Pictures]. Read also Wise ways how to get blessing from Allah in Islam, © azislam.com -All Right Reserved. Obedience and abide to Allah become one of the aspects that make human beings willing to carry out all their functions and duties on earth as the purposes of human creation, the purpose of life according to Islam, the nature of human creation. The Truth, The True, The One who truly exists. He discovered that the mere mention (reciting) of most beautiful names of Allah (SWT) leads to improvement in the tracks Bio Energy within the human body, and after a 3-years of research Doctor Ibrahim Karim reached to the following: 01. الْحَكَمُ (Al-Hakam) – The Impartial Judge. The 99 names of Allah are called 'Asma Ul Husna' (Pronounce Asma Al Husna) which in Arabic means 'The Most Beautiful Names'. It can be seen that there are many people converted to Islam and then believe in Allah after understanding Asmaul Husna by living what came inside of Al-Qur’an or in the universe. 14.

The Witness, The One who nothing is absent from Him. 95. 87. Heart Muscle - Al Razaqq (The Sustainer) one-hundred minus one, and whoever knows them will go to Paradise.” 28. 33. Asmaul husna is the names of Allah or the natures of Allah SWT. Menghafalkan Asmaul Husna akan memberikan banyak fadilah bagi yang mengamalkannya. Al-Wajd is Richness. Backbone - Al Jabbar (The Compeller) Simak ulasan tentang √ 99 Asmaul Husna atau nama-nama baik Allah arab, latin, arti dan √ manfaat mengamalkan Asmaul Husna berikut ini. Asmaul Husna Asmaul Husna atau nama-nama baik bagi Allah berjumlah 99. The Reproducer, The One who brings back the creatures after death. الْقُدُّوسُ (Al-Quddus) – The Most Sacred. الْعَزِيزُ (Al-Aziz) – The Mighty One. We can see it in the Creation of the human body’s function. 90. 32. The Forgiver, The One who forgives the sins of His slaves time and time again. Believing and practicing this asmaul husna is also fundamental to the pillars of faith and pillars of Islam.


(Glorious Qur'an 13:28). Liver - Al Nafi (The creator of good) 28. الْمُصَوِّرُ (Al-Musawwir) – The Flawless Shaper. Migraine - Al Ghani (The Rich One)

He makes ahead what He wills and delays what He wills. The Constrictor, The Withholder, The One who constricts the sustenance by His wisdom and expands and widens it with His Generosity and Mercy. الْمُنْتَقِمُ (Al-Muntaqim) – The Retaliator. اَلاَحَدُ (Al-Ahad) – The Sole One. The Light, The One who guides. 16. 30. 33. الْجَبَّارُ. By understanding and reading the Asmaul Husna, the miracles we get will make us abide and obedient only to Allah. The Sovereign Lord, The One with the complete Dominion, the One Whose Dominion is clear from imperfection. A. Nama B. Utusan C. Lebih baik D. Penyakit E. Pencipta. الْعَلِيُّ (Al-Aliyy) – The Sublime One. The Guide, The One whom with His Guidance His believers were guided, and with His Guidance the living beings have been guided to what is beneficial for them and protected from what is harmful to them. 18. الرَّؤُوفُ (Ar-Ra’oof) – The Benign One. Hair Peel - Al Jalil (The Mighty) Asmaul Husna – 99 Names of Allah (21st to 30th) 21.